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#BlogchatterA2Z 2018 was a perfect month for churning brain via blogging . This was my first year of participation ,and I learnt a lot of things which was otherwise impossible . This is my reflection post after successful completion of my blogchatter A2Z blogging challenge. Let me tell you the whole journey from the day I registered, I knew few things already as previously my Friends have participated but still you can’t understand the depth of well until you dive in. This year I thought of diving into the challenge without giving a thought ,as I believe success comes from the day when you give a start. The day I registered, I didn’t get any mail and I thought I already done everything from my side, until I saw a tweet coming from blogchatter handle about the theme reveal post . I was surprised, as I haven’t received any mail regarding the same, so tweeted back to get answer and found that I had not done registeration properly. This made me to register again. Another day I got to know about the twitter group of blogchatter where group of blogger are kept together so that they engage and discuss on all spheres of topics related to #blogchatterA2Z . I met many new and some old blogger friends who always gave inspiration and motivation to write and submit the link exactly at 12 pm ,which I did only up to Few letter,but then I failed miserably and started getting late day by day . Luckily I completed Z on time and did all secret activities given by blogchatter, which were really easy and good to cheer up all bloggers .
As you all know that my theme was #Travelwithkids , initially it was easy to find the keyword related to alphabets but as soon as I reached Q ,all problem started as we had to search for a good topic to right. MY x,y, z were most difficult but I did it some how and my best blog came out to be Z post .
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So let me tell you my achievement
1) good daily traffic
2) improved moz rank
3) habitual to writing
4) loved what others wrote .
5) got good commment and exchange or comment.

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