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3F’s of Effective Parenting

We are here again with the A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z. You might have gone through the previous article that we have covered on effective parenting. So, now it is the time to reveal about the alphabet F that will help you to be an effective parent. I know you all are super excited to know about the 3F’s, so you don’t have to wait much to learn about the 3F’s of effective parenting.


Let’s discuss the important parenting F’s that makes you a good parent.


It is about being firm with your decision for your child. We all want the best for our kids. Isn’t it? What about accurate parenting? Firm parenting creates an essence of balance. Parenting helps your child to learn about containment and limits. Parents have to make a reasonable and predictable way to understand how far the limits can be stretched and when the limits are strictly enforced.


Another essential key for effective parenting is to be “Fair”. Teach your children about the concept of “Fairness”. Helping them understand being fair is an important part of growing up and practising empathy. How to treat people equally? Make them learn about being fair and unfair. This will help your kid to understand the concept of fairness, equality, and intense emotions. Make them learn about being fair with everyone, teach them about being honest, and not to discriminate.


Being friends with your kids will not only help them to trust you but you will be the first person they will reach out to whenever they are feeling happy or sad. Also, teach your kids to be good friends with people around them. Being too strict and bossy around your children will not help them to open up.

Never try too hard to be their friends give them their own space. Let them take their own decision. Obviously, you need to be there by their side. But let them breathe and let them grow their wings so that they can fly high.

These three F’s of effective parenting will help you be a good parent. Stay tuned for the next Alphabet with me in the A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z.

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3D’s of Effective Parenting

I am here to share the 3D’s of effective parenting. I hope you have gone through my previous blogs. There are many parents who are confused about being a good parent but you don’t have to worry about it. I have mastered the technique of effective parenting with my kids.  In this  A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, I will be starting with the letter D. I hope this A to Z parenting challenge helps you to understand what are the do’s and dont’s of being an effective parent.

We are here with a short guide of the A to Z challenge on effective parenting. So here are 3D’s of effective parenting which you must teach your kids so that they can become great human being.


Do you know learning self-discipline has more power to face challenges as compared to those who are not being taught about being self-disciplined? Teaching your kids the difference between what is good and what is bad, makes them understand how it affects life. Discipline helps your kid to be confident and always keeps them motivated.


Determination is important in everyone’s life and what matters is to make your child understand learn about it, determination towards the goal. How can they work on it? You just have to appreciate their effort, remind them what they want to achieve. Allow them to make their choices and decisions but don’t forget to correct them when they are wrong. You can even add self-determination activities to their curriculum.


A child’s learning plays an important part and a devoted parent can bring a lot out of them. Don’t you think? Educate your child that where they should dedicate their efforts. How they are utilizing their efforts and where they should not? Trust me this is the right age and time to make them learn what is good for them and what is bad? There is a thin line of difference that has changed the future and to be an effective parent you should make them learn about it.

So here are the 3D’s which you must teach your kids to be an effective parent. Stay tuned for the next Alphabet with me in the A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z.