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3 Tips to Finding a Car Racing Game That Fulfills Your Need for Speed

Over the weekend, we organized a gaming night where my friends came over to play some games. Being big fans of car racing games, one of my closest friends got me to check out this article which he came across and I found them to be really useful.

Great Car Racing Games

All this while, I’ve been thinking that I have played all the top racing games there is, only to find out after reading this article, that there could be more. Here are some tips on how you find car racing games that will definitely be worth your time.

Choose popular games that are highly rated

When you are about to start playing a new game, you might worry that you’re probably going to be unsure how good it’s going to be. The safest bet, therefore, is to look for games that are already popular. Some examples include Redline Rumble, Need for Speed and Fast Racing 3D. One common way to check for more popular games would be through gaming review blogs that specifically rate car games.

Alternatively, you can also find online forums and portals that discuss the latest games that are becoming popular. This way, you can easily find people online to play with. Not only does this make it interesting, but is a great way to compete for the hall of fame too. Certain games such as Hot Wheels, Track Builder, and Dream Car Racing are some good examples of popular online games.

Look out for games that let you play offline

Some gaming apps let you play offline. Most often than not, it is offered as an in-built feature giving you the option to download the game so it could be played without the need of an internet connection. You may also find that online gaming can be quite distracting at times and with an option to play offline, this feature can come in handy sometimes.

Additionally, playing an offline game lets you play whenever and wherever you want as long as you have a device with sufficient battery power. Since it does not depend on the internet connection anymore, you want to play car racing games more freely now. It’s a great way to kill time when you are in a remote area with pretty much nothing else to do. There are many free gaming apps offered that has the offline feature and it’s best that you look out for them.

Use Disney characters to create racing challenges

Sometimes, you might want to sit back and play a relaxing family-friendly car racing game that is suitable for everyone. This is especially important if you’ve got children who might be interested in playing a game or two. One way to go about it to choose a racing game with Disney characters in it. It’s a great way to find a game that is age-appropriate yet keep everyone entertained.

Some games such as Lightning McQueen and Cars 2 are the popular ones. There are few other popular ones that are inspired by movies such as Radiator Springs. They are a great way to experience your favorite Disney movies too. Certain games even allow you to interact with your   Disney characters. So, do watch out for those!


There are many ways on how you could go about satisfying your need for the adrenaline rush or simply playing a game that is both relaxing yet provides you with similar entertainment. Nevertheless, I hope you find the above tips useful as you begin to embark on a car racing journey or continue to look out for more entertaining games.