What is Trichology and How it works?

Trichology is the science of hair and scalp in health and disease. It was developed in London in 1902 at the Institute of Trichology, UK. Since, then this science has advanced tremendously, offering people scientific solutions to their hair and scalp problems.

The Origin of Trichology

Dr Apurva and Dr Sunil Shah chose to Pioneer Richfeel Trichology Centre, India’s first and only chain of hair and scalp clinics.
It’s formerly called as Shahs of trichology and entered in the name of Limca book record. There are 82 centres all over India for your hair and scalp problems.
It’s one of the most advanced health Science Centre. Today I will take you to the world of Trichology. Clinical trichology involves diagnosis and treatment of disease or disorders of the human hair.

Trichology? It is a study of hair

Hair is your body’s barometer indicating good health or lack of it.
Very often, hair shows the first signs that something is going wrong with you internally. Approximate life of hair is 4 to 7 years. Average growth is half inch every month.

Treatment given by richfeel centre are as follows

  •  Photo biotherapyHair Fall Treatment
  •  Hair hydrotherapy
  •  Anagrow (Plant Spem Cell Therapy)
  • Anagain only for men
  • Ana-d-tox
  • Tst+

Here are some tips for fighting against hair thinning

Don’t use hair colour, don’t use any chemicals do not brush or comb your hair when it is wet. Wash your hair as often as possible, preferably daily with a scalp cleanser.
Also you can use livon serum while you go out. As you know hair is made up of a protein called keratin hence we should have a diet rich in proteins always if we are facing hair fall problem.
Richfeel has also established the MET – WMTA- rich feel Institute of Trichology, the first and the foremost educational institution in India which trains a doctor to become medical Trichologist.

Let’s See Accolades of Richfeel Centre

It was awarded Best Hair Restoration service provider company of the Year 2014 by Frost and Sullivan.
It is India’s most trusted Hair Care brand by the brand trust report India study 2014.
India’s greatest Grand builder at the CMO Asia Awards 2010 in Singapore.
Ronald Salinger award in the year 2007 in Australia by the International Association of TRICHOLOGIST.
Maharashtra Vaibhav award in the year 2002 for excellence in the field of Trichology
Official hair care experts with the Femina Miss India Pageant for more than 10 years.
All this achievement give the trust and results of the hair.

Richfeel Centre

So after consulting with Dr Shruti, she suggested me to go for Anagrow treatment.  We took an appointment at Vashi RICHFEEL CENTRE. I’m impressed with the service by Richfeel as they had called me twice as I failed to reach on time, finally on a rainy Sunday I reached the centre and she took me to the treatment room, where Saba the technician was already there with all the equipment ready.  She welcomed us with a broad smile and told us that mam all the equipment has been sterilized for every patient. And she took a picture of my hair and scalp for comparison. Since Anagrow treatment is a long term process and the result can’t be shown in one day. It requires 15 settings to get the desired result.  I will tell you why in the next few lines.
As I told you Anagrow is a treatment which controls the thinning of hair and is used for the regrowth of the hair. If you’re facing a lot of hair fall, the volume of the hair will definitely be reduced.

Step by Step Guide of How Anagrow  Works

1) Anagrow sprays to condition the scalp.

The spray is then smudged properly so that scalp is conditioned properly.


Here in this technique, they use ULTRASONIC SPATULA which is used to clean dead cells on the scalp so that new cells are triggered to grow and every is used to clean dead cells on the scalp so that new cells are triggered to grow and every sitting you will see the difference. This whole process was noninvasive and painless. And it was more relaxing like head spa or massage.


Hair Treatment

It’s a kind of cold laser which has no sensation and is rolled on your scalp by partitioning with fingers. But precautions are to be taken here, like keeping your eyes closed as ultimately it’s a laser. In this step, active hair follicles get stimulated because of laser comb treatment.


(PLANT CELL EXTRACTS) in this step, they used ultrasonic REJUVE DEVICE, which has a roller at the edge and gives a whistling kind of pressure on the scalp but u get so relaxed that u tend to sleep.

5) The Final Step is HAIR FOOD TRAY.

It consists of almonds, flaxseed, soybean seeds and water and most importantly ANATEA which has all those ingredients and we call as protein tea, which helps your hair to grow.



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