About the car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d


Mercedes-Benz has successfully engraved its name in the list of luxurious cars. Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d has the all-new features upgraded with the latest technology, better performance and of course the luxury statement of the car gives a surreal feeling to the owner.

From the spacious interior to the stunning digital widescreen cockpit display, the car has everything that you might always want in your dream car. Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d gives a luxurious feeling. The incredible amount of space inside the car gives the feeling of a class above that you own. The comfortable high-end leather seats give the required comfort from the long journey to the short trips with your friends and family. The buttery movement of the steering wheel will never let you feel tired exhausted while driving.

Here are the basic features provided by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d:

Overview of the car

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 dMercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d is making into the list of masterpiece statement. The sporty and stylish look of the car will take away your breath and you can’t afford to ignore the beauty of the car. The broad and elongated bonnet of the car will create an enthralling silhouette. It is infused with the high intelligence specially curated for India. The luxurious status is written all over the car. Once you will step in the car and take the steering wheel in your own hands, you will feel the soft and smooth movements. It will help you to reach your destination quicker than you can ever imagine. The exciting safety and comfort features of the car makes it a complete package.


The interior design of the car

Mercedes-Benz E Class 350 dThe interior of the car is surprisingly spacious and gives the feeling of the luxurious hotel room. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d has the ultimate high-class appeal and impressive lighting system. The selection of the new materials as well as equipment like the man-made leather gave a well-finished look to the car. The ambient lighting inside the car is available in 64 colors which highlight the quality and design of the car, especially in the night. The soft top of the Benz looks great whether it is up or down on the car. The E class sound system is totally synonymous to the open air concert. The exceptionally high-quality Burmester surround sound system is even impressive if it is switched off. The comfortable headrest and reclining rear seats will provide the maximum comfort level during the journey.

Latest Technology

Mercedes-Benz E Class 350 d

The E class Mercedes-Benz is infused with the latest technology with the best features. The touch control buttons are found on the steering wheel which promotes your driving smoothly. It also lets you control other features just by using the touch control button. It has the thermotronic automatic climate control which helps to adjust the temperature inside the car for the passengers. The electronically controlled rain sensors enhance the driving experience as it can automatically detect the rainfall and adjust the wiping frequency as per the rainfall. The elongated iPad like dashboard is installed with the highest resolution. The infotainment works on the command system which helps to manage some of the vehicle’s function through voice recognition. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d is indeed a technological luxurious car.

Safety features of the car

  1. Mercedes Benz E class 350 dMercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d has the top-notch safety and assistance system for the protection of your life. The active brake assist can able to detect the distance between the car and the object which might cause an accident. The radar-based system activates a warning to the driver in order to prevent the collision. The installation of 360-degree cameras provides a realistic image and shows the immediate surrounding in order to prevent any obstacles near the vehicle. It is activated automatically when the car is in reverse mode or can also be activated manually as per the desired requirement. The airbags are installed in the car in order to protect the driver as well as the front passenger from injuries during the accident.

If you are looking to buy this car, then you should look no further. Get ready to impress by its world-class features and make your own ‘oh-wow’ moments.

My experience with Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d

Mercedes-Benz was kind enough to let me test drive their brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d for two days. We were provided with the chauffeur who will help us to explain all the advanced features in the car. In order to take a break from our mundane life, we decided to take a short trip with the brand new Mercedes-Benz.

The exterior of the car took my breath away. The shiny surface with the heavy metal, the LED headlamps, and the crystal LED tail lamps just added more beauty to the overall look of the car. I have noticed that the headlights have the intelligence to move according to the steering wheel of the car just like an eyeball of a human being. My little daughter and my husband were so excited when they witness the first look of the car.

As we step in the car, my husband took the front seat while my daughter and I sat comfortably at the back seat of the car. When I took my seat in the car, my first opinion was that it was incredibly spacious. The high-end leather quality gives the feel of the luxurious car. The internal lighting system inside the car just gives a feel of a luxury hotel. My husband and I were really impressed by the detailing of the cars. He was so excited to try out the technological features of the car. Mercedes- Benz has the detachable upper shaft which can be open up from the top. I stood up and peek-a-boo from the upper shaft. It feels so heavenly that I won’t be able to express my feelings in mere words. The amazing sound experience was just like a cherry on the cake. During our trip, the herds of sheep crossing our way and the active brake assist instantly sent the warning on the screen in order to avoid the accident. It was such an impressive feature which surely prevent the mishappening. Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d has the sensor to detect any obstacles around the car which helps to prepare the precautions for future benefits.

Mercedes Benz E class 350 dWe planned to take out leisure time from our busy schedule. So, we went to the best lake near Mumbai, i.e., Pawna Lake. It just took us approximately two hours to reach Pawna lake from Mumbai. We spent quality family time with each other and the journey was really smooth. We never bothered to keep a check on our watches. We enjoyed watching the sunset together and I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz to give me such a tremendous opportunity. It is must buy for anyone who wants to experience the luxury in their own car. Do have a look at the complete video of my experience with Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 350 d.

About the ‘Caring Hands Initiative’ by ICICI Lombard

As a part of the companies CSR Activity, ICICI Lombard has started the ‘Caring Hands Initiative’. So, what is this initiative all about? And how does it benefit society?

