What is 3D Printing and How it Works?

3D printing is the process of creating a solid three-dimensional physical object from a digital file or a  structure or a design. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. Unlike any other traditional manufacturing methods of making plastic toys, 3D printing technologies build products on Z axis, layer by layer and adding material according to the shape on the screen.  3D Printing Technology can be done using a wide range of material to be processed including polymers, raisins, paper, plastic, sandstone, wax, metal, ceramics and bio material. 3D printing has various applications, initially, it was started for producing prototypes and tooling but is also being applied across various industries such as automation, aerospace, engineering, architecture, jewellery, medical, dental, fashion, interior, designing, casting and moulding various arts related to education and entertainment.3D Printing

About Time To 3D – Mumbai

“Time to 3D” this is a hub located in Mumbai near Vile Parle station, and first of its kind. 3D printing is not new it’s been around for three decades but the application of 3D printing is restricted to industrial and business to business applications. Mr Rahul Shah understood the need of this technology direct consumers and he became a bridge between technological advancement and consumers. Hence “Time to 3D” was founded to bring more application to this technology. This initiative is a partnership between Imaginarium and the time media group. This hub allows consumers to learn and understand the technology by themselves.3D Printed key chain

My personal experience at the hub

As soon as I entered the hub I saw cute 3D selfies like a wax structural you see in Madame Tussaud of course not that size, but a miniature form of our of our own selfies. They have numerous products that attract your eyes and you want all of them.

3D Printing is The Art of The Future

The products are so well crafted that you can make replicas in large numbers with out any changes in the design. They also offer edible chocolate design especially for you. The most attractive thing which I saw was dress design for a model which is so light weight to wear and customize to your shape and also I saw shoes, soles, guitar, sunglasses are being made to our choices and shapes.

They also make real gold jewellery using the 3D moulding technology by casting in moulds. One more thing attracted me was sound waves printed on a gold ring which can be heard using the Mobile app. This is the best and latest way in the gifting Industry. Even I’m gonna make my family portrait using 3d technology.

This hub also offers some highlights which I would like to discuss one by one.

3D printing services

Nowadays everybody wants a unique gift and you can get your unique gift from 3D printing now, customers can bring their own 3D Digital file, or can download from the Internet, or can customize their own miniature selfies.

Workshops and Different Courses

Time to 3D conducts various workshops and at the hub for everyone from age of 5, to all enthusiasts. These workshops made the painting on the number of groups or in a form of party or off site activities according to customers needs.

Doodle Pen Sessions

This session is very entertaining and as you use 3D doodle pens which extruded heated plastic that cool down immediately to form a solid object as per the print.

Consumers Offers

The real objects are printed according to digital designs given by the consumer. Using latest 3D printers and software, every school project can be done using 3D products.

Business Offerings

This hub also caters to clientele in the field of jewellery, engineering, aerospace, architect, medical, education, casting and moulding so on! They also offer corporate gifts customised for the unique consumers.

Birthday Parties

Like McDonald’s even time to 3D offers party area which includes a doodling session hands on scanning and introduction to the 3D printer and various applications of 3D.

Other offers

This hub offers 3D printers, Doodle pens, 3D filaments to purchase directly from them. They even teach customers how to use this 3D printer before making a purchase.

Below is a picture you can see which are made by 3D printing Technology.

3D Printing Photo



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  1. Wow all looks so interesting and wonderful. Such an amazing experience for you. Hope this store would available to all over india. Its really a new concept for all to learn

  2. I will wait for them to come to Delhi. The products and experince is thrilling. Kids would love 3D items as gift.

  3. Papri Ganguly Reply

    Wow! a new thing to learn. Most interesting post I ever read.

  4. This is revolutionary for sure, look at the finesse and technology great idea.. would surely explore

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