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Feed Your Kids with Proper Nutritional Requirement for their Steady Growth

We always wonder why mothers are constantly concerned about their child’s relationship with food, aren’t we? Why do they keep asking the same question about having food, every day? Well, to be honest, when I was young, I had similar thoughts. But, now that I have become a full-time working mommy, I understand the importance of nutrition for a child’s development.  Nowadays I look for nutritional drinks for my kid .

Nutritional drinkRecently, I had been invited to Grow Right meetup where I got a chance to exchange parenting experiences with the well-known, Bollywood actress, Lara Dutta, fellow influencers and pediatricians as well. We had a well-informed discussion about the significance of nutrition for children, physical activities, and the relationship of the child with their parents.

Grow rightThe gorgeous star mom, Lara Dutta bestowed her personal experiences on the journey of ‘being a mommy’. One of the famous Hosts and the emcee of the Grow Right discussion panel, Sachin Kumbar shared the challenges of parenthood and explained the difficulties that every mum has to go through while raising a child. Then, Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, a renowned Child Specialist, elaborated the nutritional concerns a mother has for the proper growth of her child. A Nutritional expert, Dr. Dharini Krishnan, and Pediatrician, Dr. Samir Dalwai highlighted the importance of playing outdoors and how to deal with their behavioral problems for their overall development.


Nutritional drinkFrom what I have learnt throughout my journey of being a mommy and also the guidance of the specialists from the meetup, I have decoded some of the formulas that have helped me to match the nutritional requirement to fuel up the toddler’s growth and development. Just like adults, kids need the combination of balanced carbohydrates, fats, protein along with vitamins and minerals in their food. Nutritional drinks can make up for this loss in daily food.

So, check out these tips that might help you to give them wholesome nutritious food and learn the relationship of nutrition with the physical as well as mental development of your child.

a) Avoid eating out as often as possible

Food markets are filled with ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat packets that are combined with unhealthy fats and nutrition. Try to make home-cooked meals for your kids packed with green vegetables. Experiment with different flavors or toppings that might develop their taste and support their physical system for growth.

Recently, I discovered one of the best nutritional drinks in the market, Pediasure. Earlier, as I have told you that it has been recommended by the Pediatrician. The nutrition in this bottle has helped my daughter to gain healthy weight and enhanced her immune system. I would recommend Pediasure healthy and nutritional drink  to all the mothers out there.

b) Select meals by reading out the labels

With the growing trend of online food delivery, children are more interested to eat burgers and pizzas. I understand that sometimes outings can get a little tricky with food restriction. So, if you are planning a vacation or day out with your family, then look for the healthy options like idli-sambhar, egg sandwich or maybe a banana smoothie. It will not only make their tummy full for longer hours but provide them with complete nutrition.

c) Stick to proper meal times and create a feeding schedule

Healthy meals at structured timings improve your kid’s body and mind growth. Each mealtime should have a difference of at least 4 hours. It will have a great impact on physical and emotional development.

d) Encourage them to start a physical activity

Physical activity is a very crucial part our growing right. Rather than forcing my daughter to play by herself, I free up some time in my schedule to play with her every day. It is important for a kid to get at least 3 hours of play everyday.

e) Dealing with the child’s tantrums

This might be one of the toughest topics when it comes to guiding for parenthood. It can be a little tricky for sure. There is a very thin line between making them understand what’s wrong and right or howling at them for their mistakes. So, always try to have a calm discussion with them. Also, try to include them in small household activities like setting up the table, bringing their own plate and cleaning the mess after.

Parenting is a roller coaster journey. You can never become an expert on the topic of parenthood just by reading articles and books. You will get better when you experience it. Also, don’t be afraid to take guidance and advice from the Paediatrician.

Overall, the Grow Right event was an insightful one!

5 DIY Refreshing Drinks To Make Your Summer A Cool One.

Let’s go back to drinking traditional Indian refreshments this year, rather than going for those high-calorie and nutritionally empty sodas. Here’s a list of DIY super-healthy, low calorie drinks that were popular till even a few decades ago in our homes.
Here’s to revisiting the home made refreshing drinks apart from the very popular ‘Shikran’ and ‘Chaach’.

Bael Sherbat

Bael Sharbat
naturally sweet refresher a Beal Sharbat.

Bael (wood apple) is effective in curing diarrhoea, quarantine cholesterol and reduce respiratory issues. Thia naturally sweet refresher is extremely delicious too.

Preparation :
Take one medium sized rope bael and break it open.
Scoop out the pulp into a bowl.
Add water and remove all the seeds.
Mix well.
Add jaggery powder and stir.
Add salt to taste, if you don’t want it too sweet.
Mix well, sieve and serve chilled.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna
Unique Sweet And Sour Drink

Aam Panna ia a unique sweet and sour drink made from unripe mangoes, salt, sugar, cumin seed powder, chillies, coriander leaves and mint. All these ingredients help you to be safe from sun stroke, as they maintain body temperature.
It prevents the loss of sodium chloride (salt), and iron, and is known to keep diseases like tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera and other stomach infections away.

Preparation :
Boil or steam raw mangoes (kacchi keri).
Once done, remove the pulp and keep in a bowl.
Add the spices, powdered jaggery or sugar, and cardamom powder as per taste.
Add a pinch of salt and black pepper.
Finish with cold water.


Kanji Drink
helps put the balance of good and bad bacteria back in order

Kanji is one of the best kept ‘good gut’ secrets of the world. This Refreshing Drinks helps put the balance of good and bad bacteria back in order, letting the helping-bugs increase in our intestines. They help us in better digestion of food, and absorbing micronutrients like vitamin B and K, also assist our digestive enzymes in being more effective.
The pollution, stress and unhealthy food habits kill these Helping-bugs.
Fermented Kanji can be called the Indian probiotic drink.

Preparation :
Cut 4 big dark red or purple carrots(500gm) into 3-inch pieces and put them in a ceramic jar or a matka.
Add 3 litree of water, 1/2 tsp red chilli powder,
1 tbsp black salt and 4 tbsp of powdered black rai (mustard seeds).
Ferment for a couple of days, strain the liquid and store it in a refrigerator.
Have it chilled.

Falsa Sherbet

Falsa Sherbat
full of potassium and vitamin C

Falsa is an ingenious  fruitr refreshing drinks that is full of potassium and vitamin C and is loaded with antioxidants. Blood purification is boosted and and gives you a detoxed body and glowing skin.

Preparation :
Take 2-3 cups of falsa and soak on water for a few hours.
Later, mash into a fine paste.
Heat sugar and water in a pan, to make the sugar syrup.
Add it along with the desired amount of black salt to the falsa paste and top it up with cold water.
Best tasted with mint leaves garnishing.

Kokum Sherbet

Refreshing Drinks - Kokum Sherbet
One of the favourite Maharashtrian sweer drinks

Kokum Sherbet is one of the favourite Maharashtrian sweer drinks. It’s made with Garnicia indica or kokum squash. It helps in digestion, cools off the body and helps control body temperature, and is known to build appetite too.

Preparation :
Take two fresh kokum fruits, cut them in half, remove the seeds and grind into a fine paste.
Make and add the sugar syrup to kokum paste along with cummin and cardamom powder.
Put 2-3 tbsp of this paste into a glass, add cold water and serve with ice cubes.

Photo Credit – Beal Sharbat ,  Aam PannaKanjiFalsa Sherbet,  Kokum Sherbet, Cover Photo.