ICICI Lombard – Caring Hands Initiative

Caring Hands Campaign is an initiative launched by ICICI Lombard that aims at providing preventive healthcare services to underprivileged children. The uniqueness is that the company engages their own employees as volunteers in this project and they happily do their bit for this remarkable service. The initiative has been launched in 2011 and since then it has been a catalyst in affecting the lives of 1, 76,000 children in more than 300 schools across the country!

For this initiative, equipment and ophthalmologists are arranged by the employees and they successfully conduct eye check-up camps every year one day in December, which is now earmarked as the Caring Hands Day at ICICI Lombard. The most encouraging and rewarding aspect of this initiative is that the employees whole-heartedly participate in the activity for the underprivileged children. Approximately 50 percent of employees volunteer for this activity every year which is an overwhelming response and, the support indeed is remarkable.

My Experience:

I recently visited two schools in Worli which were run by the government for the financially weaker sections of the society to witness the CSR initiative by ICICI Lombard. The Adarsh School and Jan Skishan Sansthan accepted ICICI Lombard’s request and the eye-vision camps were conducted for all the children from standard 5th – 8th. Seeing this amazing CSR activity, I was pleasantly surprised how dedicatedly the ICICI Lombard employees worked. A group of employees volunteered for this praiseworthy initiative. The children were given certificates and even gifts for participating in the initiative. They were encouraged to participate and take interest in the eye care program by making them aware about its importance.

The activity included conducting an eye check-up for children of 9-13 years in schools. It has been seen over the years that children from underprivileged sections are not been provided with proper eye care. Appropriate care was not taken for these kids and not even basic spectacles were available to them. During the activity, it was clear that many children had poor vision. A significant percentage of underprivileged children suffering from poor vision were given appropriate guidance. The volunteers who conducted the camps identified several cases of poor vision caused due to delayed diagnosis and parental ignorance and provided these children with corrective lenses.

Caring Hands has grown tremendously over the years. From 11,000 children in the first year, i.e., 2011, the number of children touched through the programme grew to 36,217 in FY2018. The eye spectacles have been recommended to 5582 kids across 105 locations at 288 camps. ICICI Lombard has screened over 2, 00,000 underprivileged children and distributed 25,000 spectacles to these kids so far.

This makes me immensely proud to share about this unique initiative with all you readers. I am glad to witness the betterment of the children myself. Having correct lenses and improved vision at the right age is essential. ICICI Lombard is doing a great job for underprivileged children with this activity. Mostly, eye care is something which is neglected until it is too late. However, proper care and treatment are vital else there can be tremendous hazardous effects.

#CaringHands is an initiative which is a need of the hour for these children who are the future of our country. I completely support and encourage Caring Hands by ICICI Lombard for helping young minds to have a clear vision. This is a wonderful step towards growth and development for the children.

Smart Devices in our Lives

Nothing has made more impact in our lives other than science. In the era of 21st century, the technology is amplifying as quick as a wink. From the invention of the computer to using bitcoin as a digital currency, we have seen it all. It is miraculous to see how technology has supported to boost the productivity level of the different industries as well as our own country. The innovation of every new gadget has entangled life problems by just a simple touch of your finger. The life without technology would be miserable for every other person in this world. Smart devices have become part of the life and also made easy for working people.

Evolution of the technology

A lot of things have been transformed from the past couple of decades. The impact of the automation is beyond the imagination. The expansion of technology from radio to smartphone is tremendous. Earlier, we strolled from one market to another to buy essential stuff, but have you ever thought up the concept of online shopping in the past? The world seems to be much closer as compared in the past. The invention of smartphones, televisions, watches and other smart gadgets have contributed to a quality life. The best part is that no one needs to know the rocket science behind any smart gadget, just take the remote and control it.

Need for Smart Devices in our Lives

Smart devices have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is impossible to imagine a single day without a smartphone. The introduction of new technologies is exponentially increasing in the industry. Every smart device has introduced an array of features and benefits that come along with it. It is so easy to complete your task automatically when you are working on numerous things. Who wouldn’t want to operate their speakers with voice recognition feature? Just a click of a button and everything is sorted. So, if you are looking for #SmartHomeRevolution, then you can surely take advantage of online shopping and #GetFitWithFlipkart. Some of the must have gadgets which have become most important part of life too are Smart WearableSmart HomeSmart Camera & Smart lights. I believe that our lives have become more smarter because of these smarter devices. 

Advantages of Smart Devices

1. Better Interaction and Networking
Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and they can call up any person anywhere in the world without any hassle. Video calling is cherry on top as it proffers improved communication.
2. Greater Accessibility and higher efficiency
Back in the late nineties, can you even dare to imagine to switch off all the lights in the house at one go with just one click? But now it is possible to access all your housing appliances with the smartphone.
3. Perfect for multitasking experience and multiple features
Now anyone can complete their various task with the help of fingertips. Every smart device comes with plentiful features to ease your mundane task. From tracking your footsteps to locating your phone, the smart watch does it all.
4. Surround yourself with the latest entertainment
The wireless speakers prove to be the best source of entertainment. You can also ask questions from smart speakers and they get back to you with a relevant answer promptly.
5. Saves time and extra effort
Smart devices are meant to save your precious time. They give the best possible comfort at your own space without any inconvenience. Do read about a Smart Cooker for your kitchen too.

smart devicesTop 5 products you must buy in 2019

a. Smart Camera

Wireless security smart camera is the foremost option to keep a check at your home. It will ensure the protection of your loved ones as well as your home.

