Why parents need to realize importance of games in student’s life

We as parents always want our children to do well at school however it just means academically good results. All of us are in love with seeing those “A” grades in their report cards as we are often told that the primary route to have a pleasant house, fulfilling career and overall successful life can be only achieved through good academic result. Thus, we end up focusing only on their academics, and that’s, a disaster. Have you ever thought on Importance of games in student’s life.

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.

                                             by Billie Jean King

Student life is not only consist of academics but also skills, interests, co-curricular activities and most importantly games and sports. A lot of times, parents stop their children from playing outside or even inside and ask them to study instead, if you are one of the parents doing this then you need to realize that this is damaging your child’s development. It is time to realize the importance of games in students’ life. Games and sports are not only important because they help the child to become fit and active but even helps them to do their chores more efficiently and allows them to do better at academics as well.

Importance of games in students life
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Below we have listed some of the  benefits of games and physical activities in a student’s life. Grab a cup of coffee and learn why it is important to let your children play!

Importance of games in student’s life:

1) Helps to stay in shape
2 ) Physical activity helps in improving the blood flow throughout the body and maintains overall health. It helps to control the weight, builds muscle and increases bone density. And as they say, health is wealth, hence playing takes care of an important aspect of your life.
3) Teaches time management
4) The time limit and rules in the sport events make the children eager to learn the importance of time management. Some games teach them how to be fast and quick while the others teach them how to use the time in an efficient way. Time management helps them in the long run in their academics as well as life situations.
5)Enhances Social Skills
6)Participating in games and sports develops teamwork skills in children. They realize that it is important to work together as a team. When playing in teams, children socialize with each other and this improves their confidence and charisma to talk with people outside these games.
7) Improves focus
8) Sports help the children to develop discipline. They learn to set goals and then work to carry out these goals. It makes them more focused and dedicated towards everything they do. Sports has a direct relation with enhanced concentration, improved classroom behavior and improved academics performances.
9)Increases confidence level
10) When the children receive appreciation for their skills, it builds up their confidence to an incredibly greater level. Games and sports enhance the cognitive skills, build higher self-esteem, stronger leadership skills and lowers the risk of depression. The children feel confident not only in sports but also in day-to-day activities which gives them higher level of satisfaction and better results. I hope you have understood Importance of games in student’s life.

High five principles of sports

After understanding the Importance of games in student’s life, lets understand some principles of sports in students’ life. Now let’s talk about what you as a parent have to do if your child is engaged in any kind of sports. The constant support of family helps the children to feel good about them and it strengthens your connection with them. Your teen in his/her growing age might not easily find time to spend with you, sports can give you and your teen a lot of time to appreciate and bond with each other. There are some key points you must know to give your child a safe and successful sports experience.

Successful sports experience always starts with the right choice of coach. Coach is a caring adult that follows the principles of healthy child development. The positive and supportive relationship with an adult helps the teens to develop optimistic social skills, strong self-esteem and positive peer relations. Positive coaching gives the teens the right tools to push themselves academically and physically. A good coach ensures that the child feels safe; both physically and emotionally.

The coach helps the child to learn the importance of friendship. Many times the teen gets this opportunity in schools by taking part in games and sports. It is the time when teens from different backgrounds meet together. They learn to make friends regardless of their diversity and uniqueness. They are exposed to a bigger world beyond their family and neighborhood. Friends offer support, positive competitive surroundings and healthy criticism.

Structure rules of the game
If the child is following same structure rules for sports training consistently, it can be a little boring. Children learning through new and different methods daily and with a good coach, who some time at practices allows the child to shape their own environment, use their imagination and extend a variety of sports skills through a variety of activities, helps the child to become more efficient and gives better result. When I see my kid playing some sports which I never thought, but learning to what coach is explaining makes me understand the Importance of games in student’s life. They really learn something good and usual in their life with new games.

Capability of children
Capability of children should always be put in light before providing them training for any kind of sports. It makes the children feel that they are getting better at something. They do better day by day by participating at their own skill level. You have to make sure that the equipment must be of proper size for the children and the rules are not too difficult according to their understanding level. Always keep in mind that the development of children is more important than winning or losing in the game.

