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It is smashingly effortless to make unachievable New Year’s fitness resolutions than veritably sticking to it every day. But rather than accusing the absence of motivation, I would choose to indict my extended working schedule at the office or spending the surplus time in nurturing my family. I truly keep the faith that taking out a chunk of time every day, a good amount of willpower and persistent hard work will lead to the success of a fitness. Do you feel the same? If you are a working mommy or stay at mom and seeking any motivation story, then stick till the end as Anytime Fitness Gym bring something special for you.



Anytime fitnessDifference between Before Pregnancy and after Pregnancy.

Before giving birth, I was super attentive to a healthy lifestyle. I love devouring in salads and once in a while, I have a burger as well. To be honest, I never fancied going to gyms or any health and fitness classes. I have always appreciated my pregnancy phase because being a mother can be challenging yet satisfying. After my Angel was born, the motivation was to lose the baby weight healthily without any crash diet or popping to gyms. But, I was continually switching my roles from changing the nappy of the baby to finishing the to-do-list at work. I really aspired to get back on track but my responsibilities never gave me a chance to spare out some time for physical fitness. I have killed my hopes to fit back into my favorite skinny jeans. But, somehow I accomplished to lose a few kilos by following up healthy diet routine. After losing a few kilos, I wasn’t able to lose more and I have happily admitted my fate and my body. There are times when I stop by and looking myself in the mirror. I tend to hold my tummy and fuss about it. In the end, I never made any more efforts to get down on my healthy weight.

Do it now or never: A step towards Healthy Lifestyle

A month ago, I was feeling lethargic and stressful continuously for few days. At first, I ignored and considered as a symptom for work pressure but then, I noticed a constant gain in my body weight and poor routine. I concluded that I can’t pull off this any longer.

I have always been a good role model for daughter and I need to explicate them that personal health is way more influential than anything else. So, for the first week, I was completely determined about my workout and diet but then within the middle of the second week, everything fall off. My husband has witnessed me fighting this battle and suggested me to enroll in the nearby gym, Anytime Fitness.

Experience at Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness
tradition of saying Hifi to all customers

Initially, I was skeptical as I don’t want to join any fitness club. But, then I have to do it for the betterment of myself and my family. On the first day at Anytime Fitness, I was extremely reluctant. The acknowledged trainers were really kind and warm at the gym. They trained me professionally with different types of equipment at the gym. They guided me the do’s and don’ts of the exercises and understood my goals which, catered my health performance daily.

I am sure with a span of a few months, not just I would loose a few kilos but also I would learned the meaning of being healthy. Anytime Fitness is a major part in bringing back to me into shape and making me look more confident than before.


My Routine for Healthy Lifestyle


  • Drinking a warm glass of water after waking up early in the morning.
  • Walking (or sometimes, jogging) to the nearest Anytime Fitness Gym
  • A professional trainer helped me to workout in the gym.
  • Eating a combination of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  • Always keeping myself hydrated.


Would I Recommend Anytime Fitness?

I don’t need to think twice before answering this question. Of course, I would recommend to every mommy, who is struggling to follow a healthy routine.  Anytime Fitness has more than 4500 gyms, which makes it the largest gym chains in the world. They are currently helping people to achieve their fitness goals in 34 countries and 7 Continents.

  • World’s Largest Gym Chain
  • Top-notch Professional Gym Trainers
  • Optimum health equipment for workout
  • Customized Individual Training
  • Group Classes and Functional Training
  • Understand their client’s fitness goals
  • Safe and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Help to achieve fitness goals
  • Affordable gym membership

After subscribing the 1-year membership of Anytime Fitness, you will be able to access their training or gym centers all around the world. So, you won’t have any excuse to start your fitness journey. For more details you can check their website here

Don’t wait for the next year to make new year’s resolution. This Mother’s Day, take an oath to be fit for yourself. It will be a great way to boost your family to stay fit and follow healthy eating habits. I hope this would help and inspire all the mommy, who crave to transform their bodies and also be the greatest mother that they are.

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  1. Sarah Shaikh Reply

    Exercise is the best way for a healthy life.Love your review of Anytime Fitness and good pics too.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of having a gym that’s open 24×7. It’s just so convenient to be able to workout at your ease and timings.

  3. Lovely post which talks about the post-pregnancy fitness goals which are very essential to lose those extra kilos. I am glad you took a step forward towards your fitness goal.

  4. Healthy Lifestyle is very much needed especially for women. Anytime fitness is providing customised facilities which is easy to follow

  5. Will be sharing your healthy lifestyle routine with my cousin who keeps giving excuses to exercise after delivery! This will encourage her! 😀

  6. Such a beautifully written post. I do need to get back to my pre-pregnancy body with exercise and dedication. I am sure going to check Anytime Fitness and see if I can enrol soon.

  7. I can totally relate with what you said about resolutions. This year I made a resolution to bring changes in my lifestyle & include workout in my routine. It worked well for a few days & then we went for a vacation which brought a gap. I wanted to start again & then there were other commitments which kept popping up & keeping me away from achieving my goal. Getting a gym membership sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing about Anytime Fitness.

  8. I absolutely love the idea of being fit! Life doesn’t give us many chances to live it to the fullest, hence stay strong and live it happy, healthy and fit.

  9. Jhilmil D Saha Reply

    I just loved, loved, loved reading this article. There are no excuses to fitness.

  10. Fitness is something that we should not postpone for future. Squeeze out some minutes every day and contribute to the well-being of your body. And ‘Anytime Fitness’ is truly supporting this cause.

  11. My brother is a member of Anytime fitness he would agree with your review. He sings similar praise for them. I am not a gym person though. I take healthy food at right time and portion and yoga.

  12. That’s a great review. You are so right we tend to ignore our health under so many responsibilities that we bear on our shoulder. It is important to stay fit and healthy.

  13. Resolution and maintaining the schedule is so important.. have been thinking of starting but always procrastinating. Thanks for great post.

  14. Absolutely i agree we must make time to look after ourselves after having a baby. Anytime fitness being open 24×7 makes it easier to head too and having world class facilities makes it a great gym

  15. These are some good pointers for person to start gym and what a better way to start it with warm people and right guidance by experienced gym trainers.

  16. Healthy Lifestyle is indeed a must in todays times especially for women. Glad to see Anytime fitness is providing customised facilities which makes it a more doable regime for women!

  17. Shilpa Kamdar Reply

    Having gym for 24by7 is very good idea specilly for moms who struggle with management

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