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24 attractions you shouldn’t miss on Singapore Tour

Singapore Tour Fun

Singapore Tour Day Two

The second day of the Singapore Tour started with a fresh morning and with the excitement of visiting the Sentosa Park.
It’s a wonderful place to spend the day with your family. There are over 20 amazing attractions. Trying them all in a single day is a big task in itself.

One of the best rides there is the ‘Luge Ride’. It’s pretty much like Go-Karting just simpler. The Luge vehicle is made up of rubber that makes sure the kids are safe even after falling off. It’s an exhilarating activity for the kids as they get a total driving experience. Singapore authorities have taken extra care for keeping the rides safe. And it shows, even your kid feels safe and can thus have more fun.
Another mentionable attraction there is the ‘Wings of Time’. It’s a light show that takes your breath away. The entire experience of being present there is just noteworthy. It’s a must visit for families.

Some of the most memorable attractions in Sentosa Park

Sea Aquarium:

This is a must visit, even if you don’t have any affection towards marine life. The beautifully created massive S.E.A Aquarium is home to 100,000 animals of over 800 species. It has 49 different habitats in which the sea animals are perfectly placed according to their natural alternatives.

Madame Tussauds:

The world famous wax museum has to be seen to be believed. The beautifully crafted wax statues look truly realistic and lively.

Butterfly Insect Park:
The lifecycle of a butterfly is beautifully presented in the Butterfly Insect Park. From the early stage to the cocoon, to the transformation into a butterfly. It’s a real treat to the eyes.


Some of the other must see 24 attractions you shouldn’t miss are:

  1. Sentosa Merlin till top of head
  2. Tiger den 360-degree view of Singapore
  3. Skyline luge ride
  4. Singapore cable car for moving from one station to another station or you can take tram too.
  5. Silsola Beach 
  6. 4d adventure ride 

    Singapore Tour Attractions

    Trick Eye Museum Fun, We Totally Made it!

  7. Butterfly insect Park
  8. Signature of Singapore or images of Singapore
  9. Experience of Sky Diving
  10. 4D adventure land ( 3 rides)
  11. Butterfly inspect park
  12. Fort silos combat
  13. Images of Singapore
  14.  Madam Tussauds
  15. Mega Bounce 
  16.  Sea Aquarium 

    Singapore Tour Marine Life

    Marine Life

  17.  Sea Breeze water sports
  18. Segway fun ride
  19.  Sentosa Merlion
  20.  Luge n sky ride
  21.  Trick-eye museum
  22.  Tiger Sky Tower
  23.  Wave House
  24.  Wings of time

Food in Singapore Tour That You Should Know About.

The food is Singapore delicious. But you’re in the unlucky list if you are a vegan. The vegan parents and families have to survive on sandwiches and other such snacks. Even consuming French fries which contain potatoes are hard to eat because they are fried in the same oil as chicken.

Another common problem for Indian families and kids is a toilet for kids. There are all western style toilets in Singapore. The Indian kids might have a problem adjusting to them. Make sure you train your kids before leaving our country.
Never overfeed your kids and even yourself, the climate in Singapore is hot and the humidity levels are high. There are plenty of fruits and juices available for refreshment, it’s always better to prefer those, compared to soft carbonised drinks.

Other stuff that you shall carry on Singapore tour

  • Sunglasses
  • Caps
  • Chinese fans
  • Stroller for children
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Wet tissues
  • WATER bottle
  • Snacks

It’s always mandatory to carry a water bottle with you at all times. It’s also very preferable to bring snacks from home if you can. The children are more comfortable having home food in another country.


  1. Mrinal

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  4. Great coverage. Keep in mind when I travel

  5. I remember the Skyline Luge ride… it was fuc*ing awesome. I would love to do it again and again. Nicely written and presented. Cheers!!!

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    Aha! I am based in SG and so nicely you have covered the attractions. Some of them even I haven’t been to yet.

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