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We speak about having baby-soft skin. What is a baby’s soft skin? It is sensitive, it is supple, and also is soft. As adults, our skin develops and builds up where the sensitivity is lost and it resists a level of hardness or roughness caused due to clothes we wear. However, baby skin is super sensitive. If we do not take care of it, the baby will have rashes and redness.

One of the most essential care we, as mothers have to take care of, is choosing the right diapers. Why diapers? Well, the diapers already absorb a lot and when it is attached to your baby’s skin – if the diaper quality isn’t apt – the skin might have severe effects.

When Aarit was born, I opted for products that best suited his skin. I was sure of spending a little more than expected if the product was correct. I have researched a lot in this category, therefore I recommend Mother Sparsh Plant-powered premium cloth diapers. I came across this because I wanted something that was as soft as cotton – the cloth that our parents used, but is protective as well. I was sure I would not be using cloth diapers. It irked me to find something that was up to the mark. I came across the Mother’s Sparsh Diapers. So, I started researching and understanding the brand.

There are unique things I came across about the product therefore I will also be sharing my personal experiences with the same in this blog. Starting from the basics – there were certain boxes I needed to tick to give the product a thumbs up. So, here are my pointers + where the Mother Sparsh diapers stand on them.

  • Safe:

Like any other Mother, the first priority on my list is my child’s safety – ALWAYS I know all mothers, especially the new mother would agree how painful it is to see your child irritated or crying due to allergies or harsh fabrics. And therefore, I definitely liked the Mother’s Sparsh diapers as the material used is soft and safe for the kids. These are made of the finest organic cotton material, making a sustainable yet a premium experience for the baby’s skin.

  • Cost

As a reviewer or researcher, the cost of the product has to come into the picture. The cost of the diapers is well-worth as per the features and quality of the diapers. The diapers are made of Organic cotton blend Material which in anyways is an expensive material however, with the diapers each penny spent is worth it.

  • Washing ease

When it comes to the word “reusable” the first thing that comes to mind is – is it machine washable? Or a hand wash thing? These are some general questions. However, when it comes to reusable diapers – the reusability gets questioned. Just like you, I too was concerned about it. So, the first thing about reusability is that it can be used 250+ times. You can machine wash it as well as hand wash it for daily use. Since the diapers are made of natural plant fabrics the absorption limit is enormous. There are two pointers you need to take care of:

  1. Do not bleach the diapers
  2. Do not iron them. 
  • Diaper Usage/duration

As mentioned above, the diaper can be used 250+ times. Making it a great value-for-money product. Additionally, these diapers offer your baby a premium quality nappy experience.

Speaking of the product’s usage, follow the steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

First, you need to lay the diaper open on a surface, in a manner you are supposed to wrap it on the baby.

Step 2:

Now you have to fold the cotton soaker pad on the diaper and snap it on the inner side.

Step 3:

All you need to do is lay the baby on top of the diaper

Step 4:

Now wrap the diaper along the waist of the baby and make adjustments according to the baby fittings and snap it to seal the deal.

Step 5:

Ensure that there is no gap between the thigh & the elastic – for that perfect fit.

Now that we know that the diapers are one of the best-in-class products, let us also keep an eye on the key features.

  • The diaper is made of 100% 9 layered medical grade cotton soakers – marking it an ultra-soft diaper and Prevents diaper rashes as well
  • Since the material is 100% natural cotton, there are no leakages and rashes that your child would go through
  • Waterproof outer shell! Yes, one of the unique features of the Mother Sparsh Premium diapers. Because of the waterproof outer shell, these diapers are also suitable for overnight use – and they will prevent leaks or any messes.
  • Adjustable snap buttons for the right fit

Quite a lot, right? This wasn’t even half my research on the Mother’s Sparsh Premium diapers. So, when I say these are one of the best products available in this category, trust me I would vouch for it!


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