Is there any person who has never eaten and loved the intensity of the dark chocolate. The dark, intense, strong, mildly sweet, silk textured dark chocolate is a treat and needless to say its a bite of heaven melting in your mouth. Despite the situation of happiness, pain, anger, sadness, or celebration dark chocolate finds it place very easily.

PMS and dark chocolate to soothe it:

However before periods the cravings increase and the mood swings are at its worst situation in such cases the charm of indulging in dark chocolate is not sinful. Medically PMS or Premenstrual syndrome has a wide variety of signs and symptoms including mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability, and depression.  PMS is common and almost all women experience PMS and even if not then little pampering during the troubled period is the most welcomed gesture.

PMS is predictable thus with little effort all those symptoms can be fought to feel  little better. The physical and emotional changes that one experiences can be done away with a little lifestyle adjustments. The physical pain and emotional stress that we have is enough to affect our daily lives. However with so much to deal with it is only wise to make sure that one try to figure out the trigger points and try to reduce the causes of PMS.

Off lately my PMS has been at its worst and no matter what even at the slightest discomfort or for any reason I get irritable needless to say my period cramps are killing me so much so that stepping out of from four days in a row for the most necessary work is out of question. As a matter of fact even two to three days before periods and after periods I am experiencing acute cramps which occur for a few minutes and subside. I did consult a specialist doctor for the matter but she responded that it is normal and there are no medication to treat the cramps however to soothe it I can increase magnesium in my diet and have some food. The concept of happy food is that during the troubled time of the month when you are upset for reason it is the happy food that cheers you up and helps you go through the tough times.

 For the love of dark chocolate:

The sight of dark chocolate is so calming and the charm to open the crisp wrap[per and eat the bar till the last piece is so satisfying that it is truly your happy space.  Moreover dark chocolate has magnesium a mineral found in dark chocolate that helps to relax muscles and ease the uterine contractions and pain. Magnesium can inhibit the production of prostaglandins which stimulate contractions.

As per reports it is found that low  blood levels of magnesium are associated to painful periods. Dark chocolate has higher magnesium than milk. Thus one can relax and indulge in chocolate. Therefore make it a point that you consume good quality dark chocolate and stay relaxed during the periods.

Good quality dark chocolates is rare to be found:

Now that I was aware that all I needed was a bar of dark chocolate the next problem came of finding a good brand that has yummy and good quality chocolate that promises about its quality and fits my budget. It should have bean to compound promise and free from artificial synthetic flavours which appear to be chocolate but are not so.

After doing immense research I cam across the most genuine artisan chocolate which is Bee Tee’s Melt. The product has raw materials which are mentioned on the ingredients. The brand promises that “we eat what you eat” and this is the best promise that any brand can make. It is free from cocoa powder, cocoa solids, artificial sweetener, it is gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free and preservative free thus what better than this pure dark chocolate. After having it for a month I was free from PMS to a great extent rather now those days of the month are easier and I have my happy space.  


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