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3R’s of Effective Parenting

A genuine parent is the one who strives to make the best decision for their children. Your decision of reading this blog is the best because I will be sharing some beneficial tips on effective parenting with #BlogChatterA2Z. Successful parenting is not about achieving perfection but making your child learn.

We have covered a lot about effective parenting and now I am going to tell you how 3R’s will make parenting more effective. Are you ready? So let’s discuss the 3R’s of effective parenting!

  • Relax

The first R is how to make your child learn about being relaxed. Teaching kids to be relaxed with mindfulness is nowadays important. Relaxation for the kids promotes health and well-being. Build the habit of exercising and yoga, give them mindfulness activities. Mindfulness activities can often build happiness, attention, and emotional control. Mental and physical activities can help them relax.

  • Respect

Treating someone with respect means interacting with them in a way to show them love and care. When you respect someone, they will reciprocate with warm gestures. Sometimes it means doing things for them or listening to their instructions. Respect the physical boundaries, make decisions based on what’s right, not whom you like. Don’t forget to show respect for your decision.

  • Reward

Reward means appreciation that will help you to know more about your child. Treating your child with rewards will help them to grow with confidence and accomplish their goals. You can motivate your kid with the right kind of praise and gifts. Reward reinforce the behavior you want, yes you are helping your child recognize their achievements. Appreciate your kids when they help each other, and they build a good character. 

So here all about 3R’s of effective parenting. The above-mentioned tips will help you so that you can create stronger bonds with your child.

Make sure you always connect with your child emotionally and mentally. Have you ever read my previous blogs? If not, then do give a read to the blogs that will help you to be a good parent. Do you have any doubts? Just drop a comment below.

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3L’s of an Effective Parenting

Becoming a parent ensures you that you’ll make mistakes. Isn’t it? But your goal is to try to be the ideal parent. There is no perfect word when you say parenting, but you should be an effective parent. I have already shared many tips for effective parenting starting from A with #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge. So, today I will be revealing the tips with the Alphabet L, 3L’s of an Effective Parenting. Let us learn together how to be a good parent.

Love them Unconditionally

Loving unconditionally means showing your child that you are accepting them the way they are. When your child will feel absolute love then he’ll be more likely to blossom and won’t hesitate in sharing something with you. The unconditional love between you and your children will make your bond more solid. Never underestimate them and appreciate their weakness, you can turn their insecurities into their strength. The love of parents makes the child feel secure and accepted. Love your child unconditionally no matter what!

Leisure Time is essential

Leisure time means to serve your child as a parent. Activities with your kid are important. You know your child better than anyone else, so communicate with them, help them and play with them. Try to learn together and teach them wherever they are going wrong. Spending time with your kids is important. Spend some good time with them and make sure to teach them about new challenges and ideas.

Be Loyal

Loyalty is important for your kids. It teaches them to keep their word and surround them with positivity. Loyalty is an attachment that results in actions towards each other. Make them understand that loyalty is not only protects the connection but also strengthens them. Don’t compare your child and prioritize them. Teach your child to serve one another. Let them learn why loyalty matters and how it brings a major impact in life.


So we have discussed a lot about being an effective parent. These three L’s will help you to be a good parent. I hope your learning will give you a fruitful result. Stay tuned with me for more tips on how to be an effective parent. If you have any doubts then you can drop a comment.

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The health of the Nation to the Healthier Nation

On World Health Day, Apollo Hospitals which is one of the most trusted healthcare groups has decided to share some of the health insights of the people of India via a group Zoom call. And, I am so lucky to say that I have been part of the webinar along with the highly experienced doctors where they have enlightened all the members on the rise of non-communicable diseases among Indians and how we can prevent them by taking some simple changes in our lifestyle.

Apollo Healthcare

We have shown some eye-opening statistics which has made me concerned more about my family’s health and wellness. According to their research, the rise of death has been increased by 67% due to non-communicable diseases and people who are facing the risk of chronic disease are highly unsafe during the pandemic era.

The whole session has bestowed tremendous knowledge about healthcare by the 6 highly esteemed people of the Apollo healthcare groups which involves

  1. Chairman of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Prathap C Reddy;
  2. Joint Managing Director of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Sangita Reddy;
  3. Group Medical Director of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Anupam Sibal;
  4. Former Director-General and Indian Council of Medical Research and President, Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly,
  5. Chief Medical Information Officer of Apollo Healthcare Group, Dr Sujoy Kar;
  6. CEO of Preventive Health at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Dr Sathya Sriram.

Here are some of the insights and learning about the rising of diseases. I have divided the webinar into some points which depict the clarity on the intensity of the exponential growth of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Talking About The Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and How it is Increasing

Non-communicable diseases are diseases that cannot be transmitted from one individual to another individual such as heart diseases, cancer, kidney issues, liver problems, and other chronic diseases.

In India, NCDs are becoming common and in order to break this norm, it is important to take immediate action so that you can stay healthy in your future.

Diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases are becoming more common in 45-60 years old people as compared to people who are above 60 years, as stated by the Managing Director of Apollo Hospital, Dr. Anupam Sibal.

What Can We do Prevent it?

As per the information given in the webinar by Apollo Healthcare groups, here are some of the preventive measures to avoid NCDs.

As quoted by Dr Prathap C Reddy, ‘Around 40% of the hospital stays are booked by the people who are suffering from the NCDs’.

  • Early detection and taking advisable precautions can be a great way to fight the problem
  • Better and optimized clinical solutions can assist the patient with better healthcare.
  • Leading a healthy and active life might not guarantee for healthy future but it can reduce the risk of diseases and improve the chances of recovery,

How Apollo ProHealth Initiative is the Solution to Fight Health Issues?

From the past 37 years, Apollo Healthcare Groups have analyzed that using the previous data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to decrease the number of people infected by NCDs.

They have recently launched Apollo’s Prohealth Program which is the amalgamation of advanced diagnosis, predictable statistics, and artificial intelligence to provide premium healthcare services to the people.

Advantages of the Apollo ProHealth – A Personalized Health Management Program

  • Assists in early detection of the diseases
  • Builds exclusive solutions to achieve your health goals
  • Provides accessibility to connect with the doctor to ensure the status of your health.
  • Helps to reduce the premature death rate related to non-communicable diseases.
  • Works on the model of taking proactive medication, clinical tests, and follow-ups on the health status.

“Proper management of your health and early detection can reduce the mortality rate by 80%”, as stated by Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly.

What you should do for your healthy future?

If you are worried about your health, then it is the right time to invest in your healthcare and if you are looking for a holistic and personalized plan, then I would recommend you to go ahead with Apollo Prohealth Plan.

It starts with 5000 INR and if you want to sign up, you can check out their website. (

Apollo Healthcare Group is already a renowned brand in the healthcare industry. They have launched their health management program which is based on artificial intelligence and big data analytics which helps to acts as a shield and assists you to fight chronic disease.

It’s high time to take the responsibility for your health into your hands. Because if you don’t care about your health, then who will?

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Three I’s of Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting builds a healthier relationship between you and your children. You might have read my previous tips on effective parenting! We are here again to start with our next alphabet i.e. I with #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge.

So without wasting much time we will discuss how ‘I’ can help you in effective parenting.


Being a parent is an honour. Don’t you think? Sometimes in the course of daily living, our parenting mindfulness slips. Inspire them or motivate them by telling them inspirational stories. There are so many ways we can show our child what life can be. Even small gestures to your child will excite them to do something exceptional in a positive way. Tell stories to your child of their favourite cricketer, actors, or maybe even tell your success story. You might have had a lot of experience where you have succeeded. So, narrate all the hardships you faced and then achieve your goals.


