“Every Island to a child is a Treasure Island”  by P.D.James.

Island – an Unexplored treasure for kids

When I was in my early school age, our grammar teacher introduced us to the silent letter word.  Island was one of the words where S is silent. I am sure as a curious student we all had asked such silly question as to why can’t we pronounce it as IS-land.  But to me, what is an island was important than how you pronounce it. That led me to search more on islands. And I found that Islands are the best place to visit to explore the habitat, which is not connected to the normal land. Basically, an island is surrounded by water from all the sides. So my curiosity was to find out if it is surrounded by water, how living is possible.  In this highly advanced technological world, islands are actually connected better than normal land.  The reason I am saying this, because, Islands have become a new holiday destination a for family or with kids.

Lion safari
Lion safari at Island near neyyar dam

Now my question to you is have you ever visited any Island in India or outside before? If no, it’s my suggestion one should plan a small vacation with family to the beautiful Islands of India at least. For all nature lovers, Islands are one of the famous tourist spots and are a perfect family destination especially with kids, as you can explain to the kids how a simple life can be beautiful than a complicated life of Mumbai or any metro cities.

India, as we all know, is surrounded by Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal and there flow some of the biggest rivers in the world which in turn have formed some of the famous Islands. Some of the famous and eye-catching Islands of India are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands, Munroe Islands, Cochin Island, Rameshwaram Island, Diu Island.

Islands in India are the place when visited it feels like we are somewhere present in the different world.  It is surrounded by water from all the sides and therefore gives completely different ambiance. An Island looks very awesome and is best to fascinate kids of all ages is shown from the air as of how land is formed in between the water. If you have kids and wondering how it will be beneficial to visit Islands with kids? I would say Islands are the young adventurer’s paradise. Islands are full of unique experiences that will enthrall every member of your family.

There is a number of activities kids can follow at the Islands and can enjoy and have fun together.
  1. Islands have natural Waterfalls where kids can enjoy watching them, and you can explain how rock formation occurs due to the continuous flow of water.
  2. Many Islands have National park too, where kids can have a naked eye view of wildlife animals, birds, etc and gets a chance to learn about varied species of them. Recently we went to NEYYAR DAM which has a small island where you can take your kids to show the lions closely.
  3. Since Islands are surrounded by Sea water from all the sides, the best thing kids will learn about is the Sealife too. Also, some islands have special activities like kayaking or jet surfing for adults and kids.
  4. You can teach kids about different kind of soil and vegetation depending on the island you visit.

Recently we visited Munroe Island in Kerala, very much unexplored part of Kerala. This island is situated in the middle of Munroe village. Small boats take you to this island and you can enjoy fish farming or prawn farming. Also one of the major experience we got was 40 min nonstop boating experience in the small wooden boat carrying 10 -12 people at a time. This boating experience at Munroe was the best experience as we saw snakes going inside mud holes in near distance of 1 foot away from us. This island is surrounded by beautiful landscape perfectly designing the poster for Kerala. Along with this experience, you can also enjoy toddy making, a local alcohol drank for pleasure. You can too try all these experiences yourself in Munroe Island.