3 U’s of Effective Parenting

Becoming an effective parent isn’t a one-time course that you will learn through a blog or a book, it is a whole life experience. You will learn new things and will make mistakes too. But, that’s completely okay and you don’t have to stress a lot about it because there is always room for improvement. That’s why I am trying to share my experience and learning in the form of tips in the A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z. I am sure a lot of parents will gain benefits from this whole series of challenges.

So, now let’s start with another alphabet. And, it’s 3 U’s of effective parenting.

  1. Uplift

As your kid will grow, people around them will always try to pull them down. But, if you have helped and uplifted them, then there are fewer chances for absorbing insecurities thrown by their peers or even elders. Push them to be better but don’t force them. They will surely seek your advice whenever they are feeling low.

  1. Understand

Understanding comes when you spend time with your child. And, it has to be on both ways which means, your child also has to understand you to make the bond powerful. So, spending quality time will help you and your child to learn about each other.

  1. Unique

You might often hear kids say that ‘You are not like other parents.’ This phrase can be good or bad depending upon the context. But it’s okay if you aren’t similar to other kids’ parents. You have a different uniqueness and quirk that makes you different yet supportive of your child. And don’t expect your child to be similar to other kids. Your kid has a different upbringing and they will surely be different. So, appreciate the uniqueness rather than complaining.


I hope these tips turn out to be helpful. Do let me know in the comment section if you want to read more about my parenting experience. Also, stay tuned for the next alphabet of becoming an effective parent. 

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3 U’s of Effective Parenting | A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z
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3 U’s of Effective Parenting | A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z
I am sure a lot of parents will gain benefits from this whole series of challenges.So let’s start with 3 U’s of effective parenting.
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