Top 4 Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes

Be it on social media or in your home, everyone has become a Masterchef now. Almost every other person has instantly developed an interest in cooking and they are considering it as a therapeutic hobby. Well, it’s the truth. Being a mother of two children, I want my family to be fed properly and I love cooking new things for them. The article includes 4 Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes to try with your kids.

Today, let’s learn how to cook with kids at home in India to make the best of the time at home. These recipes are super simple and easy to make with your kids. Trust me, I have already tried them out with my daughter, Angel!


  • Bake a Chocolate Cake With Your Kids

Teaching your kids how to bake a chocolate cake is always fun. If your kids are small then ask them to help in basic tasks like whisking the batter properly or mixing the ingredients while you can do the proper measurements of the ingredients. 

Ingredients for Chocolate Cake: 

  • One and a half cup of all-purpose flour
  • One teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • One cup of sugar & water
  • One-third cup of vegetable oil
  • One-fourth cup of cocoa powder
  • One tablespoon lemon juice
  • One tablespoon vanilla essence

Steps to bake a Chocolate Cake with kids: 

  • Firstly, you can preheat the oven for 15 minutes up to 170 degrees C. 
  • Ask your kid to grease the baking pan and place the parchment paper into the baking pan.
  • Sieve the flour and add the ingredients simultaneously and let your kid whisk the batter. 
  • With the help of your kid, pour the batter into a baking pan and bake the cake for 25 minutes. 
  • Check the cake by inserting a skewer in the center of the cake and it must come out clean. It means your cake is ready to be served. 

You can ask your kid to decorate the cake with some chocolate syrup and sprinkle some dry fruits over it.  Chocolate cake is Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes and a most loving dish of kids. 

  1. Grill a Cheese Veggie Sandwich with Kids 

Let’s face it, we mothers have hidden nutritious vegetables inside the sandwiches which our kids don’t like! We can teach our kids to layer the nutritious vegetables inside the sandwich and add a layer of cheese which multiplies the taste of the delicious sandwich. 

So, here’s the recipe for the cheesiest grilled vegetable sandwich with kids. 

PS: Don’t forget to add as many leafy vegetables as you can. 

Ingredients for Cheesy Grilled Vegetable Sandwich: 

  • Six slices of multigrain bread (you can choose brown, white or multigrain as per your taste)
  • One cup mozzarella grated cheese or you can also opt for Amul cheese slices
  • A cup of chopped vegetables (corn, bell pepper, carrots, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and olives) 
  • One tablespoon of oregano and parsley herbs 
  • A handful of coriander leaves 
  • Two tablespoons of butter
  • One chopped garlic

Steps to grill a cheese vegetable sandwich with kids: 

  • Preheat the sandwich maker or griller for 10-15 minutes.
  • Let your kids mix the chopped vegetables, chopped garlic, and coriander in a bowl.
  • Then you can add herbs and salt according to your taste into the veggies.
  • Let your kids apply the butter on one side of the bread slices.
  • Spread the veggies on the other side of the bread and sprinkle some of the grated mozzarella cheese. 
  • Cover the bread with the other slice and place it in the preheated sandwich maker or griller.

Take out the sandwich once they turn golden brown and cut it two halves and serve them with some ketchup or chutney.

  1. Try Out Falooda Recipe with Your Kids

It’s summertime and we know that kids can’t go out and have kulfi or ice-cream. So, why not teach your kids how to make falooda at home which will be a perfect treat in this hot scorching summer. 

And I am here to make it 10 times better than the regular falooda with a secret ingredient. Do you want to know? The secret is the best friend of your child’s nutrition of course, PediaSure. Yes, we are going to make PediaSureFalooda!

Why add PediaSure in a Falooda Ice Cream Recipe?

is one of the best child nutritional drinks available in the market. It helps in weight and height gain of a child naturally. Moreover, it is clinically tested and shows visible growth in 90 days. 

