Whenever we are ready to welcome the newborn member of the family, new toys, clothes, baby food, sanitization, and of course chair for baby are the most considerable things. Recently, as you all know that I gave birth to a baby boy, Aarit. And, we have started buying all the necessary things a month before he was born as we don’t want to miss on things. Be it their clothes or toys, I am always specific in choosing things for my kids so how can I skip buying bouncer chair for my new baby boo?


It is super necessary for the newborn baby as it provides optimal comfort to the baby and helps them to sit, eat, or even play. So, after searching a lot of websites, I found a perfect bouncer & rocker for baby, it’s Joie Meet Dreamer-Petite City Bouncer  by Joie Baby on Toys4all

My baby boy has been using it for more than a month, so I think I can write a detailed review of this new bouncer chair for the baby.


Best Features: Why I choose it over other brands?

Along with the price, I noticed a different set of features, while comparing different bouncer chair with other brands as well. So, let me share it with one by one!

  • There are 3 positions of the reclining seat where the baby can sleep, play, and eat in a proper position.
  • The support of the bouncer chair is removable and washable. The seat pads are covered with a soft fabric which makes it more comfortable for the child.
  • The bouncer chair comes with 2-speed soothing vibration pairs, 5 lullabies, and 5 nature sounds to calm down the baby.
  • It also offers two different positions for adjustable leg rest for better comfort for the baby.
  • Durable plastic, lightweight material and the ability to hold the weight capacity up to 15 kgs seems promising.
  • The safety of the baby is ensured by the 3-point harness with a soft lower buckle cover.
  • The toy bar is rotatable as well as removable as per the baby’s preference.
  • It can also be converted into a stationary seat.

Honest Experience with the Bouncer Chair for Baby

Chair for New Born Baby

I am completely satisfied with the features of the bouncer chair because it has provided the ultimate level of comfort to my child. My baby, Aarit really loves his new chair. He sleeps, plays, and eats in his chair. Although he is too small to tell his likings yet I can totally see how fond he is of his dreamer bouncer chair.

The best part of the dreamer bouncer chair is that it is easy to transport. It can be really folded in flat and it is easier to carry all around. And, if your child don’t like the toys on the dreamer bouncer chair, you can take it off too.

Here’s one tip for you, never leave your baby on this chair alone, make sure you always stay nearby all the time.

Should I recommend it to the new parents?

I know it might seem to a lot of new parents that the Joie Meet Dreamer-Petite City Bouncer is a bit on the pricey side. But, comparing its features and the comfort it has provided to my little one is incomparable. I would highly recommend it to all the parents to definitely try it out if you are looking to buy a bouncer chair for baby.Chair

If you have tried it out, then you can share your feedback in the comment section below. To check out more Joie Baby products, visit their official Instagram handle – @joiebabyindiaofficial