The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. My First time mom experience. 

Mother sparsh Becoming a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world and it becomes more exciting and beautiful when it is for the first time. As people say ‘only a sufferer  knows the feeling’ similarly, only a mother will know the depth of love, care, pain, fear, headache and joy of being a mother. From the time you get those dark pink lines on the pregnancy test you start imagining your life with the tiny blessing in your tummy. Talking to your unborn baby in the alone time, getting the first ultrasound, feeling that first kick in the tummy and all other to be mother things are so much exciting.

Mother sparsh
You feel a mixed spectrum of emotions. You are excited, happy, scared, crying all at the same time. You first care for the baby and then for yourself. Quitting your favorite sport or activity if it’s not safe for the child is just one of the sacrifices. In fact every part of your day is according to your new one. Remember the time when you started reading books about parenting or watching your tummy grow in the mirror almost everyday.

First time mom
And finally when the child is born, you stand at the top of the world making resolutions to protect your child from every evil. Watching the cute little steps, listening to lots of baby gibberish, that adorable pout and gorgeous little smile fills your heart with joy. And the fun part about being a mother is that it turns you into a superwoman.

AngelFor the First time mom Parenting is a tiring, demanding and a challenging job. Sleepless nights and tiring days are also a part of motherhood. But they’re worth it.

My #FirstTimeMom experience

Today, I will share my own experience of being a mother for the first time. The day my daughter was born was the new beginning of my life. A new life was born out of me, the baby which was a part of my body for 9 months, was now a new human. When I held her for the first time, I felt a whole marathon of tingling vibes all over my body. The things I felt at that time cannot be explained in words. Tears rolled down my eyes looking at the tiny pink, round chubby cheeked, gurgling wonder. She was so calm, her skin so soft, smooth and as beautiful as an angel. I noticed every single movement she made from blinking eyes to throwing hands and legs as if she wanted to tell me how happy she was with me. I named her Angel as she was the one for me.

Motherhood gave me so many life lessons. Everyday I learnt so many new things about her. Every single chore was a memory in itself. Singing to her while changing diapers, telling her stories while giving a bath or making my own lullaby. All of them are precious memories. As I was a working mother it was a little bit difficult and tiring to cope up with the work and the responsibilities of the baby at the same time. I used to wake up a number of times at night to check on her if she’s sleeping soundly. And not to forget the 3AM automatic alarm, when she would wake up and start crying. Despite all the difficulties, being a mother is a blessing. The relief and happiness you receive while watching them play, laugh, fall and stand is worth everything in the world. But being First time mom is neither easy as you have been loaded with myths and advices and how mother differentiate between right and wrong for her kids.

How I analyse that the  baby products should be natural :

On 7 th day after my daughter was born, we had naming ceremony at home. As usual I knew it that many people will come and touch the baby, so I was ready with hand sanitizer and wipes. Every time some one would come and touch he pinky cheeks, I wiped using wipes. After that some one came and gave her silver anklet and in minutes she developed rashes on her body. I thought this might be reason of infection. Since I was told to use wipes only, I never realized that it had alcohol. This touch of alcohol gave her burning sensation on rashes and she cried badly. Not only my daughter but I too cried badly with such mistakes I did. I immediately went to doctor and she explained me about how water based wipes are better than alcohol based. How child skin is so sensitive, she said you cant just use because it suited to other kids. My  #firstwaterwipes experience was so good that I am still with same wipes.

Mother sparshMany times, doubts crossed my mind if I’m doing the right thing, the right way for my child. Choosing the best baby products is again a tough task. The most important of them were wipes that are used for almost every activity. My doctor suggested me to use mother sparsh. Mother sparsh wet wipes helped me a lot in cherishing my daughter’s delicate skin. I couldn’t blindly believe on every baby product so I did a lot of research. I read reviews online and asked some friends about it. I also tried some other reputed water wipes but they proved useless as they were very soapy and over perfumed. But mother sparsh water wipes was a great choice for my daughter.

How Mother sparsh is best for child’s skin.

Mother sparsh wipesMother sparsh water wipes are perfect for every kind of infant skin- newborn, baby, toddler or a child as they are super comfy and are made up of 98% water. They are specially made for the sensitive and super soft skin of babies. These wipes are hypoallergic and doesn’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. They are designed to wipe away germs and dirt and moisturizes the skin without causing any infection, allergy or uneasiness. Unlike many other wipes mother sparsh contains ayurvedic segments and herbal active ingredients. They are clinically proven to be free of any kind of chemicals. Most of the wipes are made of polyster which irritates the skin but the fabric used in mother sparsh water wipes is purely plant based and gives a velvety touch and makes it biodegradable which is safe for the mother earth also.

They are enriched with water, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Most importantly they are free of parabens, alcohol and pH balanced. Also, the size of the fabric is comparatively bigger than other brands and the pack is resealable. I recommend every mother to use these wipes as these wipes are ultra soft on baby’s ultra sensitive skin. These wipes are super handy and can be used anywhere anytime to fresh and clean the child. Also, if you’re feeling a little lazy to remove your makeup or to wash your face. These wipes will come to your rescue.