Ingredients for PediasureFalooda Recipe: 

  • 400 mL full-fat cream milk 
  • Three scoops of PediaSure
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Four tablespoons of rose jelly
  • Two tablespoons of rose syrup
  • Half cup vermicelli or falooda
  • One and a half tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 4 scoops of ice cream

Steps to make a PediasureFalooda with kids:

  • Take the cold milk and add scoops of PediaSure and mix it thoroughly.
  • Ask your kids to help you soak the chia seeds and keep it aside for 2 hours. 
  • Boil the vermicelli and set it aside. 
  • Take a glass, add the rose jelly, and let your kids add the soaked chia seeds. 
  • Then add the vermicelli, rose syrup and then add chilled PediaSure milk into it. 
  • You can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle some nuts on top.
  1. Make a Mango Smoothie With Kids 

Summer is the season of mango and we can’t complete our best home recipe without a mango dish, isn’t it? It’s super simple to make and you just need 2 ingredients. Your kids will love it too. 

Ingredients for Mango Smoothie Recipe: 

  • 2 fresh mangoes and 1 frozen mango 
  • 3 frozen bananas

Steps to make a Mango Smoothie with kids:

Just add the ingredients in the blender and blend it completely. Now pour the mixture and if you want you can top it with mangoes, cherries, and some nuts. 

I hope you will love these recipes as these are super easy and quick to make with your kids. It is always a great idea to engage your kids with something useful and it’s a great time for them to learn something new.  Yummilicious and Easy to Make Dishes for the kids. 

Share your photos of the recipes and tag me on my Instagram.  

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Boost Immunity in Indian Kids 

Is your kid falling ill constantly? In spite of giving medicines, is he or she taking a long time to recover? Well, the root of this problem is a lack of immunity. A list of proper nutrients is important for immunity in Indian kids. We have heard that food is as effective as medicine in gaining proper strength and immunity. A lot of researchers have proven that a human’s defense system is activated by the proper intake of food.

PediaSure- Boost Immunity in Indian KidsWith the occurrence of new diseases, kids with lower immunity are more prone to getting affected by these diseases. The food that we eat is also many times contaminated or adulterated with impure substances. As parents, we want to protect our children always even from small bruises. But, are we taking effective measures to address this concern? 

Here is a list of important nutrients that can boost immunity in Indian kids:

  • Calcium

We all know that Calcium is a mineral that helps to promote strong bones and teeth in a kid’s growing years. The calcium gets absorbed in the bones and makes them stronger. The amount of calcium absorbed is dependent on the amount of calcium consumed by the child. 

Broccoli, cabbages, nuts and dairy products are some superfoods that are rich in calcium.

  • Protein 

Protein plays an important role in building and repairing the tissues in our kid’s body. Every kid requires approximately 1 gram of protein per kg which roughly calculated as 18 grams – 25 grams of protein per day (it is dependent upon their total weight)

Legumes, nuts, seafood, lean meat, and eggs are some superfoods that are rich in protein.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are responsible for providing energy to the body’s cells. The body breaks down the carbs into simple sugars and they circulate through the bloodstream. Due to carbohydrates, kids stay super energetic throughout the day. 

Fruits, leafy vegetables, beans and bread (or chapatis) are some superfoods that are rich in carbohydrates.

  • Iron 

Iron is a super essential part of the kid’s meal. This nutrient helps the oxygen to move from the lungs to the other parts of the body. The muscles store the oxygen and use it for proper functioning. Deficiency of iron is very common in kids and can lead to serious diseases. 

Tofu, beans, peas, leafy vegetables, dried fruits, cereals and bread are some superfoods that are rich in iron. 

I know, you might be thinking that it would be great if we can find one superfood that contains all these nutrients for building immunity. And, here’s one brand that I recommend to every mother:

How PediaSure Can Help Boost Immunity in Indian Kids?

Believe it or not, PediaSure is infused with all the above nutrients along with Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, E Pre & Probiotic, Selenium, Copper and more nutrients that help in proper growth and increment in kid’s immunity. Apart from the nutrients it has high-quality protein that supports muscle development as well.

PediaSure is a nutritional supplement recommended by world-class pediatricians as it provides balanced nutrition in children from the age of 2 years and above. 

There’s certainly no reason to decline the goodness in the jar!  Even if your child is a fussy eater and tends to reject nutritious food based on their color or taste, they would love to drink it for its taste the way you would love to give PediaSure to them for its nutrition.

Has PediaSure helped Enhance My Child’s Immunity?