Being a parent is difficult because your child thinks you know all the answers. There are many problems that they might be facing in school or anywhere than you are supposed to help them. Solve their problems about life, you can teach them by giving various examples. Giving them examples and explaining something to them with logic will help them to easily understand the situation and react accordingly.

Initiate Conversation

Your child might be suffering from various obstacles. But you need to understand the psychological behaviour of your kid. There are some children who speak their heart out but sometimes they don’t feel comfortable. So if you think they are hiding something from you then take an initiative to talk. Start the conservations if you both had an argument. Don’t hesitate to sorry first.

These three I’s of effective parenting will help you and your child to create a more powerful bond. So make sure to follow these three I’s to be a good parent. Stay tuned with us for more such parenting tips that will help you in effective parenting.

Three I’s of Effective Parenting

If you haven’t read my previous blogs of challenge from #BlogChatterAtoZ then try out to give them a read as I share my unfiltered experience and learnings. You can drop a comment below for any doubts and queries.

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3D’s of Effective Parenting

I am here to share the 3D’s of effective parenting. I hope you have gone through my previous blogs. There are many parents who are confused about being a good parent but you don’t have to worry about it. I have mastered the technique of effective parenting with my kids.  In this  A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, I will be starting with the letter D. I hope this A to Z parenting challenge helps you to understand what are the do’s and dont’s of being an effective parent.

We are here with a short guide of the A to Z challenge on effective parenting. So here are 3D’s of effective parenting which you must teach your kids so that they can become great human being.


Do you know learning self-discipline has more power to face challenges as compared to those who are not being taught about being self-disciplined? Teaching your kids the difference between what is good and what is bad, makes them understand how it affects life. Discipline helps your kid to be confident and always keeps them motivated.


Determination is important in everyone’s life and what matters is to make your child understand learn about it, determination towards the goal. How can they work on it? You just have to appreciate their effort, remind them what they want to achieve. Allow them to make their choices and decisions but don’t forget to correct them when they are wrong. You can even add self-determination activities to their curriculum.


A child’s learning plays an important part and a devoted parent can bring a lot out of them. Don’t you think? Educate your child that where they should dedicate their efforts. How they are utilizing their efforts and where they should not? Trust me this is the right age and time to make them learn what is good for them and what is bad? There is a thin line of difference that has changed the future and to be an effective parent you should make them learn about it.

So here are the 3D’s which you must teach your kids to be an effective parent. Stay tuned for the next Alphabet with me in the A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z.

Showcase your Kid’s Creative Skills with GlobalShala

Are you looking for your young genius to let his/her creative juices flow? Do you want to showcase your kid’s creative skills and lead a positive impact on the world? Do you want them to become the next big socio-preneur?

Enter – SuperHero U by GlobalShala. Before you ask, let me give you a bit of insight into GlobalShala. It is an Edtech startup that connects affordable educational opportunities to students who are aiming for international education.

About Superhero U

Showcase your Kid’s Creative Skills
Image Source: Globalshala

GlobalShala is inviting all young and bright minds to showcase their creative skills and win prizes up to $90,000 through its unique SuperHero U competition, along with a chance to fly to UN New York. Yes, you read that right. The contest is open to two categories: Junior (participants up to 18 years) and Senior (19 – 25 years).

Why should your child participate?

Not only your child will get a platform to showcase their creative best, but will also be rewarded with exciting prizes of up to $90,000 for winning. Along with that, there are internships, scholarships, gadgets, gift-cards, educational sponsored travel, and many such opportunities in store.

How to Participate?

 GlobalShala lets you participate in this competition as an individual or a team. Participation is accepted in Single, a team of 4, a High School, or a College.

SuperHero U is particularly based on 4 elements: Imagine, Innovate, Illustrate and Inspire. As simple as these words sound, there’s more to each of them. Here goes:

  • Imagine: As you know, the world is facing a lot of crises. Through SuperHero U, participants can take any real-world problems mentioned in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and then imagine what superpowers will help to eliminate that particular problem.
  • Innovate: Now, that the real-world problem is chosen, it’s time to innovate and create a unique superhero with special powers to overcome the challenge.
  • Illustrate: After designing the superhero, express him/her in the form of a comic strip, video, video game, photo collage, or a short animated film to depict your superhero’s mission.
  • Inspire: Explain how your superhero has used those special superpowers to make the world a better place.

