3G’s of an Effective Parenting

We are back again with our effective parenting tips by #BlogChatterA2Z.

In the previous blog, I have shared a lot of tips to become an effective parent. I hope you have started applying these tips and please share if it showing any positive response from your child in the comments. It’s time to start the blog with another alphabet i.e., G.

Let’s discuss how these 3G’s will help you and your kids to make a stronger bond.


The first G that parents should follow is giving guidance to their kids. Implementing the positive and discipline tips from early childhood for the better behaviour in kids to guide. A good parent is someone who strives to make a good decision for their children. You should know how to guide them, providing good guidance, encouraging them with appropriate discipline. Allow them to make mistakes and then guide them. Ask your child where he needs help. Make daily routines, including healthy eating and sleeping habits. Encourage them to be a part of different activities. Help them wherever needed. The guidance you will give now to your children will be better for their future.


Kids learn a lot by seeing their parents. Show them what does it means to be grateful. Teach them about the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and kindness towards others. Gratitude is when you express your positive aspect towards others. Show them how important it is. Make them learn about the gratitude towards their parent. You can volunteer them for a great task, appreciate them for their good efforts, etc. This will make them understand human behaviour. Gratitude in your child will be the first step towards discipline.


Generosity starts with thinking and how others feel. Children are naturally egotistical, but parents can cultivate empathy by helping their children. You can mold generosity in many ways like by being generous to those in need, make them learn about hospitality or the art of practice giving. These things will definitely help you to raise your child better. Let them see how generous are you and trust me they will follow the same.

These 3G’s will make help you in effective parenting. Stay tuned with me for the next Alphabet with me in this A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z.

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