I have written a lot of blog posts about my experience with PediaSure. I have been happier with the results provided by this product. It has provided my daughter with every kind of nutrient that assists her in growth, immunity, and strength. 

I am so delighted that I made the right choice with PediaSure to enhance my daughter’s immunity. I suggest all mothers out there to give it a try. I am sure you will never regret it. 

If you’ve tried it, you can share your experience in the comments section below. 

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How to deal with your fussy eater at home

 As a mother, all my concentration is always on my child and whether or not she is eating the right kind and amount of food and if she is playing enough, if she is growing enough…and the questions don’t end there! The next question is always – what can I do to ensure she is growing right?

Nutrition plays a huge role when it comes to your child’s overall growth and development. Some time ago, I realized that my daughter was not eating well. When this was followed by her lethargy, tiredness and a general low feeling, I started to get concerned. I would see her friends playing and running around and here I couldn’t even get her to finish a glass of milk.

What is fussy eating?

I learnt that fussy eating is when your child rejects food based on its colour, texture, or even shape.[1] Once I understood that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I calmed myself and read up a lot of articles to help me combat her fussy eating. These articles informed me that fussy eating can lead to growth concerns. That is when I decided it was time to visit her pediatrician.

How I dealt with a fussy eater?

Fussy eating isn’t permanent and there are some things you can do to change these bad eating habits. What I did? I started allowing her to help me in the kitchen. It took time, but she loves to help out now! She cleans the vegetables and fruits and helps with stirring pots. She has started to take interest in the food that she has helped cook. My fussy-eater daughter has improved slowly after we started cooking together. You should try this with your own, and see the result!

Some other things that I tried and they really worked for me was to listen to her and only feed her when she said she was hungry. This was hard to do because all my motherly instincts protested against it but it really helped. And I did not give up. I kept trying, giving her different types of food and even reintroducing previously rejected foods.

And yet there will be days when your child will refuse to cooperate at all! Having a fussy eater at home can create tension for a mother. I know, since I have one at home myself! As parents we know that our child needs high-quality protein for physical growth and vitamins and minerals for brain development in the crucial years. But getting them to eat is a task!

So, what was my next step? I looked for a health supplement that met all the nutrition needs of the fussy eater, and that it had the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals. Since my pediatric told me that proteins are an important part of my child’s diet, I looked for that as well and finally zeroed in on PediaSure.

The health supplement that delivers 

I decided to give PediaSure a try. After seeing the visible results in my daughter’s day to day activities, I insist you give it a try too!

  • PediaSure is the pediatrician prescribed No.1 product for child development.
  • The high-quality protein, as well as 37 vital nutrients help to nourish your child’s brain and body.
  • It helps your kids to grow and enhances their immunity.
  • Within the span of 24 weeks, your children’s weight to height ratio will improve.
  • And above all, kids like the taste of this nutritional drink.

With the innumerable benefits in this bottle, I will absolutely give this product a thumbs up.

Do you have a fussy eater at home? If yes, what tricks have worked for you? Tell us in the comments below!


Feed Your Kids with Proper Nutritional Requirement for their Steady Growth

We always wonder why mothers are constantly concerned about their child’s relationship with food, aren’t we? Why do they keep asking the same question about having food, every day? Well, to be honest, when I was young, I had similar thoughts. But, now that I have become a full-time working mommy, I understand the importance of nutrition for a child’s development.  Nowadays I look for nutritional drinks for my kid .

Nutritional drinkRecently, I had been invited to Grow Right meetup where I got a chance to exchange parenting experiences with the well-known, Bollywood actress, Lara Dutta, fellow influencers and pediatricians as well. We had a well-informed discussion about the significance of nutrition for children, physical activities, and the relationship of the child with their parents.

Grow rightThe gorgeous star mom, Lara Dutta bestowed her personal experiences on the journey of ‘being a mommy’. One of the famous Hosts and the emcee of the Grow Right discussion panel, Sachin Kumbar shared the challenges of parenthood and explained the difficulties that every mum has to go through while raising a child. Then, Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, a renowned Child Specialist, elaborated the nutritional concerns a mother has for the proper growth of her child. A Nutritional expert, Dr. Dharini Krishnan, and Pediatrician, Dr. Samir Dalwai highlighted the importance of playing outdoors and how to deal with their behavioral problems for their overall development.


