Vacations with kids

Vacations are those days usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. It is a leave from regular work for a specific trip or journey. During my childhood days, I used to desperately wait for the vacations because during vacations we used to visit our grandparents at our native place.
When I think about my vacations as a child, the life we lived in the village with friends and the food and environment we experienced, cherishes my childhood days and I realize how much we had fun during vacations at that time period which our children of present generation fail to experience.
flying with kids
Nowadays, the scenario has completely changed, people from villages have shifted to live the lifestyle of the cities, there are hardly few people who are still staying in the village areas waiting for their children and Grandchildrens to visit them during their vacations. When no one stays at a native place the question to take our kids at the native place doesn’t arrive.
flying with kids
At present, the parents, today are making their kids join different classes to keep them all time busy. So, the kids of today’s generation just can’t differentiate between vacations and working days because for them all days are same. According to me, this is not completely correct, at some point you are spoiling your kids childhood, you are trying to make them smarter than their age, you are forcing your kids to move with the competitive world forgetting that they are just kids and it’s their age to live without tensions and enjoy each and every day.
It’s not like that you should not send your kids to different classes and make them perfect or should keep them update but the only thing is everything should be done at a proper time and with proper management. During vacations you should allow your kids to enjoy their life on their own, should allow them to do whatever they love to do, through this you will not only get the chance to know the hidden talents of your kids but at the same time you will allow your kids to live stress free life during vacations.
Vacations nowadays are filled with assignments and projects from school whereas in our times we do used to have assignments but they were fun to do. Those assignments were more of learning and gaining knowledge.
The scenario has changed completely when we talk about vacation, nowadays we plan the foreign tour, well in advance according to children’s vacations before going to the native place and enjoying with cousins and living native life.
I still miss my native place where I used to take my pets like cow and Buffalo for morning walk and feed. The most amazing part was diving in the small well. Plucking mangoes, Imlis, custard apple from any farm used to make us run like cats and dogs.
Wish  I get those lovely moments again with angel.

PS: I am participating in the #blogchatterA2Z challenge and today’s letter Is V,  so our article is related to vacations with kids.


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  1. Best and my most favorite time of the year… That’s vacation. And you have captured today’s real life situation. Very well written. Keep posting

  2. I think kids of our generation had the best of time during the summer vacations. It was so much fun meeting all cousins at grandparents place, playing so many games all day long, helping in the farm, ghar-ghar, eating mangoes and watermelons like crazies…
    Sadly our kids have not experienced any such things. They play with their gadgets or are busy with activity classes…
    How times have changed!

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