The real results are seen only when the child participates in different sports events. Again, winning and losing the game really doesn’t matter. What really matters the most is participation. You have to make sure that the children are participating at their own comfort level; they have to learn making choices, have a voice of their own and do things by and for themselves. Ensure that the child always remains interested, is moving a lot and is totally motivated by what he/she is learning every day.
Games and physical activities are an integral part of children and students activities. Parents must encourage their little ones to go out and play as it is really important to keep them healthy. I hope you know understood the importance of games in student’s life, it is time to actually use the pointers discussed above in reality.

If you have anything else to add in the article, do let us know in the comment section below.

Image source : We had organised sports day in our Terapanth professional forum  community to make every parent understand the Importance of games in student’s life. And we took them to childhood games which made them realise how much our kids are lacking in sports nowadays because of excessive screen time.


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  1. Ruchi Verma Reply

    I agree that participation in sports activities are really important

  2. Sports and game is really very essential part of life due to gadgets now a days kids busy their life in mobile and tv. Thanks for sharing the huge benefits of game..

  3. A student must have balanced life for proper growth. Games and study can go together parents must understand. Great article to help people understand how to raise efficient human beings.

  4. What a great post, I so much agree with the importance of sports in a child’s life and have even started to expose him to sports.

  5. Very detailed post about importance of sports activities. Indeed it shapes a person in a better human being & make them learn life lessons in gentle way.

  6. I absolutely agree with you! the benefits of games and sports in life are manifold, and every child must be introduced and involved in various games. An excellent and fun way to develop so many skills and aspects of the child.

  7. Very well said. Agree to all your points here. Sports is something which teaches a lot

  8. Amazing and inspiring post. Sport is necessary in our day-to -day life. Very useful tips for kid’s sports.

  9. Minakshi Bajpai Reply

    Physical spots are really important for child’s overall development.

  10. Very nice post . We should encourage our kids to take part in games after all physical exercise is very important in anyone’s life.

  11. Suparna S Ghosh Reply

    Nicely explained the importance of sports in everybody’s life

  12. We have all heard the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The importance of play or sports for children has become even more relevant in our current times, and schools have a prominent part to “play” in it.

  13. Armaan Sharma Reply

    Very Nice.. I also agree with this.. Participation in sports is must for the students as it also helps in focusing on their studies with fresh minds

  14. Priyanka Bharti Reply

    Physical activity is very important for children …. We should encourage to kids for sports

  15. Sonali Sonawane Reply

    Very inspiring post, sport is very important now a day’s as everyone busy with gadget. love your writing, keep it up.

  16. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    Sports and physical activities are as important for kids as studies… They really teach the importance of sportsman spirit, confidence and empathy!

  17. My life and childhood were full of games all throughout my student life and I am thankful for so much it taught us as well. I agree today’s kids are so much exposed to gadgets and technology that they are missing on quite a lot.

  18. Games and plays are very crucial for child’s overall development. Team building and self confidence are few of positive changes that games and plays get into life.

  19. Totally agree with you. Sportsmanship teaches kids lessons that go far beyond the playground. Sports help a lot in overall personality development.

  20. Such a nice post. Yes games are very essential in the student’s life. They help them to grow. Will share the post with my friends too.

  21. Sports gives strength to body and mind. Its useful for a student. I agree with all the points you shared here. Infact I would recomment one sport should be must in your student life.

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  23. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Agree with your thoughts, children learn through playing.

  24. This post resonates totally with my thoughts. Sports shape up a child fully. While providing entertainment, sports inculcate killer instinct in kids.

  25. Preety tiwari Reply

    Games really help to boost confidence and team building, it’s the best way to keep kids active and healthy.

  26. True said dear.. Playing games is very imp and this not only helps kids to stay hit physically but mentally too.

    So i prefer my son to participate in all games

  27. Renu sharma Reply

    Nice Information! Agree with you. Very well said. Games are important in our life😊

  28. Sports is a good medium to boost up your child’s self-esteem and improve their self-confidence… #MyFriendAlexa #FlavorsofworldRead

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  33. Avantika Chitlangia Reply

    You have definitely covered all the points – sports do help in overall physical and mental development, not to forget team building and leadership skills!

  34. This is something I will definitely want my son to learn. I want him to be active in sports and play all the types of sports and then choose what he really loves

  35. Srishti Rajeev Reply

    All the points here are true and very valuable in a student’s life. Adults too must continue playing games and revive their team spirit, fun and sporting moments.

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