Nutritional drinkFrom what I have learnt throughout my journey of being a mommy and also the guidance of the specialists from the meetup, I have decoded some of the formulas that have helped me to match the nutritional requirement to fuel up the toddler’s growth and development. Just like adults, kids need the combination of balanced carbohydrates, fats, protein along with vitamins and minerals in their food. Nutritional drinks can make up for this loss in daily food.

So, check out these tips that might help you to give them wholesome nutritious food and learn the relationship of nutrition with the physical as well as mental development of your child.

a) Avoid eating out as often as possible

Food markets are filled with ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat packets that are combined with unhealthy fats and nutrition. Try to make home-cooked meals for your kids packed with green vegetables. Experiment with different flavors or toppings that might develop their taste and support their physical system for growth.

Recently, I discovered one of the best nutritional drinks in the market, Pediasure. Earlier, as I have told you that it has been recommended by the Pediatrician. The nutrition in this bottle has helped my daughter to gain healthy weight and enhanced her immune system. I would recommend Pediasure healthy and nutritional drink  to all the mothers out there.

b) Select meals by reading out the labels

With the growing trend of online food delivery, children are more interested to eat burgers and pizzas. I understand that sometimes outings can get a little tricky with food restriction. So, if you are planning a vacation or day out with your family, then look for the healthy options like idli-sambhar, egg sandwich or maybe a banana smoothie. It will not only make their tummy full for longer hours but provide them with complete nutrition.

c) Stick to proper meal times and create a feeding schedule

Healthy meals at structured timings improve your kid’s body and mind growth. Each mealtime should have a difference of at least 4 hours. It will have a great impact on physical and emotional development.

d) Encourage them to start a physical activity

Physical activity is a very crucial part our growing right. Rather than forcing my daughter to play by herself, I free up some time in my schedule to play with her every day. It is important for a kid to get at least 3 hours of play everyday.

e) Dealing with the child’s tantrums

This might be one of the toughest topics when it comes to guiding for parenthood. It can be a little tricky for sure. There is a very thin line between making them understand what’s wrong and right or howling at them for their mistakes. So, always try to have a calm discussion with them. Also, try to include them in small household activities like setting up the table, bringing their own plate and cleaning the mess after.

Parenting is a roller coaster journey. You can never become an expert on the topic of parenthood just by reading articles and books. You will get better when you experience it. Also, don’t be afraid to take guidance and advice from the Paediatrician.

Overall, the Grow Right event was an insightful one!

Is Pediasure Good Enough for Your Fussy Eater? #GrowRight


Parenting is no less than a herculean task and it’s a journey of cozy cuddles and dinner table fights. If you are a parent, then you will totally relate with this. Serving your kid with the proper meal can be a tiring task if your child is a fussy eater. But, is filling your picky eaters with Pediasure the right choice? Many a times, my friends ask me about healthy drink for kids.

Being a fussy eater not only influences the eating habits but also can lead to underdeveloped growth of the body as well as their mind.[1] If you area mother of the foodie fusspot then you find it stressful too, right? Many parents overlook the poor eating habits of their child. But, it is really important to keep a check on what your youngster is up to. Initially it will affect their activity levels but later on, they will be predisposed to more diseases which means low immunity.

How I found out Pediasure ?

Being a ‘Mommy Blogger’ I have investigated and composed various blogs on nutrition in the child. Stuffing green vegetable in your kid’s mouth can be really frustrating. You appreciate and understand the requirement of the nutrition but your toddler won’t be able to appreciate this. Lack of adequate nutrition in the foundation years will bring with it a lot of disadvantages including in their academic performance.[2]

It won’t be noticeable initially but it will show symptoms in their adult life.

My Experience with Pediasure as a healthy drink for kids.

To be honest, I have seen numerous advertisement for PediaSure. I would never have thought that I would choose PediaSure. Because, I was still grappling to find the answer to the question, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ Angel, my daughter, has always been very obedient and docile. But, when it comes to eating healthy, she turns up her nose. I have tried to trick her in every different way but I always end by giving up.