Superhero U

And remember, your contribution to this competition must highlight UNSDG themes such as People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity, and Peace.

So, let me know in the comments section if your little innovator would be participating in SuperHero U to make the world a better place.

How to Stayed Motivated on TikTok

TikTok is a place where everyone belongs – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, etc. Being an inclusive platform, it encourages users to be their authentic selves, express themselves creatively in a safe and positive environment while fostering a community of like-minded individuals. You can find various types of videos on the platform and what’s been trending on the app has been motivational videos. You can find almost any type of motivational videos on the app, from encouraging you to be positive, lead a healthier lifestyle, or even stay on top of your fitness goals, TikTok as a community encourages you to stay motivated and keep motivated. 

Staying motivated is extremely important to beat the chaos in your life.  When difficult times throw us off our game, and that’s where you can always rely on TikTok to find motivation. TikTok aims to inspire creativity and spread joy and the diverse content offered on the platform ensures that every viewer finds something suited to their interests. Several users have been uploading motivational videos on TikTok to spread positivity and bring joy to the lives of others. In fact, #motivationalvideo has 415.8 million views on TikTok. If you are feeling happy, sad, demotivated or anything really, you can definitely find some motivational tips on TikTok to encourage you. We’ve scoured the platform and through hundreds of profiles to bring you the best of the motivational videos that are a must-watch. Here are the top five videos and motivational accounts we recommend you follow on TikTok to get your daily or weekly boost to stay positive and be motivated. 

  • Mahendra Dogney: He is a motivational speaker with 3.3 million followers on TikTok. He is an extremely popular creator and regularly updates his channels with topics like why you should let go of anger, why action speaks louder than words, and why you should avoid repeating the same mistakes. Check out his videos here
  • T S Madaan: Through his TikTok videos, he talks and touches upon a wide range of issues such as how can you become rich, how to maintain positivity even when you are surrounded by negative people, and how human beings must never shy away from helping each other. You can check out his TikTok videos here.
  • Garry Randhawa: Garry speaks his heart out to inspire the viewers. Whether you are looking for motivation for your career or your love life, Garry has something in store for everyone. His videos on TikTok are a must watch! Check out his videos here.
  • One Percent Club: If you want tips and inspiration to be successful in life, definitely check out this  TikTok creator. Sonu Sharma enthrals his fans with power-packed motivational videos.
  • Vedantu Motivation: Arvind Arora encourages his fans to make the most of the challenges thrown at you. He recently made a TikTok video about the life lessons we can learn from an acid attack survivor.  You can watch his videos here.

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How To Manage 2 Important Cs Of Education – Competition and Collaboration

There is an age-old saying that “Two heads are better than one”! This should be practised in today’s time too so that children can understand the importance of collaboration and also know that there is a very thin line between competition and collaboration.

We all are aware that the human species is competitive in nature. We have been and will always compete for everything, be it food, marks, achievements, or even chocolates! But, at the same time, we are also great collaborators. Teamwork can be seen in sports, presentations and even in learning. We all should aim for all the goodness that competition and collaboration can bring together and minimize the negative effects.

With competition, the challenge is that students like to win and tend to go overboard in achieving that. But that shouldn’t mean that we exclude competition completely. There should always be a healthy blend of collaboration and competition. We know that competition makes students anxious and tends to hamper their concentration. The competition also often restricts them from learning from one another. Most of the time when a child concentrates on rewards, he/she becomes less invested in the task and their performance declines.

Competition is fundamental to human nature and drives us to strive for better results. We should teach students to view and respond to competition in a positive way, instead of it having a negative effect on them. The only way we achieve this is by presenting collaboration as a competitive advantage! Collaborative learning is said to promote a higher level of thinking and information is preserved for a longer period of time.

