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Lipa Land App –  An app for learning while gamingLipa land App

The moment my kid started communicating, I was always thinking about how should I keep her away from these omnipresent gadgets and help her survive with the social economic changes taking place. Television, cell phones, I-pads, video games and so on have made our kids very lazy. They have a list of excuses to avoid going outdoor. These habits of my kid made me worry about her future and I decided to work towards making her future bright. Recently, my friend suggested me an easy and fun loving educational app- Lipa Land app. I assure you that like mine, your kid is going to love this app too.

What is Lipa Land app…?


Lipa land App
angel playing with Lipa land app

Over the last few decades our education industry has undergone a huge transformation.  Education in form of different applications helps our kids to learn new things in a fun manner. It is one of the best ways to improve our kids’ talent and skills without worrying about the place and time. There are so many educational applications available on the market for kids which have several games with crazy characters and enchanting stories which keep our kids occupied. One such educational app is Lipa Land. This app encourages kids to ‘use the device to get out of the device’. It offers fun, innovative and valuable content for both parents and kids. In addition, it has many real-life based activities too. It is a learning program that has been designed to make every kid fall in love with learning. It aims to enrich kids’ development worldwide. This educational app does not only bridge the communication gap between teachers and kids but also between parents and kids. This app is designed for kids between 3-6 years.


Lipa Land App is mainly divided into 2 sections:

  1.     Children’s section-

In this section kids can enjoy playing games and use other features of the apps securely without any parental guidance. There are different themes called ‘Worlds’ which teaches kids more about that topic. Currently, there are 4 Worlds in the app, and new Worlds will be released regularly. Lipa land app in itself is as self learning app, which makes sure that your kids learn every level before going top level.  Until your kids become master in one world ,they are not allowed to play next world games. This does not mean that your kids will sit whole day to complete level, you can set time limit too.

  1.     Parent’s section-

In this section, parents can read articles on child’s development and education. They can also keep track about what their kids are learning from this app. There are also many real-world activities in this section which both parents and kids can play together which is beneficial as they spend more quality time together and understand each other better.  These outdoor activities are so fun and so easy to make that you and your kids ending up spending quality time together.

The learning content of this app helps kids to gain knowledge in 3 different forms i.e. Body, Mind and World. In the Body category, kids can gain knowledge about physical wellness, hygiene measures and precautions required and about how to live a healthy lifestyle. In the Mind category, kids learn about the social-emotional balance, academic competence i.e. about mathematics, science, literature and art which are well explained in the app. And, in the category of World, kids learn about ecological awareness, history and culture.

What sets Lipa Land different from other apps that are available in the market?


  1. This app can be installed on any android and iOS; tablet and phone. It can be used at home and in classrooms too.
  2. This app is internationally recognized and has reached global heights.
  3. It is one of the most trusted applications as it is developed by education specialists and is KIDSAFE certified.


At the end I will conclude by saying that my kid addresses this app as a “Jinnie” – an app which has all answers to all questions which she is looking for. I am relieved to see my kid so bright and eager to learn at such small age. Having access and using such educational apps makes learning smarter and easier for our kids.


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