This Diwali #CleanUpCashOut Your Electronic Gadgets with Cashify

Electronic Gadgets have become very important part of our life nowadays. During years technology has shown a lot of evolution and no doubt, it has always been better and advanced than before in whatever field it be. Some of the efficient and important inventions are the computer, television, the telephone, internet, e-mails, aircraft, spaceship, and much more. Among them one of the biggest and the adorable invention is of cell-phones, what to say about cell-phones, it is the most famous and high in demand gadget of the 21 st century.

You will hardly find any person without cell-phone today, whether a person is rich or poor, infant or old, everyone has their own personal cell-phone. As the coin has two sides, cell-phone also has its positive and negative effects on people, but people neglecting the negative effects are just moving on in life and enjoying the benefits and luxurious life using cell-phone.

I sometimes think how beautiful and tension free life it was before the inventions of the cell-phone. People were more hardworking and were more socialize. But today the scenario is completed differently. Yes, it is true that life was much slower before but was healthier, safer and happier. God has given us enough things with which we can live a peaceful and comfortable life, still, we keep on making more and more efforts to make our lives better.

Majority of people have a craze to be updated with the latest model of cell-phone, maybe as an interest, a style statement, for genuine use, or to do show-off, or any other reason. Even I myself love to purchase new cell-phone. Once I thought of purchasing a new one, but the problem was, my parents asked me to first sell my old cell-phone with a good price than only they will buy me a new one.

My Little Sad Mobile Selling Story

I started my journey of selling a phone by asking my near and dear ones, but no one took an interest, that time I realized no one is yours. I then decided to sell it to the shop, I went to the shop to sell, but the offer of the shopkeeper, surprised me because one cannot even buy the accessories of the phone with that amount. Further, I decided to sell it online, I made an account on the buy and sell the app and gave my cell number for communication.

I was just shuttered and was finding myself helpless and silly after answering the calls of the purchaser’s. The questions made me think a while, was it an only a cell-phone which I was selling or it was my daughter ready to marry, for their Son. The whole process was a completely new experience for me with lots of
jokes, laughs and fun chats. After few months, I found no one is interested to purchase and are just wasting my time.

Many days passed but I didn’t find any genuine buyer, I was very much tensed and helpless, I was not finding any way to sell my phone.

That horrible-cum-Beneficiary Dream

One day while sleeping, I saw a dream, I saw myself having a conversation with God. God said me “ child I know you are a lot of problems, You are not getting a buyer to purchase your cell-phone”, I nodded my head saying yes.

He further said, “ child I will show you the way and you have to follow it”, I once again said yes by nodding. Suddenly I saw a Giant machine landing on the empty ground adjacent to our house. It was a machine with beautiful architecture and design having different lights on it.

The rotating lights were so amazing and attractive as if they were calling me come, we have the solution for your problem. Unknowingly I went to that ground, coming out of my house. I then found it was a spaceship after some time the door of the Spaceship got opened, a unique creature came out of it, slowly moving towards me. He was very weird with short height and bulgy body, with big round eyes and pointed nose.

Alien Dreams

I was very scared and was moving backwards as he was coming towards me. That creature then said, ”Please wait and don’t get scared God has sent me just to help you, with a bit hesitation I stopped and here what he was saying, he said, “I am a creature from another planet and I have come to take you with me to our planet where you can sell your cell-phone”.

I whispered slowly, “You are Alien” and he replied yes by nodding. I was surprised, that an alien has come to help me. As I had none of the option left without thinking I got ready to give with that alien. He raised his hand, in-return I gave my hand in his hand and he moved towards the spaceship.

Once we entered the spaceship the doors were closed, and I was asked to settle down, since the spaceship was ready to take-off, after many hours we landed, the experience of travelling in the spaceship was wonderful, I was feeling as if I was travelling to heaven.

We landed on a newer planet, there I saw many similar creatures like aliens, alien told me, “come with me and I will find a person for you who will purchase your cell-phone”, without thinking once again I went with him.

There were small houses, I had to bend to move into their house and was in the bending position only because there was no space for me to stand straight. There I saw different female aliens, as compared to the male one the female alien was very beautiful. I just thought and was murmuring silently, “ How can such beautiful girls get married to bad looking alien”. one of the girls whispered, “we have no other option and have to marry any one of them, but if you don’t mind will u marry me..?” , I was just shocked and couldn’t believe my ears, I asked her once again and she repeated the same words, my heart just started pumping more faster and once again without thinking I said yes and got settled there.

Many years passed, once I was sleeping, and in my sleep, I saw my parents, my friends and relatives all were very sad and were searching me, my mom was crying a lot, my siblings were feeling very lonely. After waking up in the morning I narrated entire night story to my wife and told her that I have to leave and want to go back to my place to my parents.

My wife replied, “ you cannot go anywhere from here, once you come to this planet, you cannot go back.” I was shocked to hear this and started crying and screaming, I
want to go back, I want to go back to my house. Suddenly, I was pulled by someone’s hand and she was none other than my mom, she was saying where you want to go back, why are you crying and screaming, she tapped me twice and said what happened, have you seen any bad dream, after gaining my consciousness, and wiping my tears I said yes.

My mum said don’t worry beta it was just to dream and not a reality. I believed what she was saying and just thank God that it was just a dream. It took me several days to be normal and to come out of my dream. Today when I think of that dream, I have a smile on my face and I think how silly and mad I was in selling my cell-phone.

At that time I wish I knew about Cashify App, so I could have stopped bad dreams.

Cashify is the best online platform to sell our old gadgets which we generally don’t use at home and cash out them. Above all, you get additional 250 INR in your pocket when you sell your old items there. So to give you 250 INR benefits I have an exclusive coupon code for you.

Coupon Code: CLEANCASH

Cashify simplifies your selling and #CleanUpCashOut.



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