Health benefits of Paragliding

Recently you saw my paragliding post, which was full of adventure activity we did in air. I got so many compliments on my paragliding post, if you haven’t read yet do read now here . But some one hit me with one question, what are the health benefits you got after doing paragliding. And seriously that bought curiosity in my mind, that do we we usually do all adventure sports but does really get any health benefits out of it. So gave my mind a shake and found that some benefits of doing paragliding. Let us take a look at benefits.

  • Environmental/Nature Friendly-

Paragliding is an environmental friendly sport because it has no motor attached to it and so it requires no fuel and so it is also a quiet sport activity avoiding sound pollution.

  • Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures Near Mumbai
    Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures
    Interesting and safer than other sports-

It is known to everyone if you are trying Paragliding you will definitely have to go to the open sky to have a breathtaking experience but when you land it’s a gentle glide where you land slowly decreasing the height little by little and then flows to the ground rather than plunge. All you need to know how to control the paraglide and have to keep all your fear aside, then it will surely be one of the interesting and safer sports to try.


  • Naked Eye and Breathtaking View of Exotic places-

While enjoying Paragliding you personally gets an opportunity to travel to the most unseen and exotic places, you get a chance to view the world with a completely new  perspective.  You can explore Mountains, its peak, rivers, oceans etc. You can imagine yourself as a bird and can feel the World as the beautiful place to view.  Once you land, you will feel awesome and will find yourself with a new, fresh and a dreamy experience. Once you try Paragliding you will definitely feel to get to the top again.

  • spectacular view at Nirvana Adventurs
    GoPro view of paragliding
    Gives Peacefulness and Serenity and releases stress-

While you are doing Paragliding you concentrate only on that and thus you are away from all your sadness and stress for that time period at least. You forget all your worries and tensions. The intense focus in Paragliding helps to feel clean both mentally and physically. The peacefulness and serenity you find while Paragliding is difficult to express.


  • Pocket Friendly/Affordable-

We all know flying has been a dream of every individual right from the evolution of air transport. But travel once in a flight costs you much more than a Paragliding sport. Paragliding offers you a much more affordable way to fly and that you at its best way. If you are crazy about Paragliding, You can easily purchase a good-conditioned paraglide kit or a brand new one and can keep in the trunk of your car wherever you travel.


  • Personal Grooming(Keeps you physically and mentally fit)-

Paragliding helps to burn your calories as it is also kind of a workout, because of this sports adrenaline is released during Paragliding. An average person can burn approximate 230 calories an hour. Paragliding helps to strengthens almost all the muscles of your body especially the central portion of the body and your arms because you need to control the parachute using your arms which in turn helps to strengthen your arms and  retain more power and energy during other physical activities. Paragliding also helps increasing your flexibility. It gives an instant boost to overall health of your body thus enhances your immune system.

  • Helps Conquer your Fear-

Trying out a sport like Paragliding you can prove yourself that you are capable of anything and thus can boost yourself. It helps you to conquer your fear and helps to face any situation in life.


  • Confidence Booster-

Just imagine the feeling you can get if you achieve your dream, trying out Paragliding will give you much more extreme and mind-blowing feeling of touching the sky and achieving something very special.  You will get the chance to gain a life changing confidence. Since you  are person who will enjoy this sport personally, you achieve a sense of freedom which is hard to find. Paragliding although a great workout it is a mental sport too. It helps to boost your confidence and once you get the initial confidence, you will be always motivated to take any challenge in your life.


  • Outdoor Activity-

It is taught us right from the childhood that being outside is much healthier than to sit under the four walls of your house.  You get a chance to experience fresh air and also get exposed to sunlight and other natural factors which helps to boost your immune system.  Paragliding helps you to expose to heat, which in turn helps to gain Vitamin D which is one of the most beneficial vitamin of our body, lack of it results in several health issues and also increases the risk of osteoporosis.


  • Enhances Endurance and Improvise problem solving skills-

If you are an adventure lover you should definitely go for Paragliding. By involving both physically and mentally an adventure sports enhance a sense of endurance in you.  Once you are in an adventurous sport you develop the skill of problem-solving too.


Paragliding is an awesome recreational sport.  Everyone can try at least once if have no severe health problems and height phobia. Basically there are several reasons to try Paragliding but you should try it with proper training and safety measures.

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  1. I so want to do this once. Was so close to experience paragliding in Manali but somehow didn’t. Hope next year, when I’m fit again after my delivery and I would be ready to travel with two kids (two kids, gives me jitters) will surely try it. Ek baar toh banta hai… 🙂

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