By establishing clear group goals as well as individual accountability, collaborative learning can play an important role and it helps in keeping the group focussed on the task.

We often think that the students should collaborate so that they can learn together. But, if the task is too simple to complete alone, collaborating will not help them. Collaboration is rewarding when children think that the task is too complex to be solved alone and has many pieces to it. Complex activities are challenging, stimulating and engaging and it requires teamwork and knowledge sharing. In such cases, children should identify the problem and through research and discussion come to a solution which must be then put forward together.

Teachers should aim at creating a collaborative learning atmosphere for children, as it will help them build confidence as learners and discover that the sky is their limit. Through this, they will also rely on all the children in the class and not just their friends. This will make them go to each other for help first rather than reaching out to adults. This will eventually help them become independent and find solutions to their problems. Here, teachers should also make sure that collaboration doesn’t cause any negative impact on the students’ mind and they don’t see it as competition.

Getting along and engaging with others is the building block of many situations in life and everyone should learn how to give and take, share, play to their strengths and draw in other people to fill the gaps. It is a very important social skill and shouldn’t be treated as a competition. It is a very important skill that will be helpful throughout life and will also help build relationships, be it with family, friends, colleagues or even clients.

Sometimes while working together, students complain about collaborative groups, this often has to do with free-riding of one member who lets others do all the work and then eventually benefits from the group grade. Freeriding can be eliminated by creating small groups of not more than four to five people so that non-participation becomes difficult and individual contribution can be monitored too.

We often see that various projects are based on efficiency to create a product in the most efficient way. This means that we often ignore the process of collaboration. Discussions help students share their experience and promote consensus which is important to collaboration.

Written By,
JBCN International School, Chembur

Must-know Flying Tips Before Boarding A Plane With Kids.                                                                                                          

You readers already know flying is not a tough task until you are not afraid of heights. But there is one more thing that makes flying a little tough i.e., kids.  Sharing some Flying Tips Before Boarding A Plane With Kids.

Yes, kids! With whom you have to be really conscious and caring. And when it’s about flying with kids, it becomes really difficult. But still, once in your lifetime, you have to see that time when you fly with kids. So before that day comes, learn some must-know fly-tips with kids.

Fly with kids
 Source: TodaysParent
Understanding the tips will help you and your kids to have a comfy flight experience. Here are the  Flying Tips Before Boarding A Plane With Kids.


  • Sort Your Seating 


If it is possible to try to book a window seat or book an aisle seat, leaving the center seat open. It builds your odds of having a vacant seat for a child to spread out. At the very least, whoever seats there is probably going to consent to move to the window or aisle seat. Nobody needs to be stuck in the middle of a parent and a kid — a bad dream for practically any traveler. 

I’ll concede this doesn’t occur as much any longer. On the grounds booking calculations are getting more accurate, and airlines are attempting to boost inhabitants like never before. However, in case you’re flying with kids, it might merit an attempt. In case you need a bassinet, sort that before flight day.  


  • Calendar Your Flight 


With their youngsters flying frequently, many experienced family travelers’ flight tips incorporate arranging family flights during the child’s resting hours. That aides, and we do that when we can, yet for us, the landing time is increasingly significant.  But before that make a list of Flying Tips Before Boarding A Plane With Kids. this will help you to cross check at last minute.

For deal flights, we attempt to mastermind to arrive at our goal mid-to late-evening since it causes every one of us straightens out our body tickers quicker.  

Make sure you make your booking on a prior basis and with a suitable flight. Most of the time, I noticed that families usually prefer to make Air Canada booking. Reasons because they provide facilities like family check-in, early boarding, family seating, “As they say a family should stick together.” and other comfy features.

