A couple got divorced and husband removed her from house and remarried. Only thing wife asked from judge to give three days in the same house in which she had lived from long time.

On the first day she cleaned the house and made everything on place so that her husband don’t have to worry and ask about the things.
Second day she made a lot of food stuff for him for a month and filled the fridge
Third day she seeded the honey bees comb in all outside windows.
And then she left the home.
Next day her husband enters the home with new wife and start living.
Slowly the honey comb started growing fast. Honey bees started spreading like air. It was getting difficult for the couple to stay in same house and people stopped coming to their house. They left the home and kept for sale. The first wife bought it again in half rate thru an agent.

PS: Inspired by a video which I saw but the whole article has been written to suit the image of #FridayFotoFiction

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri

       Peace in Mother’s arm  

Fair man, sitting under the tree, with a black hat and long jacket, playing a soft music on his violin. A passersby journo looked at him sharply and found as Mr George, the richest man of the city,  sitting quietly with out any security…

Man sitting under the tree

He calmly asked “sir, if I’m not wrong, are you the owner of X brand”.
He replied softly by nodding his head.

Journo asked him again, may I know why are you sitting here?

Mr George replied ” Holding a seat near this tree so that when I die I get a shade of this tree, which is grown on my mom’s cemetery. She was the one who took me in her arms for the first time and I want her to hold me again for the last time when I die”.

Journo had no words to speak after that. He walks away with deep thoughts.

Word count 150

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri

Always wanted to be a discoverer, 17-year-old boy left the home…. Sailing thru the equator line of earth, he had no knowledge of earth shape or its mapology. What he had was only a passion to discover something. He sailed for uncountable miles…starving for days.. Until he gets something to eat . He reached a sceduled spot in deep-sea… Found an island mountain with a green lawn flourishing like an Amazon … So went to check back side of mountain and discovered a Palace where only snakes lived… He kept his small boat and reached to top to find out for human presence … He could only found snakes entangled in each other. Snake Palace floor was made from human skeleton…
Next moment… He was in sky talking to many souls …we all were passionate like you… But world never came to know about us as discoverer of this Palace.
Word count 149
This article is written for #FridayFotoFiction This is my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri

On a bright morning, all heads turned around in the reception party, where white and pink rose bouquets hung around on tall flower stands to come across exotic in itself.

With trumpet sound brought in radiance and whoops of joy. Laced with diamonds and gold necklaces, she got down from the elephant.

She reaches to a man with white garland and some pious things.

The girl holds onto the saintly things as the priest reads out the holy mantras. The girl then walks to the back room and comes out in white but not she wore earlier. This one’s a handmade white colored dress made by her senior. Without jewelry, She went bald by this time and her head was covered with her pallu.

She appeared as an angel ever more beautiful. She had now chosen the path to heaven and Moksha by taking Deeksha, a step closer to reach God.

This is my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri