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In today’s world where technology and gadgets have taken over the path of our life, the question of safe and sound living lingers among every one of us. Home security has always been regarded as the core when it comes to the point of security. Individual safety and security is the most important aspect growing today because security is freedom from the threat or fear of danger. Threats to safety may come in many forms, ranging from the minute violence to accidental injury. This might reduce the quality of life of the victim or of its near ones.

Importance of Personal Security

Considering the present scenario Personal Security is an important factor in a person’s life everywhere in this world. This can be either in city, village or town. Personal Security reduces crime and violence. We all are aware that crime is rampant from the streets to our homes, shops, offices, hospitals etc. Such crime can be avoided by one having Personal security. But, the point here arises like how one can keep Personal Security today and also for their future.

Workshop on Home Safety Day by Godrej

So to answer this question and to solve common people problems of Security of their houses and other precious belongings, Godrej Locking solution and systems conducted an workshop on Home Safety Day on !5th November. In that workshop they consider many important points regarding safety and about the topic ‘how safe you are’.

What I Learnt From Home Safety Day Workshop

I got the opportunity to be the part of that workshop. At first, they showed three videos that unlock the mind of the robbers. The videos also shared different experiences of the robbers while robbing the houses and under what circumstances they rob someone’s house, why they rob and how they rob. The key members of the workshop where Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir-an honorary Psychiatric counsellor for Mumbai Police, Shyam Motwani-EVP and head of Business Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems. Sujit Patil- VP and head of corporate communications. Prakash N Borgaonkar-a real victim of being robbed and he was also a western region head of Helpage India and Vivek Agarwal- veteran Crime Journalist and Author.

Mr. Sujit Patil Talked About  Godrej Locks

The discussion of the workshop was started by Mr.Sujit Patil, in which he started off with very informal introduction of himself and of the other members. He then played those three videos. The videos had a great impact on the audience, they were surprised and were shocked, hearing the mentality of robbers. After that Mr. Vivek Agarwal shared some beautiful ideas of how one can keep their houses safe thinking from the point of robbers. Dr.Kaminidevi  thereafter spoke about the psychology of a robber and why they don’t hesitate to kill. Prakash  Borgaonkar shared some valid points regarding the safety of senior citizens.

Shyam Motwani on  Godrej Locks Innovations

Shyam Motwani then spoke about the Home Safety Day and about the history of Godrej Locks. He also shared about the innovations and about the new locks of Godrej in the market. He shared that, Godrej is a total locking solutions provider and offers locks at various security levels. The new era locks are a combination of the biometric and digital panel which helps secure the home for a longer and more safer way. He also pointed out the importance of buying the best locks.

The Main Points or can say the Highlighted points of the workshop included, the ways you can keep yourself safe:

  1. Keep the pets at home especially if you have bungalows or large offices. Pets specially the dogs, because Dogs are considered as the most faithful animal and they provides the best security.
  2. Appoint the desired watchman for the security who can give 100% to his job. One should keep on note that the watchman should not sleep on duty.
  3. Install CCTV cameras in your residential and office areas and to all the places, visited by common people.
  4. Stay alert and should buy good quality of locks for your own house safety. Do not compromise for cheaper options
  5. If your house have any strange marks, go and contact the nearest police station immediately and ask for help.
  6. Ask watchman to keep proper records of the people visiting daily.

The workshop was concluded with an appeal given by Dr. Kaminidevi to Mr. Shyam Motwani to continue the manufacturing of Godrej Locks and to make many more safety related products. Mr. Shyam and Mr. Sujit gave the assurance of conducted such informative sessions in near future.


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  2. This workshop by Godrej is an awesome initiative to spread awareness among the masses. Unlocking a robber’s mind and working towards home safety clearly shows how serious they are with their jobs of providing home safety solutions to their customers.

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  6. Good to know information! We often take home security so easily, it is really important we take some time to actually put home safety first

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    Safety always comes first. This is a great initiative by godrej

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    They are one of the most trusted brands and such a nice initiative has been taken up by them!

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