360 HD Home Security Camera

Keep an eye on any suspicious activity by the intruder with the 360 HD Home Security Camera. It has an ultra sensitive anti-theft feature in order to prevent any mishap. Share the live streaming of the home by two way real talk time feature. The night vision highlight will help to capture the activities in dark as well.

b. Smart Watch /Smart Wearables

If you are looking for a watch, which not only displays time but also keeps you updated about the information on your phone, then you should really invest in a smart watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44 mm

Start your fitness journey with the Apple Watch Series 4. It is specially crafted for the fitness freaks or who are on their way to start their workout regime. You can do much more rather just tracking fitness levels. It enables you to listen to music, notifies about important call and message, views message or photo.

c. Smart Speaker
Smart speakers are the future of home automation. They offer much more than just playing favorite tracks from your online playlist or YouTube.

Google Home Mini

Keep a check on weather or play that song that you are humming since morning, google assistant is at your service. Google Home mini helps to manage your day from breakfast to dinner. Dont feel lonely when you have Google home Mini at home. Enjoy like Karan johar in Koffee with karan show.

Google Home (White)

Missing out on any important meetings? Google Assistant has got your back. Google Home have pretty much similar features of Google Home Mini. It is a power packed entertainment device for all your family members.

d. Smart Home Automation
Control your electricity bill and save energy with the smart home automation system.

Philips HUE Bridge

Philips HUE Bridge lets you control your light bulb switches from far away distance by the press of a button. It also increases the brightness of the bulb automatically as the sun rises. Play with the lighting color to pump up the party mood at your place. You can set up your reminders with your voice commands. How cool is that?

These smart devices are becoming a great deal for all the consumers. Not just the launch of latest technology but also the multiple features in single device tempt the people to give it a try. In case, if you want to try out these products, then ditch the old-school method of shopping. Shop anything or everything from online shopping store, Flipkart. Join the #SmartHomeRevolution and time to #GetFitWithFlipkart.

Moomal Rano – An Account of Jealousy, Anguish and Romance

Siraj-ul-Haq’s Moomal Rano is an adaptation of the popular Rajasthani and Sindhi folk-tale. The film’s story bounds itself around realistic affluence which might inspire us to an extent.

The screenplay writer Zafar Mairaj, has beautifully re-dramatized the entire story keeping the sensibilities of the contemporary audience in mind. He impresses us by conveying adventure, love and the bitter truth of our current reality seamlessly.

With a runtime of 80 minutes, Moomal Rano is a part of the ZEE5 film festival where films from prominent filmmakers of India and Pakistan are showcased. The movie takes us back to the time when we got to hear mesmerizing fairytales from our elders and  and we believed in it.

The sequences of events in the film unfold with an old man sitting with 2 children around him where he tells them the Sindhi folktale of Moomal and Rano. Both cousins, Moomal and Rano are separated from each other due to family issues. Moomal’s paternal aunt thinks it is best for Rano to grow-up away as she doesn’t want him to end up as a duty-bound slave.  Rano’s uncle, a strong follower of principles believes that the girls must be educated if they have the right skills and abilities in them. But, the family is so dysfunctional that anyone’s point of view/opinion always leads to an argument.

Ahsan Khan’s (Rano) documentary on Sufi-ism is shunned by his family as they fail to understand his vision as a filmmaker. In addition, his secret love for Moomal too ends facing strong opposition from his family due to the existing issues between them.  On the other hand, Moomal’s (Saba Qamar) secret collections of Rano’s images also prove that she has feelings for him.

Things get worst when Rano sets up a stage production for their local university. The inheritor cousin wants to marry Moomal, while his younger sister has her heart for Rano.

The film’s highlight is Saba Qamar who leaves us awestruck with her acting skills. Filmed back at the same time as Hindi Medium; her skills prove that she has the potential for the mainstream cinema. The male lead Ahsan Khan too shines in this intense romantic drama in equal measure.

On the technical front, the cinematography, screenplay, casting, edit, production designing, costumes, makeup and lighting work brilliantly together to add on to the charm of the film.

The filmmakers have done a smart job by not over advertising Sufi-ism and Sindhi culture in the short film. This has helped them to stick to the message that they wanted to convey through this film.

In short, director Siraj Ul Haq’s film takes us through a tale of love, traditions and rebellion that makes for an engaging watch.

Download and subscribe to ZEE5 to watch the Moomal Rano anytime and anywhere.    

A mom asked another Mom “have you seen the Seven Wonders of the World”? The Other mum replied, I have seen many wonders of the world. The first mother was bit exclaimed and asked “what? But there are only 7 wonders of the world”. Second mom said “Yes my dear friend I see many wonders in my child eyes every day. Even sharpening a pencil look so wonderful, in her eyes. A fast moving local train, an airplane in the sky, an Old Bridge near sea looks like a wonder in her eyes.
Hey Friend, let me explain you…one day my daughter took me on a blind date with the world. With the surprise face and murmuring inside at that moment she said that I had gone insane. I said “no no it actually happened. My daughter once took me to her Dream place which is 1000 times better than this world. On Sunday morning when I went to awaken my daughter, she was smiling with a beautiful blush in her eyes. “Why are you so happy today”? You were smiling in your dreams. Mamma, I had gone on a blind date with someone” she replied. I said blind date with someone? I was shocked! then she said “mom a blind date with the whole world and guess what I was happy flying around the world! As a mother I wanted to listen to her dream world. She started with so many things which were not real but so beautiful. Her magical yet #TheBlindList made me #SayYesToTheWorld and I sat quietly to listen to her.

