S for Singapore | Kids Friendly Travel Destination | #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019 

Singapore is regarded as the most glorious place to visit with your family and that’s why we have mentioned in the list of kids friendly travel destination. Be it, kids or parents, this place can cater to anyone from different age groups. This place is totally packed with amazing tourist attraction and of course, fun activities as well. Singapore with kids and family is a perfect getaway.

Explore Singapore with kids and familyBest Time to Visit Singapore with Kids

Between the month of February and April or between November and December are considered as the perfect time to plan your getaway in this kid’s friendly travel destination.

I have compiled a list of things to do in Singapore. So, let’s check what all activities you can do in Singapore with kids.

Things to do in Singapore with Kids

Here are the top attractions that you and your family will love during your vacation period in Singapore. Make sure to not to miss it.

  • Experience the adrenaline rush while taking 24 rides which includes 3D Transformer ride and roller coaster in the amusement park, Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Watch 3D movies, play paintball or just learn about the Singaporean culture all at one place, Singapore Discovery Centre
  • Take a walk all around the Marina Bay during the night time. Because they are illuminated by the light and it is too beautiful to miss this sight.
  • Glance over the thousands of animals from various parts of the world while maintaining in their natural habitat in Singapore Night Safari.
  • Blow off the summer heat by taking the water rides with your family at Wild Wild Wet Singapore.
  • Learn about the relationship between art and science in one of the most impressive buildings of the museum, ArtScience Museum in Singapore.
  • Immerse in the serene beauty of the country by taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel which is also known as the Singapore Flyer.
  • Take a ride in the Bumboat cruise and explore the sightseeing of the place in the Singapore river.

Popular Places to Dine in Singapore with Kids

After ticking off all the things to do in Singapore. Here are the list of Kids friendly restaurants during the visit to Singapore.

  • E – Sarn Thai at the Grandstand

This places serves great Thai cuisine and also have a cozy play area for your kids with small slides and soft mats. So, you can watch your kids playing while ordering your favorite food.

  • Trapizza at Shangri La

You can enjoy your food while your kids can play freely on the beach. It is the perfect restaurant that fulfills every bit of entertainment of the family.

Kids Friendly Hotels in Singapore

If you are planning to visit or currently in Singapore, then you should take a look at these family friendly hotels for the comfortable stays.

  • Village Hotel Katong by Far East Hospitality (4.5/5 Ratings)
  • Crowne Plaza Changi Airport (4.5/5 Ratings)
  • RedDoorz Plus Victoria Hotel (4/5 Ratings)
  • Park Avenue Rochester Hotel (4/5 Ratings)
  • Carlton Hotel Singapore (4/5 Ratings)

No matter how many times you visit this kids friendly travel destination, Singapore, you will be surely coming back for more. It is such a fun place and it truly deserves more than a week. This place has a fusion of other Asian Countries like China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia. That’s why this place deserves to be on your bucket list.

Let me know what you think about the place or got any tips for traveling Singapore with kids, then drop your suggestion in the comments below. And stay tuned for the next alphabet of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019.

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Q for Quepos in Costa Rica| Kids Friendly Travel Destination | #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge April 2019 

Quepos is completely synonymous to the phrases, “Heaven on Earth” and it’s kids friendly travel destination too. This place has a lot of activities for your kids which will make an unforgettable experience for your kids. And not to forget the breathtaking views in Quepos will make you crave to spend the rest of your life. The beauty of this place cannot be explained in words. Quepos with kids and family is once in a lifetime kind of Experience.

Travel to Quepos with kidsBest Time to Visit Quepos with Kids

Between the month of December and April are considered as the perfect time to plan your getaway in this kid’s friendly travel destination.

I have compiled a list of things to do in Quepos. So, let’s check what all activities you can do with your kids.

Things to do in Quepos with Kids

Here are the top attractions that you and your family will love during your vacation period in Quepos. Make sure to not to miss it.

