3E’s of Effective Parenting

We are again back with our super A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z series. We have already completed the four alphabets in our series. This blog is all about 3E’s which makes you an effective parent that every parent should learn. So let us discuss.


The first E tells you about embracing your kid. Embrace your child for who they are. You have to tell them how unique they are. Your bossy attitude may hurt them sometimes. Allow your child to make their decisions and embrace their individuality. Tell them they have their own individuality. This helps them to be confident and motivated. And, it will help you to create an extraordinary bond with your kid.

Because if you believe in them, then they will put their faith in themselves. Pinpointing to their insecurities will make them underconfident.


Empower your kid means giving your children choices, listen to them, respect their decisions and encourage your child to follow their interests. If you are teaching something to your child then guide them in a manner that encourages their abilities and potential for positive growth. Sometimes they want us to empower them with our words. It will make your bond stronger with your child. Empower your kids with positive thoughts and vibes.

Give them the comfort of our words and positive actions towards them will motivate them to be their best versions of themselves.


Kids are responsible to find what motivates them. In order to encourage them, celebrate their accomplishments, praise them for their efforts but be careful.  If you will encourage them then, they will express their opinion with you, talk about their feelings and choices. Acknowledge them in different ways sometimes by your actions or words. Remember to support your child for the good actions but teach them for their wrong behaviors.

Never forget these 3E’s in your parenting journey. Embracing, empowering, and encouraging your child will give them hope that they can move mountains and do the best because you trust them.

Make sure to leave your comments if you like this blog and I will be coming up with the next alphabet which will guide you to be an effective parent.

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3E’s of Effective Parenting | A to Z Challenge By #BlogChatterA2Z
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3E’s of Effective Parenting | A to Z Challenge By #BlogChatterA2Z
3E’s which makes you an effective parent that every parent should learn. Without wasting time, Let's discuss 3E's of effective parenting.
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  1. I like your series on ‘Effective parenting’. We should indeed empower our children by accepting and encouraging their beliefs.

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