Fearless Girl statue gets a place of honor at Kanakia Wall Street unveiled by Mary Kom

“Some women are lost in the fire and some women are built from it”, quoted by the famous singer, K Michelle. In this era, every woman around us is fearless in one way or the other. They are achieving whatever they want to. Being a part of a developing country, women have to face a lot of issues prevailing in our society. Women are continuously striving hard for without letting anything come in their way. They are fighting with the social norms and becoming the shining armor in the dark night. The strong women can fearlessly keep going on without worrying about the mentality of society and failure. From managing the basic household chores to buying luxury homes at the hills, women are doing everything on their own. But sometimes they forgot the power, fire or desire between them. So, in order to encourage women and their superpowers, Kanakia group installed a statue of a famous replica of ‘Fearless Girl’ at Wall Street.

Kanakia groupKanakia Group : Leading developers in India

Kanakia group is one of the most leading developers in India. It was established in the year 1986. In the last few decades, they have delivered around 14 million sq. ft spaces in the department of education, entertainment, residential, commercial and industrial as well. They believe in empowering the women in society. They dedicated the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue to the fearless women of the society, who are managing everything perfectly. The statue consists of a fearless girl standing against the charging bull. The fearless girl is solely dedicated to the women and the charging bull is dedicated to the powerful upcoming entrepreneurs that helps to build the economy of the nation. The woman is standing still and not afraid by the heavy storms in her life. Every woman knows how to win their battle and become a superhero for their family and for themselves. The statue of Charging Bull which is installed near the statue of Fearless Girl, holds a great importance. The statue symbolised for the prosperity as well as optimisim in the field of finance. The high rise of the stock market will surely give the boost to the country’s economic welfare. New businesses are growing in India at an exponential rate and the statue helps to depict the power of the emerging businesses.

Meeting Mary kom  – the fearless women

I am so lucky to say that I was the part of the event where the International boxing star, Mary Kom unveils the replica of New York’s Wall Street statue, Fearless Girl at the Kanakia Wall Street, in Mumbai. Mary Kom represents the image of a strong Indian woman. We, all have been really familiar with the life of Mary Kom. The difficult situation and the hardships, that she had to bear in order to become the world boxing champion. The statue of Fearless Girl represents the goals of an ambitious woman without fearing from any challenges in her way. It was a pleasure to meet such a strong woman, who is continuously making us proud by representing our country, internationally. I was really mesmerized by the bronze statue of a ponytailed girl, small yet fierce with her hands on hips, who was standing beside the powerful Bull’s statue. The strong and powerfull Bull’s statue was placed near the Fearless Girl’s statue. The Charging Bull’s statue strongly represent the optimisim in the stock market and power of the finances. The statue was installed in the Kanakia spaces, one of the prominent real estate projects in Mumbai.

Unveiling the Icons

During the event, I witnessed that Mary Kom was really delighted as she was the part of such a tremendous event organized by Kanakia group. She felt immense joy at the event because of a great connection with the symbol of the Fearless Girl statue. During the event, Mary Kom shared a heartfelt message to the people. “Everyone faces challenges in life, overcoming them and your fear is what makes a person truly successful. Looking at the Fearless Girl statue reminds me of all the hardships I have withstood to stand where I am today.” Just like the Mary Kom, the statue of the Fearless Girl is truly an inspiration of the women who are striving to be best in their own department. The Managing Director of the Kanakia Group expressed his opinion about the statue, “We want to create symbols that capture the essence of our rapidly changing society. Fearless Girl replica is a salute to all the strong and brave women who have fought tirelessly in face of numerous difficulties. The Charging Bull reflects the tenacity and zealousness of the new age entrepreneurs and business landscape.”

Women Empowerment by kanakia spaces

At last, my overall experience at the event was one of the best exposure I ever had. I am really thankful to the Kanakia group for inviting me at such an honorable event. I got an exceptional chance to meet the champion, Mary Kom. I am really overwhelmed by the excellent initiative of addressing women empowerment. It helps to empower women and uplifts society in various ways. They have equally suported the budding entrepreneurs and their businesses by installing the statue of Charging Bull that will give a sense of motivation to all the businessesmen. I am so ecstatic to say that Kanakia group has taken the charge for such initiative.

Thanks to Kanakia group for keeping up the girl power! More power to the women of the society.

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  1. I have gone through the blogs of my friend Snehalatha Jain, a different mother indeed who is keen in giving exposure to her daughter, keep up the good work

  2. Witnessed this event and was overwhelmed by the way this fearless lady has message for everyone. You have covered the article very well Snehalata.

