Three I’s of Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting builds a healthier relationship between you and your children. You might have read my previous tips on effective parenting! We are here again to start with our next alphabet i.e. I with #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge.

So without wasting much time we will discuss how ‘I’ can help you in effective parenting.


Being a parent is an honour. Don’t you think? Sometimes in the course of daily living, our parenting mindfulness slips. Inspire them or motivate them by telling them inspirational stories. There are so many ways we can show our child what life can be. Even small gestures to your child will excite them to do something exceptional in a positive way. Tell stories to your child of their favourite cricketer, actors, or maybe even tell your success story. You might have had a lot of experience where you have succeeded. So, narrate all the hardships you faced and then achieve your goals.


Being a parent is difficult because your child thinks you know all the answers. There are many problems that they might be facing in school or anywhere than you are supposed to help them. Solve their problems about life, you can teach them by giving various examples. Giving them examples and explaining something to them with logic will help them to easily understand the situation and react accordingly.

Initiate Conversation

Your child might be suffering from various obstacles. But you need to understand the psychological behaviour of your kid. There are some children who speak their heart out but sometimes they don’t feel comfortable. So if you think they are hiding something from you then take an initiative to talk. Start the conservations if you both had an argument. Don’t hesitate to sorry first.

These three I’s of effective parenting will help you and your child to create a more powerful bond. So make sure to follow these three I’s to be a good parent. Stay tuned with us for more such parenting tips that will help you in effective parenting.

Three I’s of Effective Parenting

If you haven’t read my previous blogs of challenge from #BlogChatterAtoZ then try out to give them a read as I share my unfiltered experience and learnings. You can drop a comment below for any doubts and queries.

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