  • Pack Your Portable Fundamentals 

You may need to handle a portion of your sacks to explore the air terminal without looking (and feeling) like a workhorse. However, there are a few things you will need to keep close nearby in your lightweight suitcase. Here are the things that you should keep with you: 

      • Refillable Bottle. 
      • Lightweight blanket. 
      • Required Medication. 
      • An empty grocery bag. 
      • Ready to eat snacks, good for you while nursing. 
      • Two back-ups, simple to-wear outfits for small children. 
      • An extra cloth for yourself(parent or guardian), at least (trust me — you need this). 
      • Whatever you have to encourage your infant or kids. It may incorporate containers, recipes, siphoned milk, a bosom siphon, a nursing spread, squeeze or tasty treats. 


  • Pack Snacks 


Your evaluation schooler may not be a little child who needs to eat each couple of hours. Yet you don’t need an anxious, irritated child on your hands if there are any delays. 

Moreover, bringing along some snacks, for example, low-fat cheddar, saltines, and natural product. That enables you to stay away from high-fat, high sugar bites which you will discover at air terminal entryways or get on the plane. (Make sure to purchase squeeze and water after you pass TSA screening since you won’t most likely bring fluids through security.) 


  • Bring Some Movies 


Try not to think you have space for a workstation, iPad, or other motion picture playing devices in your lightweight suitcase? 


You’ll be appreciative you have it. A decent kids’ movies can without much of a stretch, grab a youngster’s attention for 90 minutes or more. It means you’re probably not going to hear “I’m tired! Or bored!” for at any rate that long. (For longer flights, make sure to stack a few films onto your PC or iPad. Consider genuinely tame computer games, as well.) 

Make sure that you pack headphones so other travelers might not get disturbed. 


  • Pack Coloring Books and Other Quiet Activities 


Shading books, colored pencils, drawing paper, and markers will help keep kids involved if they get exhausted from watching movies. When you’re flying, ask your kids to draw pictures of things they need to do once you get to your goal. In transit back, they can draw photos of their preferred recollections of the outing or the things they miss most about home. 


  • Set Up Your Kids for Security Screening 


Experiencing metal detectors, taking off coats (and, for kids more than 12, shoes), putting valuable assets on a belt. And watching them vanish into a machine, a mysterious space—it would all create confusion for kids. 

Luckily, you can shield it from happening. Before you head to the airplane terminal, advise your kids what’s in store and why it’s vital. 

Discuss with your kids that the security check is necessary while flying. And clarify that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers are there to help protect everybody noticeable all around. No compelling reason to alarm them to discuss individuals who could cause hurt; simply be consoling and demonstrate that you’re completely OK with the security methodology. 


  • Make Sure that you have correct Documents


Stage one in enduring your kid’s first flight is ensuring you have all the correct documents with you before you leave for the airport. In the event that your movements will take you to a global goal, you should have an international ID for your youngster. 

There is no genuine method to get a kick off on this procedure before a child is conceived. However, you can apply when you have a duplicate of their ensured birth certificate. You will need to demand that at the earliest opportunity after your child’s birth if a worldwide excursion is on your schedule in an initial couple of months. 

Since most airlines have a prerequisite that a child is, at any rate, a specific number of days old before flying, you can bring birth records from the emergency clinic to show your infant is to be sure over that base age limit, if you are flying with a genuine infant.


  • Survey the baggage and portable policies for your aircraft 


Each carrier has its very own lightweight baggage policies for all travelers. Afterward, a few policies that relate explicitly to children and their rigging, including vehicle seats and carriages.  

If you check your carrier baggage policies, you will notice that most airlines are generally liberal with baggage recompenses for young travelers. 

You can check a pram while check-In at the airport or door checks them, so they will hang tight for you at the entryway when you get off the plane.

Keep these things in your mind before you start your airline travel with your kids. Also, by considering these tips, you’ll definitely create an amazing flight experience for your kid.


