Things You Should Not Forget on Visiting Singapore Tour

Singapore Tour

Day One of Exciting Singapore Tour.

19.00 Hrs. The Singapore Tour journey began, from home to the airport, we were extremely excited for our tour abroad. We reached the airport around 8.30pm. We started shopping and my little girl Angel found herself a play-area in the duty-free zone and she absolutely loved it. As we reached the hotel, it was better than we expected.

If You’re an Animal Lover You Should Not Forget to Visit These Places 

Fish Aquarium in the Singapore Tour

Huge Seal at Fish Aquarium

We started our day with an amazing River Safari in the afternoon.The river safari is one of the best experiences that we had on the first day. If you are an animal lover, especially an aquatic animal lover, then this is the place for you. There is a huge aquarium to explore the whole environment containing reptiles, turtles and lots of fishes.

Lazy Panda in the Singapore Tour

Lazy Panda chilling in the Amazon Tropics

The most exciting part of river safari was the ‘Amazon safari quest’.  There were beautiful flamingos in large flocks. Also, Tiger’s and Pandas were having a good time in the tropic environment. There was a special garden for spider monkeys. Those little creatures are so adorable to watch. It was an amazing experience in all.

This Rules and Safety You Should Not Ignore

Road Safety In The Singapore Tour

Road Safety In The Singapore Tour

In Singapore, the government and the people take their rules seriously. There’s a fine for not wearing a seat belt. You cannot just litter any area in Singapore. You are fined 500 Singapore Dollars for the first time you are caught littering the place in any form. If you are caught littering the second time, the fine is doubled,  I.e 500+500 Singapore Dollar’s, also you get a stamp on your passport (which is as bad as it sounds).
If you have a kid, it’s a must to carry a stroller with you. You can either rent it from the parks or carry your own from India if it’s convenient for you. It is a great deal for lazy kids.
Always carry a first-aid kit with you, yes, it’s a must because the roads in Singapore are so clean, that you can hurt your knee if you fall.

Things You Should Not Forget to Carry!


Angel With Panda

It’s always beneficial to carry a water bottle and food with you. You cannot just walk into a KFC or McDonald’s as they use a lot of oil while preparing their products. It may make you sick, you won’t like to get sick on a vacation right?
The climate in Singapore is hot and humid, don’t worry about feeling cold here, carry light,  unlayered and comfortable clothes for ease of travel.

Night Time In Singapore Tour

The night was an interesting time as we went for the Ian Station for the Night Jungle Safari. The wild animals are in their natural state and looked amazing in their natural habitat. I was excited to go for a walking trail, but I was too tired to walk, so I had to enjoy it through the tram. There are 220 species of animals but it’s only possible to see 33 species of them through the tram. This was an exciting ride and was one of the best parts of our day.
We then came back to the hotel exhausted, yet ready for tomorrow’s adventure

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