But, then this has to stop! I can’t feed her with junk food all the time. I had made some strict rules for the family to avoid junk but her constant nagging and whining over food gets on my nerves. Due to this, she wasn’t at a healthy weight as per her height percentile. I was really worried and tensed about the whole scenario. So, one of my friends told me how she fulfilled the nutrition needs of her fussy eating toddler with PediaSure. Also, she told me some more benefits of Pediasure and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  And my search for something healthy ended up with a healthy drink for kids with Pediasure.

Is Pediasure Good For Kids?

This is indeed a true story. After my friend convinced me to buy Pediasure, I was still skeptical and was questioning myself, ‘Is PediaSure good for my kid?’ So, my husband suggested that I pay a visit to the Pediatrician as they will help guide us better about our child’s nutrition.

My Pediatrician told me that a pack of PediaSure is packed with 37 nutrients and high quality protein which completely fulfills the checklist of nutritional needs in kids. The ingredients used in the process of PediaSure is infused with prebiotics and probiotics helps to supports the immunity of the child. A scoop of PediaSure consists of Choline, Taurine and Omega 3 and 6 which help in the growth of children’s brains in the initial years and it does not have any artificial growth hormone. It contains nutrients that help in bone growth. So your child can grow right!

After my Pediatrician assured me about choosing Pediasure and cleared the question behind: ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ I instantly went to the market and bought a bottle of Pediasure. As Angel loves the chocolate flavor, I brought Pediasure in chocolate flavor. It also comes in 3 more flavors.

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My Final Thoughts

The results were apparent in the first month of consumption of Pediasure. And the best part is that she is loving the flavor too. We went to the doctor for a regular checkup and she had started to reach her healthy weight as per height. My husband and I are really satisfied and happy with the results of using Pediasure. I am really happy that I chose this bottle of wonder. Not just that it is super tasty and chocolaty but also it will help to grow kids better and make them the best version of themselves. Now, I can completely answer the question, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’

Do I Recommend Pediasure to Fussy Eaters?

With no doubt, I do recommend as Pediasure is good for kids. If you are a mommy still struggling to find the answer of, ‘Is Pediasure good for kids?’ Then, I will definitely recommend you to give it a try to this healthy drink for kids.

In this phase of parenting, I have learned that kids normally refuse to eat or taste new food. But certain food groups should never be neglected. Feed your kids with the same food as for the rest of the family and try to praise and encourage them to try new foods. Show them the benefits of eating different foods which will tempt them to give it a try.




The power of nurturing creativity in kids

Every child is born with an imagination power. It is the part of adults and parents to nurture their child’s imagination which in-turn will help kids to create new thoughts and things. Firstly imagining about something and then creating the new thing is how a kid learns. Creativity is the key to new inventions.

Creativity in kidsNowadays in almost all pre-schools and schools you will find kids given time for art and craft work. But what if parents at home don’t put efforts to expand the creativity power of the kids, they won’t be that active in school then. Creativity gives great opportunities for learning and also helps in overall development of your kid. Making your kid indulge in creativity you will find a higher level of smartness, activeness and intelligence in your kid. When children participate in creative play with vehicles, toys, blocks, waste boxes or cardboards, etc. they gain self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment that they did a great job of creating and inventing new things on their own.

Presently living in the world of technology and advanced games, it is becoming difficult to divert your kids from the devil electronic gadgets. They hardly go out to play or use their powerful brain for imagination and creativity. I still cherish the memories of my childhood days where I used to spend my spare time in solving puzzles, making utensils from mud, using empty matchboxes to make new showpieces or making crafty things according to the instructions given, etc. But, looking at the kids of today’s generation I feel like they are far from all this. So, thinking about the future of our kids, it’s essential to put efforts in moving our kids towards the right direction.

So, keeping in mind about the benefits of creativity and the fun and joy involved in it for kids, PediaSure has come up with an amazing idea by designing a fun-filled activity inside their boxes.

PediaSure is a nutritional supplement which provides complete and balanced nutrition to a growing kid. It is packed with 37 nutrients that help support a child’s growing height, weight, immunity and brain development and also all essential energy requirements. But what is even more amazing is the packing that PediaSure is offering now. With its Fun and Learn DIY activity box, it is a great way of building that creativity spark in your child.

Since we know if the root of the tree is strong, the tree will definitely grow strong and healthy. Likewise, if the seed of creativity is sown in your child right from childhood they will be great innovators in the future.