Generally, many of us still remember our grandmas special ‘maalish’ or can say ‘champi’, how beneficial it was for our hair, but today we have forgotten the importance of oiling our hair because of the fast, busy and complex lifestyle that we live. Nowadays, it has become a trend of keeping hair silky, smooth and oil-free especially amongst the youngsters and because of such a habit they are
facing several hair problems like weak hair, hair-fall etc. So thinking about the present scenario and the problems faced by the people related to their hair, Pantene has come upon with a new product named as  PANTENE PRO-V OIL REPLACEMENT CREAM.

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The modern technique for shining hair – Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Cream.


It is a rich and creamy product which can be used for both dry and oily hair. It gives 2x times stronger and healthier hair, it smells amazing and helps to get rid of oily and sticky hair and is also easy to apply. It combines the power of Pro-vitamin formula and nourishing OILS. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall, and help repair the damage.


According to the experts, if you oil your hair every day you will have to wash it every day as well since one cannot keep sticky and oily hair all the time. Allowing the oil to soak in your hair can also lead to several hair infections like dandruff and itchy scalp. Daily washing the hair also infects the volume of the hair and skin of the scalp. We all know oil acts as a food to the hair, so hair requires oil but it is also true that in such a busy lifestyle we have no time for oiling our hair. But we can start
using newly launched Pantene pro-v oil replacement cream, which will not only fulfil the requirement of oil for our hair but also nourishes hair, reduces hair fall and helps repair damaged hair.


Women in today’s modern and hectic life, give no priority to hair care which results in panicking over hair fall, premature greying of hair etc. and to get rid of such problems women opt for new solutions like cosmetic salon treatment and all, which not only consumes time but also money. Keeping today’s scenario in mind, women can try this oil replacement cream and can get rid of all the problems.

Properties of PANTENE PRO-V OIL

This oil replacement cream includes natural oil extracts in it, it is least processed and full of vitamins and nutrients that are found in food. This oil replacement cream basically acts as a food for hair. This  cream penetrates into the skin of the scalp and makes it healthier, whichever shampoo or conditioner you use cannot match the benefits of this cream. This product when used gets deep into the skin and does its job of improving the skin tissue, which results in stronger and
shinier hair.

Method to apply PANTENE PRO-V OIL .

The application of this product is very easy, you just have to take a walnut sized amount of oil between the palms of your hands, rub it and directly apply from the top and distribute evenly through your hair, and there is no need to rinse after applying. It helps to get rid of those irritating hair massages.


Applying this oil on regular basis helps in fighting hair fall and aids hair regrowth. It
also helps in controlling frizzy hair. I always use before going to bed or I use when I’m styling my hair as it acts as final touch leaving hair soft and smooth.

On the days when your hairs seem out of control, just apply a small amount of this oil-based cream, u will find that applying this cream helps to settle down the frizzing immediately and also makes your hair look more healthy, shiny and
strong. It also acts as a final touch, making hair more silky and smooth.
Therefore, whether you have got a hair fall problem or not, you can use this newly launched Pantene Pro-V hair oil replacement cream, I assure the result will be the best. So gals #TelKoTelLagao, with  #NewPanteneOilReplacement


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    • But the product has PARABEN !!!!! And the ill effects of paraben is well known. Also, I didn’t find any NATURAL ingredients on the list. The product ofc smoothens, but I didn’t find the reason to believe that it has the goodness of oil just because the makers have named it so. PLEASE REPLY, coz I was thinking of discontinuing it, as I don’t want to get cancer especially when my family history of cancer is not good.

      • First of all cancer dont happen due to external use of paraben…. I have not written anywhere that it has a natural ingredient and chemical free but it does smoothen my hair and makes it easy to comb. Secondly paraben is found in every chemical shampoo u use so it’s similar. Cancer is caused due to many factors genetically amd not due to usage of paraben on hair. And always avoid using from root of hair. Use from 1 cm above root hair

  1. I have always loved oil-in-cream kind of products and I find such products are perfect to get an instant result and always work on my hair.

  2. This is what my hair needs now! It’s brittle and I’m having hair fall too

  3. I have also used Pantene Pro V Oil and I must say its an amazing products and works wonders on hair. I really loved the review shared by you. Very honest and helpful.

  4. I was actually looking forward to but this . Here you are with the details thanks for this post

  5. The product seems to be really good, as well as it leads to hair regrowth which is amazing, will surely give it a try, thanks for sharing!

  6. Loving this oil replacement hair care product these days. Its really effective and amazingly work for my frizzy hair . Best alternative for oil.

    • This is the best product when ur out and u can use as Serum also, these Pantene proV has also goodness of hair health

  7. Shubhada Bhide Reply

    Pantene is a really great brand, never tried this PANTENE PRO-V OIL before but looks great. Will definitely check and give this a try.

  8. Perfect product from pantene to get that shiny hair, I have already ordered one and shall experience it soon.

  9. I like the oiling routine a lot. However, on some days there just isn’t enough time. This is the perfect option.

  10. Papri Ganguly Reply

    This is a excellent oil replacement product and out for dry and damaged hair.

  11. Personally I love such kind of nourishing hair products. As in the name that it is oil replacement and your review on this products , I definitely wanna try this product. Great review

  12. Tel Ko Tel Lagao – wow!! This is indeed a wonderful innovative product. You have explained in details – why it is special. thanks

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  15. great a substitute for oil …that too by Pantene……….great thanks dear for sharing information about this product

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  17. The product seems to be really good, as well as it leads to hair regrowth which is amazing, will surely give it a try, thanks for sharing

  18. PANTENE PRO is really a great product if you dont want our hair to look weird with oil, It makes hair look shine and nourished not dull and rough. Nice article and thanks for your recommendation

  19. Priyanka Agarwal Reply

    This look like something really looks well makes my hair soft nd smooth no hair fall problem…

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