She started “I was sitting here when on the window I saw a person like Aladdin came on his magical carpet and asked me if I want to go around the world on his magical carpet. I said yes why not? I sat on a Carpet for a blind date with the world to see different places with different perspectives.

Aladdin started his magical carpet towards the sky. I reached a place which was completely surrounded by clouds, a cute Rainbow came in front of me along with the beautiful chair and I was made to sit. I was magically dressed like a Queen where the sun rays were giving me a proper natural like to click a selfie. We played with lot of cloud balls, rainbow ribbons and balloons. Fairies came and danced to the best music of the world.

Then Aladdin holds my hand and took me back to carpet. I asked him, are we heading towards any other place. He told me ‘yes dear I am going to take you another place.” The peak mountain which was surrounded by white clouds and oozing out a black orangish fluid like Lava and fire. Aladdin introduced me to this place called Mt Fiji of Japan. He said just have a look how beautiful fire comes out from a mountain even though it is such a cooler place. I had always dreamt of going to such beautiful place which is cooler and looks magnificent from bird’s eye view. This is the biggest mountain I have ever seen Aladdin.

Mount fuji
Mount fuji :Google source

I wanted to slide in the snow mountain but the carpet took me to another place.

Aladdin swiped the carpet to biggest waterfall of Croatia (krka). The beauty of the waterfall can’t be expressed in words. Surrounded by green and yellow plantation, blue water comes in a step manner. As if each step is reducing the pressure of the flow. The water was so clear that every coral reef was visible till sky. The amazing pattern of corals and varieties of fishes made me live there forever. But since I had to see many places more we just passed through the waterfall and got amazing water shower which bought my happy senses stimulated to its peak.

Croatia :krka Image source Tripadvisor

Then we headed towards Amazon forest where I could see only green colour and big leaves on tree. As if the earth is covered with thick Lush bushes covering the whole land. When I stopped for some food, so many amazing fruits falling on me in no time. I was covered with berries, limes, flowers, apples and lot of dried leaves and it was an amazing picture seeing myself covered in that picture. Suddenly it started pouring heavily we started for another place.

Mom after having great feast, Aladdin took me to a Beautiful Sea which was completely serene in blue and Wavy in its own tune. When we touched the surface of sea I felt the relaxing Breeze on my face. I asked Aladdin to take me inside the sea. To my wonder I saw another Beautiful world of life unveiled.  We went to the deeper part of the sea and so beautiful differently shaped aquatic animals, shells flipping up and down and oyster guiding to give me path. That was Great Barrier Reef.

Great Reef Barrier
Great reef barrier (image source :google)

After the amazing ride from under water he took me to a dark place named Spectacular Caves and Rocks at Staffa Island. The island of Staffa in Scotland is probably best known for its unique geological features, such as the many caves and the unique shape of the basalt columns which are also found in the Giant’s Causeway. While taking my carpet from that cave I saw many beautiful designs on rocks which can’t be explained in words. Best place for archeologist.

The whole caves were surrounded by beautiful insects behaving in their natural ways. Fireflies twinkling like stars, some small invisible animals roaring with quirky sound. Suddenly I see that a New Sunrise had arrived at the exit.
And what I saw sand filled place with golden pyramids and Aladdin introduced me to Egypt which had mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta, and with its long past deep history.

Egypt pyramids
Egypt pyramids

Moving from This place we landed to never discover and another amazing place where I found completely new world where animals are ruling the place. The entire animal family considered me as another animal and took me to the tip of another mountain. There was a smiling sun with bird chirping and butterfly flying over colorful flowers. Beautiful horizon connecting water and sky together. Waterfall cutting down the mountains to meet the water bodies silently smiling at animals and all animals enjoying the serenity of water.

Jungle book
Jungle book


I sat down to look at the amazing beautiful scene for a long time then the carpet it took me to a night sky where I took a swing on half moon and slept for an hour on moon and little star Twinkle and smile at me and said “hey you have enough taken the journey today away from your home.  it’s time to go back to home”. But a Traveler inside me did not wanted to go home so I went to take one more round around the globe but then mom, you came by and woke me up. My blind date with the world on Aladdin’s magical Carpet was disturbed but it was so wonderful as I was smiling whole day.

The whole conversation of me and my friend took us to blind date again and she said SAY YES TO THE WORLD AND LETS GO ON BLIND DATE WITH YOUR ANGEL AND ITS ALLADIN ON Carpet to explore the world . 🌍

Disclaimer :

Unless otherwise noted, I (Snehalata jain founder of Blogsikka. Com) am the legal copyright holder of all material on this website and it may not be used, reprinted, (partially) modified or published without my written consent. A link to this website must appear in all copies of any artwork or content, post written consent from me. The poem here is solely my creation and it cannot be used in any way.

GOD’S OWN COUNTRY-Kerala under floods

Kerala is witnessing the worst nature’s call with enormous and dreadful pouring of water from everywhere which resulted in disastrous floods. Almost it has been a week, be it a newspaper, news channel or social media all are inundated with images and posts of the furious floods of Kerala. At present the condition of Kerala is very bad, everywhere you will find people battling with rising waters, risk of bridge crash and shortage of basic necessities like food, medicines and shelter. Kerala Floods have now become the Most dangerous natural calamities of nation.