You can now save your time from washroom visits every time your child does his or deed by using these wipes and spend a little for your rest or to play with the child. Also, if you want to share your own experience, do let us know in the comments section below.

And I am sure you all had that #FirstTimeMom moment in your life which is so special. 

This blogpost is sponsored by Mother Sparsh, India’s First water wipes Brand. But views are from my personal experiences. 


Snehalata Jain, Mother, Lifestyle blogger, Traveler, Foodie and has a knack of parental advice. She loves to travel with her family and especially her daughter angel so that she can teach her kid the real life experience. A Micro Biologist and lecturer by profession, a full time mother and blogger by choice. She is a social media pro since 2012 handling over 100 profiles till now. Stepping to blog was her decision when she realized that whatever you do or experience, documentation makes it authentic. She loves photography and traveling and creating unique recipes which are healthy and tasty. She writes what she experience during her trips. About Blogsikka : It was just a quick decision to make my lifestyle blog , while searching for blog name. I wanted a name which is not related to specific things as my life is so dynamic that I can’t stick to one thing. I love travelling and eat delicacies from around the world. My love doesn’t stop here , infact I love to cook delicious thing which I see during my trips and replicate at home. Blogsikka is all about my own experiences of life and i write whatever i experience. And my backbone support is my husband DILKHUSH SHAH who is chartered accountant by profession and a hard core traveler by passion. He is the reason behind my all trips. DO FOLLOW MY BLOG : and my all social media tabs


  1. Anita Singh Reply

    Humare time per wipes to nahi thy per haan, bitiya ko first time godi me lene ki feelings k liye mere paas shabdh nahi hai 😍😍
    New moms se aisi galti ho jaati hai, per aap.log lucky ho ki baccho k liye itne acche brands n products aa gaye hain 👍👍
    Blessings frm my side 🤗🤗

  2. Babies make me super happy, they are just so adorable and cute all the time! The right care becomes such an important thing when it comes to them

  3. I swear by benefits of baby wipes. Have heard great things about Mother Sparsh wipes and your review adds to the credibility.

  4. Loved the beautiful write-up. Totally agree to it , a mom is born when she gives birth. Mother spash is truly a blessing to all the new mommies

  5. Naseer Shaikh Reply

    A very beautiful write up indeed as per your chosen subject.Read about your experience of being a first time mom and so much mix emotions involved is so touching.

  6. Beautiful experience this is and mother sparsh wipes are indeed amazing, with no polyester and chemicals. It just soothes baby’s skin .

  7. I really feel bad to hear your daughter getting rashes after that wipes. We often neglect to check the ingredients while buying stuff. But Mother Sparsh is very good and natural. I am using it for my kids too.

  8. Being a mother is a blessing . Mothersparsh wipes are also very good for babies. No polyester,no chemicals sounding really great.

  9. This is such a beautiful share, motherhood is beautiful experience that made me look more aspects of life ,I have used mother sparsh wipes and just love them

  10. Such a beautiful write up. Being a mother is a great thing in itself and Mothersparsh wipes are really good for babies soft skin. Thanks for this article

  11. Glad to see wipes now in the market like mother sparsh which are water based and alcohol free. This means our babies skin is protected and no nappy rashes.

  12. So we’ll written and it Is extremely relatable. Mother sparsh is bio degradable and gentle on toddler skin. I reccomend them too.

  13. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Being a mother is itself a beautiful experience and when you are mom for first time every moment is new and filled with love and responsibility…thanks that their is this brand who take care as we take care of kids

  14. I totally agree that parenting is a demanding and tiring job that is totally worth it! Mother Sparsh seems to have taken care of a big worry for new mom’s.

  15. These wipes are the talk of the town. I have been reading about very good reviews of these wipes from all moms. It’s a must try I am.sure.

  16. Yes with the birth of a child a mother is born also. Its a different feeling and holding your baby gives a heavenly feeling. My boy is 4 yrs old and I still can feel those precious moments.

  17. Kavita Singh Reply

    How beautifully you have penned the emotions of a new mom, I loved that marathon of emotions bit. I think motherhood has made us a more aware buyer.

  18. Oh, even I’m so very happy with mother sparsh water wipes. Just that, i didn’t even know about this brand when my first child was a baby!!

  19. I can so relate to your views . Mother Sparsh is a good brand , have personally used them and recommend to others too.

  20. first time becoming a mother is so special. there is nothing quite like it to be true. mother sparsh is perfect in all the ways

  21. Your beautiful narration made me nostalgic. Intrigued by the terms #Firstimemom and #Firstwaterwipes. Mother Sparsh seems worth trying.

  22. This is like down . the memory lane. I remember how I spent days with my son looking at his antics when he was tiny

  23. These are truly the best wipes available in the market. They are super gentle on the skin.. i use them myself too for baby and me!

  24. Saumya Dey Reply

    Loved reading your write up… So many emotions which I could beautifully relate to, being a mother myself. Being a mother is indeed a blessing… Mother Sparsh wipes seem to be really good. Thanks for the info…

  25. I love these wipes. They are very gentle and do not cause rashes. I totally agree being a mom is a whole new life.

  26. This is such a personal review shared… I too have a niece who is 1.5 years old.. These wipes look promising so let me also buy for my munchkin

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