  3. Such a remarkable event. And the perfect person to unveil the statues. Kudos to Mary Kom on all her acheivements and inspiring Throughout the Nation to acheive their dreams

  4. Very well covered. Mary Kom is an inspiration for all of us and her contribution is valued a lot. Wonderful thought by Kanakia group

  5. Ritu Kalra Reply

    Mary Kom is my son’s favourite sports star…though he is more into Karate but he wants to be successful in the sport just like her..

  6. What a beautiful quote “Some women are lost in the fire and some women are built from it”0.
    I too believe women are strong enough to face any situation

  7. It seems a great event. I am a big fan of Mary Kom and luckily I got a chance to met her 2 years back, must say she is very humble and down to earth girl.

  8. Mary cum is my all time inspiration.. I wish if i could attain this wonderful event.. Her words are really inspiring and motivating ..

  9. Wow, this sounds such a great event. I’m so happy with their virtues of fearless girl and women empowerment. It was a once in lifetime opportunity to meet Mary Kom.

  10. Seems to be an excellent event. Mary Kom is the perfect person to unveil the statues. I feel you are lucky to meet strong and fearless women like her. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  11. Sarah Shaikh Reply

    Wow! What an initiative by Kanakia group to acknowledge Women empowerment.Loved the statues as well as your pics dear.You are lucky to have met the Legend Mary Kom.

  12. Wow what a lovely event. It’s definitely empowering for women. Plus it’s such a wonderful opportunity to see Mary Kom. She is an icon for our country.

  13. Such a well crafted article. I have a special affinity for this lady because the sport hits closer home. My father was a national level Boxing champ and together we have seen this woman grow. She is just awesome!

  14. Ruchi Verma Reply

    I read this on today’s leading newspaper too and felt great that Mary Kom was right choice to unveil this icon…You are lucky to witness this

  15. lucky you to meet Mary Kom, she is an inspiration and a fearless woman.. seems to be a fun filled event

  16. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    We all have faced challenges which stood in front of us like a bull… This is a really good initiative and Mary Kom is a perfect representative for the same!

  17. What a wonderful event and how symbolic for Kanakia group to have chosen this particular status and then had a true icon for us women, Mary Kom to unveil it! powerful message!

  18. That’s remarkable iconic revelation by Kanakia group to support women empowerment. Fearless girl statue inauguration by iconic Mary Kom gives us powerful message.

  19. Mary Kom is really a inspiration to all females.
    Looks like a wonderful event. Kanakia group has taken a great initiative.

  20. Amrita Basu (Misra) Reply

    Meeting Mary Kom is a dream. One inspiration we can never have enough of. The event is outstanding

  21. Mary Kom was the best choice to unveil the statue. She is a true embodiment of women empowerment. Lucky u to met her in person.

  22. Such a great event, lifetime memorable movement to meet pride of India Mary Kom

  23. When you meet a person like Mary Kom, all you come back with is an Inspiration. Kanakia is a known name in Mumbai and good to read this post.

  24. How nice is this! And Mary Kom is the perfect person to do this – she is the face of being a fierce lady. It must have been great to meet her.

  25. It is indeed a special moment for everyone but people like me weren’t aware of this! You have written in such a manner that we lived the moment!

  26. Meeting the fearless lady in person is like a dream come true. You have covered this event very well. Kudos to Kanakia group for this remarkable step of installing the replica of the fearless girl at Wall Street. I wish I was also there to witness this.

  27. Kavita Singh Reply

    It would have been so thrilling to see Mary Kom, she is such an inspiration to many girls. Attending such events definitely give us the much-needed exposure.

  28. Jhilmil D Saha Reply

    Glad that idols like Mary Kom are being part of such events.

  29. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    This is a wonderful thing for such a large company to have done. Now that #metoo has taken over everyone’s consciousness, it is finally time for women to receive the respect they have always deserved.

  30. Such events present aN overwhelming moment where you can feel that women have come really far and they are empowering themselves. They will come forward piercing through any wall. You have covered the event very well.

  31. What a wonderful post this is, Mary Jo perfectly represents the fearless woman . Good to know about this group and their vision.

  32. That is something really great… Beautiful symbolism of the fearless girl and the bull! Mary Kom is always an inspiration! ❤

  33. Papri Ganguly Reply

    she is an inspiration for many of us. She is truly a fearless woman. You are lucky enough to meet her and attend such amazing event

  34. Wow that’s awesome…looks like you had a great time at the event…I wish to get this awesome chance to meet Mary com.

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