Kerala : the place close to my heart

You must have seen my blogs on #GoKerala which was God’s own country in real sense. But why then God showed his anger on his own state. I don’t want to argue with God right now but I want you people to help people and donate in any way you can. The best is CM fund or state fund. I donated through NGO, paytm and Amazon as i felt safe and scam less. But be aware of such scammer as your help may not reach the needy. I believe if you can really help, nothing like it. I have my close friends staying there and they have arrived at their Mumbai home and trying to help from Mumbai so that it reaches the people who are in actual need. Today’s (23/8/18) newspaper had every information needed to donate through right agency and hence I thought to share with you .

Kerala flood help
Today’s Times of India newspaper for Kerala flood help numbers

The flood situation is something that can happen to anyone. Who can understand this better than a Mumbaikar, who themselves has experienced the consequences of dreadful floods during 26th July. Thinking about that day when the entire Mumbai was drowning in water, it gives a goose bump even today. This flood is 10 times more than Mumbai flood. I know when I didn’t see my dad for three days in flood. I can imagine the pain people must be going through while searching for their kins.
Because of disastrous rain, Kerala till now have experienced the loss of more than 8k ,crore rupees and lives of several people, which is increasing with the passing days, the death-toll in this flood hit state has reached to more than 350 people. Since, Kerala is a tourist place and has very beautiful and pleasant weather during Monsoons, it is said many foreigners and tourists people have also been trapped at many places. So, at several places of Kerala, relief camps have been organized to help people and also to remove them from danger. More than 60,000 people are leaving in the relief camps, from that about 40,000 are at Wayanand. A total of about 53,501 people have been shifted to 439 relief camps. The worst affected areas of Kerala are Kozhikode, Idukki, Malappuram, Kannur, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kochi, Alappuzha and Wayanand, etc.

Looking at the condition of Kerala, the Chief minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan said, “The water level of several dams in Kerala has increased, crossing all the danger levels, especially the Idukki dam. So, they were forced to release those Dam water”. He also said they are trying their level best to help the flood affected people in all possible ways and are also asking helping hands from all the other states. He also undertook a aerial survey of rain-ravaged areas in Idukki and Wayanand, said Kerala was in the midst of an unprecedented flood havoc and calamities, which in turn has caused immeasurable misery and devastation. He announced a compensation of Rs 10Lakh to the people who lost their homes and land and Rs 4Lakh compensation to those who lost their lives in the floods.

Hearing about the incidents on the News channel and also reading about them in the Newspaper gives a goosebumps. I just imagine how much the people in Kerala must be suffering, seeing all their valuables, land, home, their relatives, etc flowing along with the disastrous flow of water in front of their eyes and they can do nothing, just can cry out for help or can blame the nature and God. 2 fisherman were drowned on last Saturday, when their boat capsized off Tiruvandrum, while in another incident the bodies of a mother and daughter were found in a waterlogged area behind their house at Kuttanad in the Alappuzha districts, this are the few incidents which came in limelight, there are many such incidents of flood victims who lost their lives and properties which are unknown to us. If you see on news channel you will find people especially the kids and old people crying out in pain for help and asking for food and medicines like beggars. Many rich and sophisticated people have come on footpath, their condition has worsened to such an extreme extent that even you will find tears rolling out of your eyes if you see them.

Although the red alert has been lifted from 12 districts of Kerala but still the water level has not significantly decrease in these areas. Various government agencies are carrying out the rescue operations and also preparing to deal with a possible outbreak of water-borne diseases. Both the Centre as well as State governments are coming forward to save the God’s own Country. Although the rain has subsided now in the several parts of Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts, many districts are still inundated, where injured and affected people are waiting for rescue boats and helicopters. Many residents who had moved to the terrace or the other floors of their buildings have raised alarm for help because of their deteriorating health.

How other states and nation are helping Kerala floods affected people

The Maharashtra state government has also given a hand of support with around 7Lakh litres of water in the wagons for the flood victims in Kerala. Each wagon contains around 50,000 litres of water. Even from Bollywood many Filmstars have come forward to help Kerala financially. UAE also offered a financial assistance of rs.700Crore. HAM radio operators are helping in rescue operations in flood devastated Kerala by tracing stranded people through their last cell phone location and then sharing that information with officials and army people. Also, over a dozen of FMCG firms, including ITC, Coco Cola, Pepsi and Hindustan Unilever have announced to supply water bottles, medicines, food and other necessity items to flood-hit areas in Kerala. Maruti Suzuki India said, they will donate a rupees of 3 Crore for Kerala Relief Work.

It has been witnessed that people from all over the country are providing helping hands in all possible ways. A Kerala based Mumbaikar Mr. Karthik Murali has created a group of 20 friends and created packages and cartoons of necessary things, for Kerala flood victims. Likewise many people, firms, organizations etc, depending on their capacity have taken initiative and are doing their best to help Kerala flood victims.

It is also said Rail and road traffic services have been restored in most of places in Kerala and many people returned to their places safely but many of them found their electrical appliances and furniture completely ruined. Also, at some places of Ernakulam and Thrissur districts the incidents of snake bites have been noted.
In flood affected areas of Kerala, around 32,000 people have been rescued and 3500 people have received medical help by the armed forces. Knowing, about such a critical condition of Kerala and of the people staying there, we can try to help in all possible ways and should pray God to help them come out of this dreadful condition.


