Yoga– how to inculcate this habit in your kids.

Yoga – since it’s International Yoga Day today I thought about writing my blog on the same, and how to inculcate this habit in your kids. And how yoga can help your kid connecting more with you. Though the journey and benefits of yoga have been known to everyone, but I won’t talk about that. I want to make sure that my kid understands the importance of yoga.

Yoga Day With Angel
Angel Copying Her Daddy. 

Since my family does yoga daily in the mornings, my kids at home have mimicked us doing same, we love this fun and healthy activity. Sometimes they do it incorrectly but it’s our duty to correct them, because slowly slowly they will be master it.  My girl Angel is about to be 5 years old and she has learnt most of the asanas while practicing yoga with me.

On This Yoga Day – What Attract Your Kids Towards Yoga

Her main attraction for doing yoga is colorful yoga mats, and secondly, I keep on telling her the benefits of yoga and how her tummy can reduce since she has a bigger tummy than her body size,

International Yoga Day
International Yoga Day 2017 With My Little Angel

she is trying hard so that she can work for a perfectly shaped tummy. I agree it’s too early to think on her figure, but she thinks about it sometime, and ask me, mummy, why my tummy is big. And I say because mom loves you so much that she over feeds you sometimes. (you could say, I’m pampering my child, but that’s mom love).

How Yoga Helps You To Reduce Your Tummy

sometimes she says if I eat only fruits and salad will I get a reduced tummy, I say yes beta it will happen… But every day we as a family make it a point to practice yoga, if not in morning then in mid-afternoon, so that we get some family time.

Little Kid Doing Yoga
My Little Angel Knows Why One Should Do Yoga

She loves chanting AUM (OM) while doing meditation, and because of yoga, she learnt Gayatri mantra too. Sometimes u can help them in doing difficult asanas, which help you to connect more with her and some laughing moments if she falls. This is how my yoga day takes place daily.


To know how to inculcate positive attitude in your child, don’t forget to check out this post.


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