  • Click some crazy selfies and groupies at The Photographic Location in Quepos. The metallic written word ‘QUEPOS’ gets illuminated at the night time.
  • Get a chance to swim in the local swimming pools of the Quepos while enjoying an amazing view of the coast of Quepos at the Nahomi Tourist Destination.
  • Throw the rope in the Malecon and try to get your hands on red snapper or maybe a sea bass while fishing in the seawall stones.
  • Feel like a Superman while taking a zip lining tour through the canopy of the rainforest with Canopy Safari.
  • Find the native bird species of Costa Rica by going for an Early Morning Local Bird Watching at the Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Witness the close-up views of the Mangroves while taking a boat tour along the Damas Island Estuary Cruise.
  • Do kayaking along with the colorful reefs over the crystal clear water of the tropical coast of the Manuel Antonio.

Popular Places to Dine in Quepos with Kids

After ticking off all the things to do in Quepos. Here are the list of Kids friendly restaurants during the visit to Quepos.

  • La Luna Restaurant at Gala Hotel and Reserve

Enjoy the best view of the Pacific Ocean as well as the tropical rainforest while enjoying the healthy and fresh meals. They also serve local cuisine and a variety of seafood. They also give the binoculars, so that you can bird watch on the terrace of the restaurant.

  • Gabriella’s Steak Seafood and Pasta

If you are looking for the best dinner in Quepos, then is the place that you should not miss. From finger licking shrimps to salmons, they provide the best of service with a top-notch quality of food.

Kids Friendly Hotels in Quepos

If you are planning to visit or currently in Quepos, then you should take a look at these family-friendly hotels for the comfortable stays.

  • Villas Jacquelina (4.5/5 ratings)
  • Hotel Rancho Leon (4.5/5 ratings)
  • Kayak Lodge (4.5/5 ratings)
  • Serenity Boutique Hotel Quepos (4/5 ratings)
  • Wide Mouth Frog (4/5 ratings)

The climate of Quepos is perfect and that’s we have considered it in the list of kids friendly travel destination. The locals of Quepos are really warm and welcoming. So, participate in the most adventurous activities of Quepos and make the best of your vacation period in Costa Rica.

Let me know what you think about the place or got any tips for traveling Quepos with kids, then drop your suggestion in the comments below. And stay tuned for the next alphabet of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019.

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D for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates | Kids Friendly Travel Destination | #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019

Rather just ultramodern and jaw-dropping architecture and luxury shopping, this city of gold in UAE have countless things to do with your family. Dubai is truly bursting with lights and lots of entertainment. The kid-friendly spots and shopping malls will never miss a chance to add joy to your vacation time in Dubai with kids.

Travel Dubai with kidsIn this chapter, I will tell you about all the famous things to do in Dubai with kids. So, be ready to experience plenty of new things in a whole new different city.

Best Time to Visit Dubai with Kids

Between the middle of the month of November till early of December or the middle of the month of March is considered as the perfect time to plan your getaway in Dubai with kids.

Things to do in Dubai with Kids

Here are the top attractions that you and your family will love during your vacation period in Dubai. Make sure to not to miss it.

  • Put on your comfortable shoes and get ready to take the thrilling rides at the world’s largest indoor amusement park in Dubai.
  • Either collect some unique shells or sit back and enjoy the enthralling view of Burj Al Arab, Kites Beach will never disappoint you.
  • Let your little munchkins expand the horizon of their imagination at the Kid’s interactive and play museum, OliOli.
  • Shop your heart you and let your kids perceive the virtual gaming experience at the most modern mall in Dubai, City Walk.
  • Now, your kids can swim with Dolphins and make them their best friend at Dolphin Bay.
  • Relish an unforgettable ice skating experience at the Olympic sized ice rink in Dubai Ice Rink.
  • Take a memorable ride to Desert Safari through the Arabian Desert and enjoy your dinner or a great show as well.
  • Time to glow in a park and trigger your happy hormones to next level at the Dubai Garden Glow.