PS : KERALA STATE HAS BEEN VERY CLOSE TO MY HEART AND THAT MADE ME #blogforKerala. Kerala Tourism has always done best to give tourist new experience every time you visit but today they are experiencing the worst. Lets help Kerala to rise again and live like before. Together we can.

My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again!

nasal congestion
Nasal congested baby

Every parent is very anxious about their child’s health. From a little sneeze to a high fever, they are always ready to fight any issue that disrupts their child’s health. Today, I am going to share my own story, as a parent, about how I cured my child’s nasal congestion. Initially, I noticed that she’s sneezing a lot and her nose is a bit stuffy all the time. But in reality, both of these symptoms are very common in babies. They are prone to cold and their nose is plugged right away. Mucus actually helps them to clean their airways and prevents germs from entering the body, but on the other hand, excessive mucus can also give babies a hard time breathing, and also bother them when they are eating or sleeping peacefully. Not only this, while feeding, the milk mixes with mucus and the baby cannot digest it, as a result of which the baby vomits it out.

Small babies of 0-1 years are obligatory nose breathers. So when their nose gets congested, they face difficulty in breathing. Children of 1-4 years of age can have as many as 8-10 times of runny nose every year. Although this is common, if the cold remains for a longer period of time, then there’s a bit to worry about. So, I will tell you how I got to know that it is not just a cold but nasal congestion and what all my child went through all that time and what I did to cure it.

Difference Between COLD and Nasal Congestion

The main difference between cold and congestion is the time period. If the baby is having runny nose for 3-4 days followed by 2-3 days of stuffy nose then it’s a common cold. But in case of my baby, these symptoms remained for more than 8 days.
Her eyes were always watery and the mucus was itchy and irritating her skin. All this made her very cranky and she was always in a bad mood, ready to cry every time you try to touch her or play with her. She also refused to eat and also became frustrated due to unstoppable sneezing and stuffy nose all the time. Sometimes she would became a bit grumpy and fatigued. I faced a lot of problems feeding her. Lack of peaceful sleep was again another problem. She would wake up a number of times in the night and in the morning she was heavy eyed. I became very worried. I was well aware of the fact that nasal congestion is usually caused in babies due to cold or by allergies due to change of weather and is very common. But there are still a lot of parents who clearly have no idea about what to do and what not to do when their child is having a stuffy nose. So, I decided to tell all of you what all I did to cure my child’s nasal congestion. I have made a list of things that helped me and my baby a lot and hopefully you will also find it helpful.

Remedies to cure Nasal congestion

Steamed up bathroom

Warm steam effectively helps to remove mucus and provides slight relief to the baby from chest congestion and opens up the blocked nasal passage. Every day, I fill my bathroom with steam by leaving the hot water tap open. When the bathroom becomes steamy, I sit with my child there for some time. Make sure to not to go in the hot shower directly as it can scald the baby.

No to air conditioners and yes to humidifiers

Yes, it’s true that it’s tough to avoid air conditioners in hot weather but this is the main reason of congestion as air conditioners tend to instantly dry out the air in the room and the direct air from the fans directly strike the face of the child. Still if you are using these devices to keep the room cool make sure that to have a humidifier running in the same room. It helps to keep the room well moistened.

Nasal drops

Many parents hesitate to use nasal drops in children. They feel that it isn’t safe to use nasal drops in small children. But believe me, it is my own personal experience that nasal drops give the best results in curing nasal congestion in children. I used Nasivion pediatric 0.025% that is especially made for children. I’m highly satisfied with the results and would suggest you that ask your pediatrician for your child.

How Nasivion worked best during Nasal Congestion :

Nasivion is a brand which deals with nasal decongestant products that help you to breathe easily. They have a different product range for adults, children and infants. I prefer Nasivion because it is very effective and its effect is long lasting and well tolerable by children of all age groups. Do consult your pediatrician before taking any treatment. Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution is considered the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of

nasal congestion
Sleeping baby

the child.

Nasivion for children comes for two different age groups:


This product is for infants between 0-1 years of age.
For infants below 4 weeks, use only one drop of solution 2-3 times every day.
For infants between 5 weeks to 1 year of age, instill 1-2 drops of solution 2-3 times a day in each nostril.


This product is for children between 1-6 years of age.
Use 1-2 drops of the solution in each nostril at least 2-3 times a day.

How to use the drops after consulting your doctor:

First of all clean the runny nose of the child gently using a soft cloth or a tissue.
Don’t just directly put it into the nose. It trickles down the nostrils and the child may start coughing. Use the drops when the child is in lying down position with head a little elevated with the help of a pillow or the edge of the bed. Gently squeeze the bottle and pour only the required amount of drops in each nostril. Make sure you stick to the prescribed number of drops. Overdose can be harmful for the child.
Do not use the drops for more than 10 consecutive days.

Above was my experience with my child’s runny nose. How was your experience with your children? Do let me know in the comments below! Must Check out this Happynosehappymoms for more info
Be sure to consult your doctor before using the product.

Seasons Vadodara launches its new store BAGH in Mumbai!

