Ways to Connect with your Kids

One of the hardest things about being a parent is that our work is never done. While running our households, working to strengthen our relationships, raising our children, and performing many other responsibilities at home, at work, in church, and in the community, how are we expected to make time for meaningful one-on-one conversations with each of our children?

We understand how crucial it is to give every child the feeling of being cherished. should feel like an indispensable and indispensable part of the family. However, people with big families may find this difficult. The fact that my spouse and I have raised four children puts this issue front and centre in my thinking.

We know that no matter how many kids we have, we will always love them equally. However, in the middle of all the chaos that comes with raising a big family, we must make sure our kids know this. It will take effort and time to complete. Nonetheless, a lesser amount than you may think.

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In the following paragraphs, you’ll find 25 easy and doable ways to engage with your youngster at different times during the day. First, however, it’s important to remember that there are benefits for you as well as your child when you establish a true relationship with your child.

It’s not only bonding that may happen when people get together.

Parents must establish a deep connection with their children if they want to enjoy the long-term benefits of having a strong parent-child relationship, such as laying the framework for effectively managing unpleasant emotions during the teenage years.

But there are immediate benefits as well.

  • Social interaction has the potential to alter one’s behaviour for the better. You understood it perfectly, you did. Is there more whining, fighting, or bad behaviour than you’re used to seeing? There is a strong likelihood that your child only needs to socialize with other people to feel better.
  • Feelings of maternal guilt tend to fade as one spends time in the company of others. Guilt is a constant companion for mothers everywhere. It is challenging for us to reconcile our responsibilities with the time we want to spend with our kids.
  • Getting to know one another opens up channels of interaction. Communicating with a parent is facilitated when they are present and mindful of their parenting. A youngster will feel more comfortable coming to you to talk about tough topics.

Bonding moments don’t have to be planned; they may happen naturally throughout the day and still have a significant impact on a child’s sense of being loved and appreciated.

Simple Ways to connect with your Kid

  • Inquire of them to read to you while you do the dishes or other chores.
  • Unwind and enjoy some quiet time together reading a book. In any case, people may choose to listen to you read or read along with you.
  • Participate in a game together. Do not force them to choose; provide them with a choice.
  • Music, please. You should take turns discussing your favourite topics.
  • It’s time for us to dance together. Be bold and behave like a complete idiot.
  • Get out and take a walk, just the two of you.
  • Have some family fun by coloring or sketching together.
  • Asking them free-form questions is an effective way to stimulate conversation. To show your affection, (this is not a yes/no question), you may place little love notes for them to find.


As parents, we know it’s important to strengthen the bond between ourselves and our children, but there are times when we just don’t have the emotional or cerebral stamina to come up with creative solutions on the fly. If you are anything like me and prefer having a solid collection of ideas easily accessible for instant reference, then this post will come in quite beneficial for you.


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