3Cs to Avoid in Parenting

We are here again with our A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. It’s time to reveal another article which starts from C.

Since, I have told in the past two articles that what to do to be an effective parent, here I am sharing the C, to tell you what not to do if you want to enhance your parenting skills.

So, you might have quite guess the topic 3Cs to avoid for being an effective parent.


The studies show that frequently criticizing your kid can make them bully others. Don’t you think sometimes the things we do as parents on our child might have long-lasting consequences? Yeah, it does have, and it can turn out to be the worst. If you criticize your child then stop it now, they feel unloved and they start comparing you with others. Many parents make the mistake of criticizing their child in front of others. Do you think this is the right way?

The right way is to explain to them a reason why certain things are immoral and tell them their consequence. Communicating your thoughts makes your relationship healthier and stronger.


Comparing your child with others is completely a No-No. Being a parent you need to realize that kids have different abilities, and comparing them can demotivate them and bring their morale down. Your appreciation can make them feel confident and boost their mind in creativity.

Just imagine, don’t you get disappointed when your kids start comparing you with their friend’s parents? Think twice before comparing them with their peers.


Nowadays, fighting for 1st rank and expecting your child to be number one has become a normal task. But why? Why your kids have to participate in every race?

I have seen parents and maybe you guys might sometimes compete with your kid with their friends, cousins, etc. I really want to know why?

Every child is special and they have different talents. So, don’t ask them to compete with them. Instead, ask them to follow their heart. If someone is good at sports then it is possible that your child will be good at something else. Encourage them for what they are doing.

I hope you will avoid these 3Cs in your parenting journey. I will be coming up with the alphabet ‘D’ which guides you to be an effective parent.

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3C's to Avoid Being an Effective Parent | #BlogChatterA2Z
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3C's to Avoid Being an Effective Parent | #BlogChatterA2Z
The studies show that frequently criticizing your kid can make them bully others. Here we mention the 3c's to avoid in parenting.
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