Sports shoes


The best shoes for my workout and sports activities.

Believe it or not, sports shoes play an influential role in beginning a proper workout regime. Not all shoes are made for running or working out, so you need to pay attention to your workout footwear. 

Choosing the right sports shoes to kick start your workout can be a strenuous task. Because of hundreds of factors which includes, as comfortable as an old shoe, super stylish for a gym selfie and above all, fits in the budget. 

Recently, I have been prompted about starting a workout routine. So, I went to the mall and bought workout clothes. The next day, I started working out in my new gym attire that is paired up with the regular shoes. After running for 10 minutes, I felt the strain over the toes. Initially, I chose to ignore the pressure and continued working out. After 30 minutes, I felt the burning sensation all around the sole. 

How I got Mochi sports shoes gift from my husband?

So, as I told my husband about the incident, he asked me to switch the regular shoes to sports shoes. My husband took me to the Mochi Shoes. To be honest, before visiting the Mochi store, I never knew they have a great collection of sports shoes. From running shoes to sneakers, they have everything. Then, I was tempted to buy two pairs of sports shoes for myself and one pair for my husband. They have a tremendous variety of shoes for men and women. 

Now, that I have been working out in those shoes for over two weeks, I think it is the best time to give a short review to all my readers and inspire them to work out in the right shoes.
  • Perfect for Running or Jogging


If you want to enhance your running or jogging speed without going over on your ankle, then choosing Mochi sports shoes can be a great deal for your feet. Whether you jump, spin or sprint, they provide the extra cushioning on the soles to reduce the stress. 


  • Fits like a glove


While working out, we want to focus on our muscles, not on the strain over soles, right? So, finding a perfect size that fits comfortably is no big deal for the brand. According to me, wearing the wrong sized shoes for a workout is like eating soup with chopsticks. 


  • Provides Super Chic Look


Want to work out yet look fashionable? With a variety of colors, patterns and trendy design, you can have a gala time at the gym. Well, no kidding. I have purchased the pink and grey colored shoes that match my workout outfit perfectly and gives me that perfect mirror workout selfie.


  • Greatly Affordable


There is a myth that good running shoes have to be overpriced or not-so-affordable. These shoes are totally pocket-friendly, and I am sure that you will end up buying more than one pair of workout footwear.  


  • A New Workout BFF


If you aren’t motivated about starting a workout routine, then make these sports shoes as your workout BFF! Because they are super long-lasting and will be there for you in the longer run.  Also helps in Adventurous activities

During my fitness journey, I have realized the importance of investing in good sports shoes and trust me; in the end, it will be worth your money. So, if you are considering to indulge in the fitness routine, then you should check out running shoes by Mochi Shoes because they can withstand from the strain and protect your feet from chronic injury. So, it is time to sweat out and keep up your heart rate in comfortable footwear.

Tell me the comment section, which is your favorite shoes that you prefer to wear during the workout?