DubaiPopular Places to Dine in Dubai with Kids

Here are the list of Kids friendly restaurants during the visit to Dubai

  • Sumo Sushi & Bento

If you or your child is a fan of Japenese cuisine, then you should try Poke Bowls and Sumo Fried Rice.

  • Markette

From pasta to cheesy grilled sandwich that every kid will love to munch. Also, not to forget the amazing view from the window, well what else you can demand.

Kids Friendly Hotels in Dubai

If you are planning to visit or currently in Dubai, then you should take a look at these family-friendly hotels for the comfortable stays.

  • Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai (4.5/5 ratings)
  • Le Meridien Dubai Hotel (4.5/5 ratings)
  • FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai (4.5/5 ratings)
  • Roda Amwaj Suites (4/5 ratings)
  • Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai (4/5 ratings)

Dubai will never to surprise you and it will surely spellbind you with its majestic beauty. Just enjoy the stay up late culture in Dubai and discover new things in the city.

Let me know what you think about the place or got any tips for traveling Dubai with your kids, then drop your suggestion in the comments below. And stay tuned for the next alphabet of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge 2019.

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Let’s Travel! But What About The Kids?

Any time there are the holidays coming up or a long weekend, what’s the first thing that pops up in our minds? We usually think about taking a vacation, a long one or a quick getaway, whatever our time on hand and our budget permits!But for many couples, those with babies and toddlers, there are a few more factors to be taken into consideration while planning a trip. But yes, it is entirely possible to Traveling with kids and that too, travel smoothly.

Once a trip has been planned, there begins the fun of planning and packing for the trip. What to carry and what not? How much is necessary and how much is enough?  As far as children are concerned, of course, priority has to be given to carrying their essentials, especially medicines for them and food items that they absolutely cannot do without. It would be a good idea to throw in sunscreen and hats if you are visiting a hot and sunny place and woolens if you are visiting a cold place. Babies have a lot of paraphernalia but it makes good packing sense to carry only what is absolutely necessary.

Once the packing is done, it’s time to begin the journey! If planned right, the journey can be more fun than the destination! Whether you are traveling with kids by plane, train, bus or car, entertainment for the children needs to be provided. Books, special toys, puzzles, music, even a favorite blanket, all need to be carried that cater to your children’s taste.

What is necessary When Traveling with Kids

Baby wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and diapers if required are all a “must-carry”.  Any food that is carried needs to be the type that will not make a mess if dropped. Water has to be on hand in sufficient quantity and that too in a non-spill bottle or glass!  

If traveling with other passengers, parents should try their best to ensure that their children are not a nuisance to other passengers. Every parent can and should ingrain good behavior and a consideration for others in their children. Parents can definitely guide their children not to shout, run around and be a source of annoyance to the other passengers.

Enjoying with FamilyWhenever I have traveled, I have on numerous occasions been disturbed by a child howling or shouting and the parents making no effort to control him or her. I’m sure that many of you have had the same experiences as I have.

Once the traveling with kids is out of the way and you arrive at your destination, the fun should continue. Most definitely, your baby or toddler will need some time to settle down in a new environment.  Parents, you need to be patient and understanding about this.

Outings and excursions, ideally, need to be planned around the baby’s or toddler’s schedule, i.e. naptimes and meal times should be taken into account. Of course, if that is not practically possible, then parents need to take into account that the child/children might get fussy or cranky at certain times.

What is Parents Responsibility?

That is when a very important issue comes in: support. You are spouses to each other and you are also co-parents to your children. You need to work as a team when it comes to handling your children. Do avoid criticising and blaming each other if the children misbehave or something goes wrong.

Do try to give each other time away from the children for a while. Husbands, take care of the children and let your wives go shopping or to the spa. Wives, handle the children and let your husbands go to play a sport or for male buddies drinking session. Your spouse will love you for this!

Parents, it’s equally important that you use your vacation, however short it is, to reconnect with each other as a couple. Spending time with your spouse in a different environment, i.e. away from home and routine, can have a rejuvenating effect on your marriage.

