3H of an Effective Parenting

We are again back with our super challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. Have you read my previous tips on effective parenting? We have discussed a lot about how to be an effective parent. No wonder now you can easily guess what we are going to start with today! The alphabet that will be covered in today’s Blog is ‘H’. Do you know what are the three H’s of effective parenting?

Let’s discuss how these 3H’s can make you a good parent who helps you and your kids create a stronger bond.


The first H that I would be taking is being helpful. Being a supportive and helpful parent means having a good bond with your child. But sometimes you have to be present, involved, and helpful in their activities. Start helping them with their school problem whether it is math problems or any other problem of life. You have to be supportive towards them, help them wherever they are stuck. This will help you to create a stronger bond with your child.


Parents usually expect good things from their children. You should respect their capabilities and always their instincts. You need to make them understand the hopes you are having with them, how much you trust them. You can recall your times where you have succeeded, which will help them to motivate and start believing in their abilities. As a parent, you might have various other things that might help you to grow stronger.

Be Happy

Giving your kids a happy and healthy childhood is your responsibility. Also, teach to be happy and it should not be associated with any materialistic things. Explain the importance of being happy in life as an achievement in itself. Moreover, try to be happy with your child’s smallest achievements or biggest victories.

These 3H’s will help you to be an effective parent. Stay tuned with us for more such parenting tips that will help you in effective parenting.

Don’t forget to share your views by commenting below. It will make me happy if I am able to help you in your parenting journey!

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3H of an Effective Parenting | A to Z Blogging Challenge
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3H of an Effective Parenting | A to Z Blogging Challenge
The alphabet that will be covered in today’s Blog is ‘H’. Do you know what is the 3H of effective parenting? Let's See it.
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