Women are the real architects of society. – Harriet Beecher Stow

Women’s day celebration

                 Women’s day is nearing and we all are getting ready to get empowered for the day, I really don’t understand why do we need only a day to show the love and respect for women on 8 th March only, where will 364 days go, don’t we eat food daily In-fact twice a day, right? Then why the world celebrates international women’s day on particular date. As a human being, only two formation is available by God majorly, men and women, then why we need to say this is women’s day and this is men’s day. So other days are meant for whom?? Any answer?? Funny bones are tickling in my mind now. I think in India women are still considered as inferior part of human being and hence exaggerated so much to celebrate on women’s day. But to my knowledge women’s day should be celebrated everyday.

                Inspirational woman

So to celebrate women’s day daily I am introducing to you this Women’s day to  my inspiration who is Dr Hemangi sane.  I believe that  Inspiration is always around us, you have to open your eyes to search around and get something into your life each day.

Dr hemangi sane on womensday
Dr Hemangi sane
Inspiration is a motivation  to reach your goal.  Since my sister is homeopathic doctor but she does the job in Neurogen hospital which is specifically for stem cell therapy under  Dr hemangi sane. My sister introduced to me to her and after taking her interview, my goosebumps became active…
 Her achievement
             She is a inspirational women, a doctor,  a fighter and true inspiration. You must be thinking doctors are always inspiration for somebody but she is not only a doctor who treats the patient.  She is a one who gives hope to an ending life.

She was 27 when she completed her MD in medicine  in US.  She achieved  her goal in life and about to begin a new era in her life.

Struggling life
              But life is full up and downs,  surprises and shocks too. For her this time it was a shock when she started feeling week day by day.  She went to the best doctors in US and the diagnosis she got was a terrible shock and she suffered from a disease Called Motor neuron disorder (MND/ALS). The disease whose other name is incurable.  She was heartbroken,  lost all hope and tired of running around doctors to hear that ” no it is not MND/ALS”  but the fact is fact.  But the will she had to live life without giving up made the God change his destiny.  She came to her hometown India. Where she tried all kind of treatment available medical or nonmedical just to fight against  the God’s decision.
Finally she was towards her way to reach the ray of hope.
       She met a person who was enormously genius Dr Alok Sharma Neurosurgeon researching under Stem cell therapy.
With all lost hope she took treatment with no loss no profit benefits and to just fight against all odd and fact that she will be no more within few years. 
But she is a true fighter and that made Stem cells work for her. She is not improved but she is living her life since more than 10 years.  She started working with Dr Alok Sharma as a motivational speaker and then she joined as Head of medical officer and now she is also Head of research and development team. Not only she fight for herself but she is founder of Asha ek hope foundation where she is  helping other mnd patient and try to change their life and give new hope of rays.
For me she is a true inspiration and a fighter and give a message of never giving up in life even if you are taking your last breath.
I salute such women who fight for long and reach the Everest with a broad smile in their face. This Women’s day I wish to see such more women’s of our nation who has shown such tremendous fighting powers to defeat death.
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