All my readers, who have been a part of my extended family, know my journey so well. Sometimes, while I am writing my blogs, I feel no less than having a conversation with my people. And you are aware of how I have been working on my blog – as an influencer, a mom, travel, and lifestyle blogger – I also take care of my family. Rather, run my family.

My routine life is no less than a surprise sometimes. Each day is so different than the other- especially when it comes to food. Breakfast and dinner are rather easy to manage. But when it comes to the evening snack time, which happens to be Angel’s and Aarti’s favorite time of the day, each day is a surprise! Well, not just for my children, I am sure a lot of moms would relate with me on this. Snack time is no less than fun-filled banter with the kids. Everyday questions such as “What’s in for snacktime today? Mumma, what’s new? Something tasty? Something fun?” bring along numerous yes-no conversations. Am I right? Or Am I right!

Kids will always want something that is yummy, exciting, and fun, which translates to junk food in their minds. As a mother, like most of you, I am not comfortable giving them junk food every day. But I certainly do not want this banter daily around snack time – it is anyway hectic to decide what snacks to make. But, but – I am not here to share with you my sad story rather give you a solution to this banter that I found. 

Healthy noodles?

You read that right! Saffola Oodles, as quirky as the name, is instant noodles, but with a twist. It is a #NoMaida noodles. It is made with whole grain oats. Just like any mother, I was skeptical to try this as there are numerous products in the market available which claim to be “no maida” but we all know the reality behind them, right? So, I checked the ingredients- and as it turns out it has 0% Maida, these are Oats Noodle. And it has a very yummy masala taste, which is loved by my kids! You can vouch for my words that your kids would absolutely enjoy their snacktime now! It comes in a unique ring-like shape, which not just grabs the kids’ attention, but the shape also makes it easy to eat with a spoon or a fork and is easy to chew.

And the best part? It just takes 5 minutes to prepare! Isn’t that great? Also, you can customize your Saffola Oodles, there are some amazing recipes you can try out with it. My favorite way is to add finely chopped veggies in the noodles so that the kids also take their veggies intake. I love it when I make my own recipe of healthy noodles in a soupy consistency, the masala, the taste, and the slurp! To be honest, it is so yum, I would have never been able to guess that it is a healthy snack, but I think I am pleasantly surprised ���



  1. This looks delicious I love trying new varients in the market which are healthy versions of noodles ! Shall give it a try

  2. wow..that sounds like a wonderful snack option. Kids need variety and snack time , they need something different. I will check if I can find Saffola Oodles in Indian stores here.

  3. No doubt saffola oodles are way healthier option than routine noodles. will surly buy this as my girls’s favouite. thanks for sharing this healthy alternative option with us.

  4. I will try out. Is it non fried noodles? I have also start having clean eating but evening snack is problem if it not fried i will try it too.

  5. Wow I will certainly try these Saffola noodles as I can have this yummy snack guilt free. Even my son loves to eat often so I can give them without fearing for his health.

  6. Wow healthy noodles. That’s something i should look into for snack time for the kids. Hopefully offline school will lead to less snacking unnecessarily.

  7. jhilmil bhansali Reply

    Noodles are the go-to food for teenagers as well as grown-up like us. Good to see a healthier version of it coming up so we don’t need to hold back the desire to try our fav. food without worrying of #maida

  8. Kavita Singh Reply

    My sister picked this one up in her last month’s visit to the grocery store. I absolutely love the taste and so does my six year old 🙂

  9. Oh, Oats noodles is new to me. I never knew about this. This is awesome, healthy, tasty and quick. I will have to check this out next time I am in the stores.

  10. My family loves Saffola masala oats, it’s a must evening snack once a week. Now, Saffola has come up with these oats noodles which I am sure are yummy too. I am ordering these noodles now.

  11. The main concern for noodles is the make of Maida, with #NoMaida Saffola Oodles are coming right. Plus I like the shaper of it, it will be easier for little ones to have it, shall check my nearby store for the same.

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