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HugsnTugs the latest Kids fashion label offering fun, adorable, cute and trendy fashion made with love and care for boys and girls upto the age of 8 years. They have the most amazing quality of clothes available in today’s online market. With their up to date collection Hugs n Tugs are on the verge of being a big name in the Indian Kids clothing industry.

These days it is a struggle to find the latest trendy clothes for our kids, and finding them for the best prices is like a treasure hunt. Thankfully at HugsnTugs, we are provided with a wide range of options and every item is at a price that is comfortable to everyone.

There is something for everyone, boys and girls, right from a newborn to 8-year-old kids, and they all are as per the latest fashion. You can even customize the clothes for your kiddo, in a cute and fashionable manner.

Let’s have a look at their festive collection first because it’s festival time.
This is their Rakhi collection.

Rakhi Collection
Let me show you their favorite section among girls and boys collection.

Baby angel is wearing the one shoulder pink flared jumpsuit approximately comes in the mid-range. The piece is made of really good quality soft material. The floral print is appealing to eyes and the creamish material color below the print gives a good contrast.

The main attraction of this jumpsuit is the pink flared on one side giving one shoulder look. The bow belt gives a perfect differentiation between upper and lower body. The zip on the other side makes it easy to wear, even if your kid is on the healthier side.





The colour pink is favorite for every girl, and it has to be a part of her wardrobe, doesn’t it.
My angel wardrobe is 90% pink because she looks cute in that colour. This dress is so far the most stylish garment she has.
I am sure she can enter the world of modeling with the jumpsuit.





I always feel that comfortable casual and colourful clothes which are well fitted and less of complexity in the dress make it more playful and easy to wear.








I love how HugsnTugs add the new addition of jumpsuits and dress for kids every year.

The website of HugsnTugs offer accessories and personalized product at affordable prices & you can shop here at HugsnTugs which is comfortable and easy place. The user interface is awesome, we feel good scrolling through it while having a look for our kid’s attire.

If you’re looking for more kids collections and accessory for kids fashion more into their Instagram account @hugsntugs and their website.

Other products of HugsnTugs



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  1. Aww! This brand is simply amazing and loved the colors and designs. The lil one is adorable and looks so beautiful in the outfit 🙂

  2. Stylish, trendy and very good quality. Hugsntugs look like the best shopping destination during festive season.
    Baby angel is looking just amazing.

  3. Awww…the jumpsuit is super stylish and she looks like a Diva… I’m sure my girls will love the hugsntugs outfits, kids these days love selecting and deciding what to wear too 🙂

  4. Hugs and tugs has some really cool collection for kids.. they are great in terms of quality and print

  5. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Must say hugsntugs has an excellent collection of kid clothes. Will check out for my daughter too.

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