Do try your best to spend time with each other, without the children. Even if it is just for a short while, try to grab a cup of coffee or a drink together. Talk to each other, bring each other up to date on what is happening in your lives.

It is perfectly natural that young children might fall ill in the course of a holiday. Parents, please do not panic! Administer the relevant medicines that you are carrying to the child that is unwell. Do call up your pediatrician to ensure that you are giving the right dosage and following the correct treatment.

Angel in Funny moodParents tend to get very anxious when young children are involved. Do remember that children sometimes fall ill when they are exposed to a new environment and experience a change in the air they breathe and the food and water that they consume. It is reassuring to remember that children also recover equally fast.

A vacation can be called a success when you as parents, return from it, happy, contented, charged and with fond memories. If you return from it cranky, irritated and depressed, you need to rethink and rework your vacationing and parenting strategy with your spouse!

So parents, remember that children can be taught to enjoy vacations as much as you. Travelling to new places will serve to give a good exposure and good experiences to your children. Keeping this in mind, let’s get set to plan and enjoy the next getaway. Bon, voyage to you!

This is a Guest Post from Meghasi Bhatt,

Hello, I am Meghasi Bhatt. I started my career as a lawyer but somehow ended up as a teacher and now I have aspirations to write! My first novella Mutiny at Primrose High is available on Amazon and Flipkart and also as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.

Meghasi Bhatt


Ultimate Summer Tips To Beat The Heat For Parents And Kids

As we enter summer, and the kids have holidays for their schools. We think about the various activities to enroll them into. So let me ask you this, are summer holidays only for kids? the answer is No, they are for us parents too. That’s because all their activities are to be taken care by us. Following are the ultimate summer tips which are a simple and useful piece of script that will help you and your kid in this summer vacation. 

Always make them wake up early, do regular exercises or send them for a walk, it will help them stay healthy in vacations. Outdoor games are also a great way to stay fit. 

Swimming Pool
Swimming Gives Them More Energy.

Don’t let them waste time playing video games or games on smartphones.

Instead, try skill-developing games like chess and scramble which improve their concentration power and vocabulary. Also let your kids actively participate in outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming etc.

Cycling is the best way to stay fit

The child’s physical as well as mental growth are the key points to consider this summer. Along with outdoor sports teach them new things such as words and how to use them into daily sentences.

Teach them to make flags of countries and remember their capitals.

By doing this activity my little kid learned the capitals of various countries and also learned colors of their flag.  Well, you as a parent can also play various indoor games with your kids. Tongue Twisters for Kids, board games for kids, riddles for kids are some interesting games you can play.

Let Them Play Real Games
Give them all the required stuff for crafts and make interesting paper items with them.

Try to analyze how brilliant your kid is. It will make them realize their potential and give them confidence in themselves. Do some social work this vacation, ‘visit old-age homes and spend some time with them, they’ll love it. Teach poor children to read and write, take your friends and their children with you

Parents Cycling
Summer Time Is For Parents As Well

Going out of the house for a holiday is always a fun activity for the kids as well as the parents.

Help your children rediscover the simple joys of life. If you’re busy at work, or can’t spend much time with them, send them to your native place to discover their roots. They will learn to occupy themselves without WiFi or Computers.

 Take your children on a short holiday, preferably in India.

It’s always better to explore your own country first before traveling around the world

Out Door Fun
Out Door Fun.

Take them to your office if you can, let them observe how you work hard for your family. Let them help you in simple household chores like cleaning their rooms, making their own beds, arranging the shelves and other such small tasks. Teach them the basics of cooking.

Teach them the value of things

Bonding with your kids must always be on your priority list. Reserve 45 minutes each day for talking to them, share stories from your
childhood. At times listen to their fears, help them understand and fight their fears.

All these activities will eventually help the kid grow and learn new stuff along with bonding with parents, that is the best part about summer holidays.