Ethnic wear for women
Ethnic wear for women

Here’s a great news for all the fashion lovers! Seasons, one of the most lovable brands of all the fashion enthusiasts has upgraded itself to a finer locale. Seasons has started its brand-new store in South Mumbai! The brand has multiple stores across India and now it has also spread its wings in the financial capital of the country. Its exclusive and supremely popular ethnic apparels will now be available in Mumbai! The brand is known for its Ethnic wear for women, for their designer prints, Kurtis and their novel styles. Their USP is the traditional touch that they bring to their designs. It makes them stand out of the league!

About Seasons: Get Best Ethnic wear for women

Seasons have stores in various cities and have their own specialties. The Banarasi and Lucknowi designer pieces are amongst the most in-demand fashionable ethnic wear for women. Their huge range of ethnic wear collection attracts a lot of attention from the fashion lovers. After the super success of their stores in Vadodara, Surat and Ahmedabad, Seasons is making a new beginning with their Mumbai store which is located at the plush locale at Hughes Road, South Mumbai. The store, Bagh, is touted to be one of their significant stores which will feature their best collection.

About the Launch:

The boutique was inaugurated with all pomp and show! Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame singer Ronkini Gupta and her band members performed at the event with melodious Sufi tunes and mesmerized the guests with the evergreen ‘Dumadam Mast Kalandar’ song. The event also marked the presence of several A-list models. Models Vijaya Dey, Priyasha Chaudhuri, Tashveen Sehgal and Revathi Acharya wore the stunning ‘Bagh’ ethnic collection. The latest collection has the best of colors, shades and designs which isn’t seen anywhere before!

Ethnic wear for women
Ronkini Gupta and her band members

Best Ethnic Wear collection for women

In the newly released Bagh collection, all the fashion enthusiasts will find the choicest of ethnic wear outfits for women. The designers have uniquely created the apparels which are meant for people with finer taste and style. Classy and elegant are the words that describe their beautiful collection. For all the women looking for simplicity, they also have a different section with simple yet gorgeous attires with a wide range. So, the brand ensures that they have something for everyone!

Ethnic wear for women
Models wearing best collection from store
Ethnic wear for women
Amazing collection at Bagh

The new store has surprising elements and the best rage in designer apparels. The printed Kurtas are being loved the most. The uniquely styled dresses and Kurtis have an unmatched beauty that one just cannot deny. Also, the Lucknowi Kurtas are the best-selling ones! Seasons store, Bagh, truly boasts of the best ethnic wear collection for women

About the store:

Since the 1950s, the corner building hosted the Mercedes showroom followed by a conspicuous Reliance Jewels. Now with Bagh, the building has been given a pleasant makeover. The store does complete justice to its location. The beautiful yellow that cannot be missed as you drive past the Gamdevi cross junction and from the inside, the hues of indigo color attract your attention. The stunning feel of silk riches and softly printed muslin simply embellishes the entire aura. The brand has a loyal share of customers. It has been receiving love and acceptance as it has come all the way from Gujarat. Now, the brand welcomes all the locals and Mumbaikars to experience their rich ethnic wear collection.


8 shampoo mistakes you never knew you were making

Using shampoo is supposed to make your hair healthier, silkier, and better in general. However, as results of studies conducted by hair experts show, this is not always the case. There are many mistakes that people commit when using shampoo. You may be inadvertently making the blunders while using shampoo on your hair. The sad news is that making the mistakes undermines your overall hair appearance. In some cases, the errors may be the primary cause of your hair breakage. Thus, you need to understand some of these blunders for you to do the right thing. Here are some of the most common yet costly shampoo mistakes that you never knew you were making.  Also let us understand how to choose  best shampoo for your hair .

1. Choosing the right shampoo based on what your friends are using.

It all starts with your choice of shampoo. Getting the right shampoo may not be an easy thing to do like getting the best hair clippers. Usually, you need to consider your hair texture above everything else. It happens that many people try to choose a shampoo based on how their hair looks. Thus, it is a big blunder to choose shampoo because you have seen your friend using one. Always select a shampoo that matches the texture of your hair.  If some shampoo working for your friend may not be best shampoo for your hair .

2. Being rough on your hair

Everyone is guilty of this mistake: washing their hair furiously after applying the shampoo. The shampoo has been designed to move smoothly through your hair once you add a little water. Moreover, you need to partition your hair into four sections and then apply small portions of the shampoo to every part from the back to the front before you do the rubbing. You need to move your hands through your hair gently but for long enough to ensure that the shampoo percolates to every part of your hair. Thus, avoid treating your hair roughly when you are using the shampoo because doing so only damages the hair.  best shampoo for your hair will start showing result immediately after wash.

3. Partially wetting your hair

Your hair shampoo contains a combination of chemicals that remove excess oil from your hair and help it to look nicer and glossier. The active compounds in your shampoo have been designed to work when they get in contact with water. If you do not wet your hair correctly while using shampoo, you expose some parts of your hair to severe damage. The shampoo may destroy the sections of your hair that it gets into contact with, leading to patches of hair that appears burnt.  Always select neutral or non chemical ones or organically made are best shampoo for your hair .

4. Sticking to one type of shampoo

If you have been using a kind of shampoo for months now, then you may be harming your hair. Every shampoo brand has its unique combination of chemicals. If you stick to one type, it means that you end up having the substances of the shampoo deposited in your hair for long. In some cases, the chemicals may slowly start damaging your hair. To remedy this situation, you must occasionally change your shampoo type. Get a new brand of shampoo every two or so months if the new kind matches your hair texture. It may be best shampoo for your hair but may damage because of continuous use.

