1. Vodafone has always been a step ahead of other brands

  2. Vodafone is now the largest network of india. Growing rapidly and one of the best brand ever.

  3. Deevyanka

    Vodafone has always been ahead in competition with other networks. They have really up their game now.

  4. I absolutely agree that it’s one of the best networks. Nice review and article though

  5. Great that Vilodafone is evolving at a nice rate. Really like its new logo.

  6. Sonam

    That’s amazing….I have been a Vodafone customer since long n i totally agree with u

  7. Vodafone is now India’s largest network I think.. I Iove the new logo

  8. Vodafone is growing a lot . really like its new plans

  9. That brilliant beginning for Vodafone love the new logo

  10. I did not know about this. It’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  11. good to know that Vodafone as a brand is improving on a daily basis

  12. Vodafone is My Favourite From the start. Thx for sharing this informative post..

  13. Vodafone is always a preferred network and with a vision so clear it is for sure going to gain momentum.

  14. Vodafone is one of the best network ever and it is growing like really fast…

  15. I can only wait to see how the future unfolds for Vodafone.
    Thier biggest competitor has contract iphones adn Vodafone, my service provider still hasnt. Eagerly waiting

  16. Vodafone is definitely always comes up with great initiative

  17. Thankd all for ur lovely comments

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