How to deal with your fussy eater at home

 As a mother, all my concentration is always on my child and whether or not she is eating the right kind and amount of food and if she is playing enough, if she is growing enough…and the questions don’t end there! The next question is always – what can I do to ensure she is growing right?

Nutrition plays a huge role when it comes to your child’s overall growth and development. Some time ago, I realized that my daughter was not eating well. When this was followed by her lethargy, tiredness and a general low feeling, I started to get concerned. I would see her friends playing and running around and here I couldn’t even get her to finish a glass of milk.

What is fussy eating?

I learnt that fussy eating is when your child rejects food based on its colour, texture, or even shape.[1] Once I understood that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I calmed myself and read up a lot of articles to help me combat her fussy eating. These articles informed me that fussy eating can lead to growth concerns. That is when I decided it was time to visit her pediatrician.

How I dealt with a fussy eater?

Fussy eating isn’t permanent and there are some things you can do to change these bad eating habits. What I did? I started allowing her to help me in the kitchen. It took time, but she loves to help out now! She cleans the vegetables and fruits and helps with stirring pots. She has started to take interest in the food that she has helped cook. My fussy-eater daughter has improved slowly after we started cooking together. You should try this with your own, and see the result!

Some other things that I tried and they really worked for me was to listen to her and only feed her when she said she was hungry. This was hard to do because all my motherly instincts protested against it but it really helped. And I did not give up. I kept trying, giving her different types of food and even reintroducing previously rejected foods.

And yet there will be days when your child will refuse to cooperate at all! Having a fussy eater at home can create tension for a mother. I know, since I have one at home myself! As parents we know that our child needs high-quality protein for physical growth and vitamins and minerals for brain development in the crucial years. But getting them to eat is a task!

So, what was my next step? I looked for a health supplement that met all the nutrition needs of the fussy eater, and that it had the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals. Since my pediatric told me that proteins are an important part of my child’s diet, I looked for that as well and finally zeroed in on PediaSure.

The health supplement that delivers 

I decided to give PediaSure a try. After seeing the visible results in my daughter’s day to day activities, I insist you give it a try too!

  • PediaSure is the pediatrician prescribed No.1 product for child development.
  • The high-quality protein, as well as 37 vital nutrients help to nourish your child’s brain and body.
  • It helps your kids to grow and enhances their immunity.
  • Within the span of 24 weeks, your children’s weight to height ratio will improve.
  • And above all, kids like the taste of this nutritional drink.

With the innumerable benefits in this bottle, I will absolutely give this product a thumbs up.

Do you have a fussy eater at home? If yes, what tricks have worked for you? Tell us in the comments below!



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  1. Anita Singh Reply

    Chaliye moms ki ek problem to solve hui, baccho ko kuch accha n healthy option mila 😊

  2. I have introduced pediasure in my kids’ diet since she was 4. I see even though she is not gaining extra weight, her height is going on right pace.

  3. Having fussing eaters can be pretty stressful and worrisome for parents. Glad that health supplements like Pedisure provide the necessary and vital nutrients required for growth and development of children.

  4. Fussy eaters canbe very challenging to deal with. You have shared easy and good tips to overcome the issues faced with them.

  5. I liked your idea of letting your daughter help you. It really helps build value of that food. I have been hearing about pediasure as well. Thanks for your feedback about the product.

  6. Yes, pediasure has even helpd my lil cousin with his fussy eating habits, much needed these days for kids! 🙂

  7. I also give pediasure to both my kids. My daughter doesn’t want to eat green and leafy vegetables. I try to give in the form of parathas.

  8. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    It is very difficult for parents to deal with fussy eaters. Sometimes supplements are the best answer.

  9. Judy Morris Reply

    My son is a big-time fussy eater and plus he is always doing something or other activity while eating. I will surely take these tips.

  10. I dealt mine with a lot of patience and perseverance. They can give a very hard time to the mom. Pediasure helped in our journey too.

  11. My daughter is one of the fussy water too, I am giving her pediasure and Happy to know about it’s Heath benefits

  12. Feeding nutritional food to a fussy eater is a task and I believe such health drinks not only taste good but help get the right nutrition.

  13. Ruchi Verma Reply

    Pediasure is a really important thing which we give to Viraj as it not only gives him the right nutrients but also helps him in right growth!!

  14. Sarah Shaikh Reply

    Very well written and knowledgeable post.I myself have used Pediasure for little one and can recommend any parents.

  15. It could be a really daunting task to deal with a fussy eater at home but you have shared some helpful tips to deal with that easily. PediaSure is one nutritional supplement that I trust to make sure that my child is getting the right nutrition.

  16. no doubt my kid also is fussy eater and good thing is I am already using pediasure with so much of goodness … so well written post.

  17. Its really a headache for moms to deal with our kid’s tantrums while eating. Good that we have Pediasure that provides right nutrients for them.

  18. I think supplements can help but we have to try to improve the habit of fussy eating as well in kids.

  19. Salma Shajahan Reply

    Yes even my daughter cooks with me and is eating what is cooked. Pediasure I’ll have to do more research on this

  20. Moms of fussy eaters can now breathe easy since Pediasure takes care of giving their kids all the required nutrients. It indeed is one of the best health supplements.

  21. Its difficult when the kids fuss over food. I have dealt with mine with a lot of patience and perseverance.

  22. This post is really helpful for moms with fussy eaters. They now have an assurance with pediasure

  23. Judy Morris Reply

    My son is a picky and fussy eater plus he is always busy with gadgets so I too plan to switch to Pediasure as it has a chocolate flavor too.

  24. I also follow the same approach. No point force-feeding the kids. They only end up despising food completely. My kids love Pediasure. I have been using it for years now.

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