Tiffin Service


One soul, one body, two hands doing thousands of work…. Guess who?

Yes, you are right. It’s “THE MOTHER“.

Moms wear many hats: Caretaker, Chef, Storyteller etc. and there is definitely no end to it.

Adding onto another hat of “Entrepreneurship” for mothers (a.k.a “Mompreneurship”) means adding another responsibility.

Every mom is an entrepreneur by nature.

Mompreneurship can serve as incredible and aspiring role models.

And I think-“Motherhood and entrepreneurship go hand in hand”.

I can actually relate to this very well.

Apart from being a mother of a five-year-old, I am constantly onto earning money from home. This is not just to make money, but to start off with something different besides our monotonous routines. Mompreneurship offers a very challenging and a whole new level of WORK-LIFE balance.

So for all the budding Mompreneurship moms, here are some great cash generating ideas.


Teachers have the potential to transform lives and so do mothers. Hence, a really good option for many mothers out there is teaching. It is an increasingly demanding job. It offers the chance for us as well to continuously get better. It is a grounding and humbling profession. The satisfaction we get gives us heavenly pleasure.

What is ABACUS? P.C – mmebsabacus

The best kinds of educational teaching may include:

  1. Cue maths
  2.  Abacus
  3. Vedic maths
  4. Handwriting
  5. Drawing
  6. Calligraphy


Other interesting things the attract mind would be crafts and projects. Imagine. Ever wondered how catchy colorful papers and art stuff are?! Ladies, what are you all thinking? Go for it engaging yourself into five minutes crafts origami and a lot more similar productive and captivating things.

Paper quilling
Paper quilling – P.C: Pinterest

They can be:

  • Quilling
  • Painting
Cake and Bake:

The latest trend in the world is Mother’s taking up baking cakes and getting orders from around the world. This is one of the major upcoming side-income streams for Indian mothers too. If ur a creative person, use creativity, the best way to put creativity.

Bake a Cake
Bake a Cake – P.C: primrose-bakery
Trousseau Making:

Make the bride happier by providing her all the stuff she requires for her big day.


Probably an interesting one is on the way. I can say shopping can be a synonym for ladies but mystery shopping would be irresistible. Getting paid for performing specific tasks such as purchasing a product asking questions, registering complaints, or behaving in a certain way and reporting it as a feedback is kinda fascinating, right?


With many women working in different sectors of the commercial world. Showcasing of products and artifact is as critical as getting and securing high profile jobs. World of advertisements. Exhibition of articles and commodities would get you some experience and enjoyment as well.


The way to not losing cool and Mind’s calmness and poise, reading can be one of the solutions.

Compilation of write-ups and checking-up on the managerial work can be interesting facet towards boosting up one’s aplomb.

This is nothing but an editor’s task.

You can go for the scientific editor, also as a social media editor, where you could create a blog and get it on the air for readers around the world.


Oh! Look at the hairstyle Priyanka got.  truly talk of the town why not give it a shot? Starting with your own Beauty Studio or salon is a great way to learn about artificial beauty and cosmetics. New hair styles, a different makeover, sometimes change is a must. Life goes on, isn’t it? it’s a way for Mompreneurship.

Tiffin Service
Cook Food & Earn More! P.C: financialexpress

Whilst some women have hands and gross and cooking mouth-watering meals. Show it to the world, girl! Start up your own tiffin services to any nearby offices you would like to deliver food to. Corporates require tiffin services when they are at work away from home. Let people know how magical it is to pamper your taste buds with delicious food.

Baby Care a Way For Mompreneurship
Baby Care

For mothers children are everything. Baby care services can contribute towards passing your free time and transforming your tiredness into cheer and youth. It brings pennies to your home along with happiness because of babies and fun, a nice combo, yay!!

Baby care includes:
Personal attention sitting 


The easiest way to get link around the globe is clicking. The more you click the more earn.

Exactly! You read it right Clicking can make you earn your bread and butter. In the market, there are people giving sponsorships for merchandising their products through online media. So, ladies go online and join the club of Mompreneurship.


Look straight, chin up and mind focused. Yeah, you got me right. Image consultancy. Providing people with tips and tricks on personality development and personal image covering the wide spectrum of its aspects is a merry making way to light up the world Like Nobody Else. That ” *be all Smiles look*” is needed here!

P.s:  Every mom has a different situation, I’m not assuring each point applies to each one of you Mothers out there.

Feel free to comment and add your suggestions for mompreneurs.