Say No to Excuses for Fitness with Anytime Fitness

It is smashingly effortless to make unachievable New Year’s fitness resolutions than veritably sticking to it every day. But rather than accusing the absence of motivation, I would choose to indict my extended working schedule at the office or spending the surplus time in nurturing my family. I truly keep the faith that taking out a chunk of time every day, a good amount of willpower and persistent hard work will lead to the success of a fitness. Do you feel the same? If you are a working mommy or stay at mom and seeking any motivation story, then stick till the end as Anytime Fitness Gym bring something special for you.



Anytime fitnessDifference between Before Pregnancy and after Pregnancy.

Before giving birth, I was super attentive to a healthy lifestyle. I love devouring in salads and once in a while, I have a burger as well. To be honest, I never fancied going to gyms or any health and fitness classes. I have always appreciated my pregnancy phase because being a mother can be challenging yet satisfying. After my Angel was born, the motivation was to lose the baby weight healthily without any crash diet or popping to gyms. But, I was continually switching my roles from changing the nappy of the baby to finishing the to-do-list at work. I really aspired to get back on track but my responsibilities never gave me a chance to spare out some time for physical fitness. I have killed my hopes to fit back into my favorite skinny jeans. But, somehow I accomplished to lose a few kilos by following up healthy diet routine. After losing a few kilos, I wasn’t able to lose more and I have happily admitted my fate and my body. There are times when I stop by and looking myself in the mirror. I tend to hold my tummy and fuss about it. In the end, I never made any more efforts to get down on my healthy weight.

Do it now or never: A step towards Healthy Lifestyle

A month ago, I was feeling lethargic and stressful continuously for few days. At first, I ignored and considered as a symptom for work pressure but then, I noticed a constant gain in my body weight and poor routine. I concluded that I can’t pull off this any longer.

I have always been a good role model for daughter and I need to explicate them that personal health is way more influential than anything else. So, for the first week, I was completely determined about my workout and diet but then within the middle of the second week, everything fall off. My husband has witnessed me fighting this battle and suggested me to enroll in the nearby gym, Anytime Fitness.

Experience at Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness
tradition of saying Hifi to all customers

Initially, I was skeptical as I don’t want to join any fitness club. But, then I have to do it for the betterment of myself and my family. On the first day at Anytime Fitness, I was extremely reluctant. The acknowledged trainers were really kind and warm at the gym. They trained me professionally with different types of equipment at the gym. They guided me the do’s and don’ts of the exercises and understood my goals which, catered my health performance daily.

I am sure with a span of a few months, not just I would loose a few kilos but also I would learned the meaning of being healthy. Anytime Fitness is a major part in bringing back to me into shape and making me look more confident than before.


My Routine for Healthy Lifestyle


  • Drinking a warm glass of water after waking up early in the morning.
  • Walking (or sometimes, jogging) to the nearest Anytime Fitness Gym
  • A professional trainer helped me to workout in the gym.
  • Eating a combination of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  • Always keeping myself hydrated.


Would I Recommend Anytime Fitness?

I don’t need to think twice before answering this question. Of course, I would recommend to every mommy, who is struggling to follow a healthy routine.  Anytime Fitness has more than 4500 gyms, which makes it the largest gym chains in the world. They are currently helping people to achieve their fitness goals in 34 countries and 7 Continents.

  • World’s Largest Gym Chain
  • Top-notch Professional Gym Trainers
  • Optimum health equipment for workout
  • Customized Individual Training
  • Group Classes and Functional Training
  • Understand their client’s fitness goals
  • Safe and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Help to achieve fitness goals
  • Affordable gym membership

After subscribing the 1-year membership of Anytime Fitness, you will be able to access their training or gym centers all around the world. So, you won’t have any excuse to start your fitness journey. For more details you can check their website here

Don’t wait for the next year to make new year’s resolution. This Mother’s Day, take an oath to be fit for yourself. It will be a great way to boost your family to stay fit and follow healthy eating habits. I hope this would help and inspire all the mommy, who crave to transform their bodies and also be the greatest mother that they are.

#AFFitMom  #GymForMoms  #MomsFitnessGoals #FitMothersDay