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5. Starting the shampooing process at the same sport every day

To many people, it is a routine to begin the process by applying a generous amount of shampoo at the crown. In general, this habit may be harmful to your hair and skin. If you make it a practice of applying copious amounts of shampoo on one spot, you will realize that the skin at the place becomes very dry and may even start flaking. The chemicals in your shampoo may damage your skin if they come in contact often and for longer.

6. Rinsing off the shampoo with hot water

If you think that using hot water helps to remove all the shampoo and dirt once and fast, then you need to change the habit. Usually, using the hot water ends up damaging the color of your hair over time. Moreover, rinsing your hair with hot water interferes with its texture. Thus, stick to using lukewarm water to rinse off the shampoo.

7. Staying for long without washing your hair

Contrary to widespread belief, washing your hair everyday does not make it appear dull and weak. In fact, what matters is the way you wash the hair and not the frequency of the practice. Thus, all you need to do is ensure that you were the hair most suitably. Similarly, you can use your shampoo as regularly as you wish if you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

8. Using overstayed shampoo

Do not ever use expired shampoo on your hair. As it is the case with any other product, an expired shampoo may damage your hair and scalp. Usually, the chemicals in the shampoo can become very harmful to your skin once they have stayed longer than their shelf lives. Thus, if you use such kind of shampoo, you may end up with dry and dull hair.
In summary, you can do your hair much justice by avoiding these common shampoo-related blunders. For example, you can stand a better chance of having perfect hair by changing your shampoo regularly, choosing a shampoo type that matches your hair strands and washing your hair regularly but gently. You can also keep your hair in decent shape by sticking to using lukewarm water to clean off the shampoo.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles

vaya drynk bottles
multipurpose vaya drynk bottles

In this fast paced life, everyone is rushing with just one objective in their mind – to achieve success and climb on to the top of the ladder. But in doing so, they are not only ignoring their own health but also their kids’ health. We lead an unhealthy lifestyle, skip our regular meals and replace them with junk food. While eating outside can be fun sometimes, but if it becomes a part of our regular lifestyle it can result in several health issues. Especially while drinking water, we need to be very cautious as potable water is the key to a good health. Moreover drinking enough water is essential for the normal functioning of the body.  The Vaya Drynk bottles are saviour for moms like me who needs such multitasking product.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles for FamilyVaya Drynk

As a working woman and a mother I can understand that it is very difficult to handle home, office and lead a healthy lifestyle, all at the same time. But “where there is a will, there is a way” is a famous saying we all have heard, and if we decide to hold the reins of our life, then there is no stopping us. Hence today, I shall highlight the qualities of “The Vaya Drynk Bottles” that is designed especially for office goers and multitasking moms like me who have a lot on their platter.
In each and every walk of life we should be more conscious of the stuff that we buy; the products should not only be useful but should also be environment friendly, and ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottles’, does exactly the same.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles- travel friendly

I being a travel blogger, and after knowing the qualities of ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottle’ have started using it and have come to the conclusion that it is my best travel companion. It is immensely useful during long journeys as it maintains the temperature of the water as it was during refilling the bottle. My daughter who attends her dance class, carries her energy drink in The Vaya Drynk Bottle. The bottles are a convenient option as one can sip directly from the flask. I am soon planning to purchase one more for unit for my hubby, as the ‘The Vaya Drynk Bottle’ also comes with two glasses that are attached to the top of the bottle. One can use this bottle for Yoga classes as well as while going for Gym. While travelling in a car, the sipper can be used to carry Tea or Coffee. The Varya Drynk Bottle is leak proof because of its magnetic latch.

The Vaya Drynk Bottles- Step towards sustainable environment

At present, the government is creating a mass awareness to create a sustainable environment. As such many campaigns are put in place to promote eco-friendly and organic products and minimize plastic use. Many of us have even introduced these changes in our daily lives by carrying our own bags while shopping, carrying water bottles to office and switching to organic foods. However, not everyone among us carry water bottles, and this is the most important habit one should inculcate; be it your office, gym, or any other place. Inculcating this habit will be the biggest helping hand towards a Sustainable Environment wherein you ‘Say No to Plastic’.
It is said that children follow in the footsteps of their parents and by carrying a water bottle to wherever we go we are not only educating them to carry their own bottles and be conscious towards environment but we are also making sure that their health remains sound and safe.

The Key Features of The Vaya Drynk Bottles are:Vaya Drynk bottle

1)The bottle has a sleek design and so is very handy.
2) It can be used as a sipper for beverages and also as a flask or a glass.
3)It has a food grade sustainable steel body with a non-slippery base.
4)You can use it to store water, juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, etc.
5) It comes in two sizes – 600 ml and 350 ml.
6)It has Vacutherm Technology which maintains the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle as it is. It keeps liquid warm for 8 hours and cold for 12 hours.
7)The outer cover of the bottle is made up of BPA free plastic, which means it is environment friendly thus promoting the cause of Sustainable Environment.
8)The price of The Vaya Drynk Bottles varies from Rs.1290 to Rs.1800 based on the model you choose.
9)It comes in four colour options – Gold, Silver, Purple and Black but now it will come in more options like vaya tiffins.
10) It is very eye catchy and matches your style statement.