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Addatimes  is the world’s first Bengali entertainment web portal providing original content to the viewers. Their content is unique in the fact that it is in a vernacular language connecting viewers of a particular community. They have developed the concept keeping in mind the digitally driven era, where everything is becoming online so is entertainment initiatives, our drive is to provide everyone whether Bengali or Non-Bengali their e-adda place, adda means a place to hang out with friends. Our content is romantic, funny, inspirational, with tips and DIY’s, also cooking shows.

Addatimes has been always been best entertaining website because they have all unique stories and never seen before kind of shows. And they touched the reality of life. But this time they have come up with something unrealistic web series, Ghostana which is releasing on 21 st July Friday 2017, only on addatimes originals.
This is a unique comedy of horror for you. This bromancing saga begins when two dost meets ghost on their birthday, and share a friendship with a sexy lady, which makes their friendship into Ghostana!!!

Oh feeling confused!!!, let me give a Flick to the story, which revolves around two super broke boys and their tryst with a super sexy iconic cabaret dancer, of the 60s but she has never aged,  ? why because she is no more  ?  surprised?
 let me tell you, she is a ghost ? and the boys fell in love and started finding medium to meet her daily so that they can make their Ghostana.
All their showering of various gifts won’t be enough for winning her heart because getting to her heart will require getting into another dimension of love, where the guys are already trying to be impressive, How would she react to human love? Will she give in, or will she make them crazy for her and leave? I m sure while you’re reading this, you are gonna be excited to see what happens next, even I don’t know.

Watch out for the guys, and tune into on Friday, 21st July.
Want to get some more clarity.

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