What to do with old Sarees – 10 Creative Hacks


Draping your mother’s saree for your school’s annual function, rolling your paintings and projects inside a worn out saree, wrapping an old silk saree over your pillow; there is no girl who doesn’t have a memory attached to her mother’s sarees. A saree, after all is not just a piece of apparel or garment but a symbol of ethnicity, traditional glamour and Indian tradition. If your mom’s wardrobe too, is filled with her old sarees with no idea what to do with them, here are ten amazing creative hacks to recycle and reuse these old sarees. Read on.

  1. Create Classy Cushion Covers

Old sarees with ethnic style borders or shimmering golden thread embroidery can make up for terrific cushion covers and pillowcases. Simply cut out a strip from the saree according to the size of the cushion. Fold and stitch it to form a wide slit as an opening to insert the cushion. Plug it with hooks or a zipper of your choice.

  1. Make a Sling Pocket Bag

Also known as jhola bag, a sling pocket bag is quite a buzz among college girls and even among the ladies at kitty parties. To do this, scissor out two layers of your saree. While a single layer is okay, if you wish to create a sturdy bag, you can add double layer of saree cloth. Then, stitch the side to form the cup of the bag. Top it off with button hooks, or if you can work with a sewing machine, you can also add zipper and side pockets.

  1. Stitch an Anarkali Kurti

If your wardrobe houses an old chanderi saree and you have a knack of kurtis, this is the idea for you. Take out your saree and get a one-of-a-kind kurti stitched by the tailor that will make you look even more gorgeous.

  1. Go from Traditional to Trendy

Wondering how to glam up your college fashion collection without drying up the entire pocket? Your mom might help you, no seriously. If your mother has got an old saree, there are plenty of ways you can create some trendy outfits out of them. Let’s say, if you love trousers, you can create a cool pair of trousers. If you like to loose fitting overcoats, you can create a summer style poncho. From pants to crop tops to shorts and shirts, the limit is only your imagination.


  1. Decorate Your Walls


Yes! Your old sarees can be used in home décor too. Cut out strips of saree to form a wall hanging. Or you can decorate the edges of your photo frames with these strips. If you’ve got a cotton saree, why not create a wallpaper out of it. And the simplest of all, take some empty wooden or metal frames and hang in folded saree pieces as it is, for a bohemian style wall décor!


  1. Doll up in a Saree-Dupatta

Each time it’s not a cost-effective option to purchase a brand new outfit for a wedding or a family function; as these outfits cannot be worn on regular basis. Your old sarees come to rescue here. Take out an old saree, flip it over a salwar-suit, a plain kurti or a pair of palazzos, as a replacement for the dupatta. Especially if you’ve some old chanderi sarees or kanjeevaram sarees in your trunk, this idea can reflect magic in your outfit. Just try it and see!

  1. How about a Lehenga-Choli?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a hand-stitched wedding outfit. If you have a wedding invitation approaching and you haven’t selected that perfect lehenga, you might as well consider one of your old chanderi silk sarees to get one stitched. In fact, this way offers you the necessary freedom to choose the design and style of the lehenga choli.

  1. Cut out some Saree Scarves

While a cotton saree’s scarf will work for summers, a silk saree’s scarf will look cool with winter cardigans. Since saree comprise of a long piece of fabric, you can create multiple scarves out of one saree. Stitch for yourself or gift it to your girlfriends.

  1. Create Some Curtains & Draperies

In India, this is a common trend these days. Whether it’s an old net saree, a cotton cellulose saree or a chanderi saree, you can create some eye-catching draperies and curtains from them. In fact, some designers even design entire upholstery themes totally from recycled saree material!

  1. Sleep in Silky Soft Quilts

Just like cushions, if your quilts too demand a fabulous fabric cover, your old sarees are there to pave the way. Moreover, if you keep these quilts in bags, the bag covers can also be stitched using your old  chanderi saree.

So, how are you going to get creative with your collection of old sarees? Share your ideas with us.




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