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Parenting Tips

I hope the effective parenting tips are helping you grow in your parenting journey. Have you ever spent time thinking about how you are doing as a parent? Don’t worry these tips will surely help you out. I have started with the alphabet A and now we have come a long way with the Alphabet. #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge helped me to share my personal tips with you.

So, today we will be discussing 3N’s of Effective Parenting. Are you ready? If you have missed any of my blog on parenting tips then don’t forget to give it a read!

3N’s of Effective Parenting


Be aware of the stages when your child starts developing insecurities, some are born with low self-esteem as compared to others. You have to help them with physical and emotional needs. Encourage them to express their feelings, enhance knowledge and make them learn about mutual respect and truth. Love them unconditionally, remember don’t compare them with others, and accept them for who they are. Do not expect your child to be perfect. Make them learn about happiness, in this way you can help your child.


Noticing them doesn’t mean keeping track of them every time. You just have to be sure that you are acknowledging them for their good deeds and teaching them the difference between right and wrong. When you notice your child doing something helpful and nice, appreciate them for that. It is a great way to reinforce good behaviour. The positive attention will make them feel confident and will try to share things with you.


You are definitely not alone when you talk about giving nutrition to your child. Just because your child refuses the food, don’t give up. Make them understand the nutritional value of the food and how does the nutritious food will help them grow better. Innovation attracts kids, innovate your food, try experimenting it. Never turn their mealtime into a battle of wills. Respect their appetite and make them stick to the routine. Be patient with new food that you’ll be making them eat.

So, that’s all! We have finally ended the 3N’s of effective parenting. I hope this helped you in raising your child. If you love my tips then stay tuned with me for more such blogs. If you have any doubts then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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