Umbrella Straws With Kids

Summer has officially begun but we have to spend it by staying at home with the family due to the pandemic crisis. And, we can hope to spend the last days of summer with our family by going to beaches or any other vacation spots. 

But, we can jazz up and give summer vibes to our kids by preparing some energy drinks for them and what if they get a chance to prepare straws of those summer drinks, sounds exciting, right?

I have participated in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge with #BlogchatterA2Z and my topic for this year is fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. Today’s alphabet starts with ‘U’. And, I have opted for Umbrella Straws with Kids which you can use for their summer drinks. 

Every day parents are trying to be creative with food and different to keep their kids sane while staying the whole day at home. So, why not amp up their drinks with the cute umbrella straws that might be prepared by them. Let’s check out the complete process. 

Why Umbrella Straws With Kids?

Whenever we go to a party and when the drinks are decorated with the umbrella straws, it attracts us. Isn’t it? So, if your child doesn’t drink milk or any homemade energized drink, then you can decorate it by adding an extra element which is the umbrella straws. Kids definitely get attracted to new and creative things.  

Material Required for the Umbrella Straws With Kids

For making Umbrella Straws with Kids you need craft papers, a pair of scissors, glue, stick (or straw). This activity just requires simple materials that can be found at any home. 

How to make “Umbrella Straws With Kids” 

It took a lot of practice and patience in order to ace in this activity. Rather than explaining to you the process in this blog, I want to embed the video from where I took the inspiration for making Umbrella Straws with kids.

You can obviously customize your umbrella straws based on colour or pattern preference. I have chosen to use a straw instead of the stick, but then it turned out that I have to punch a large hole onto the top of the umbrella. So, I advise you to take straws which have smaller circumference so that you don’t need to punch large holes. You can also use a stick to avoid this extra hassle. Also, I prefer not to use any paper or glue at the end of the straw/stick. As we will use the umbrella straws inside the drink. 

Key Learnings 

Making umbrella straws with kids is indeed a great experience and it taught me how you get creative little things. And, the presentation of food or drinks definitely plays an important role. 

My Overall Experience

Now, whenever I make some green smoothies, Angel doesn’t prefer to drink. I tried to add the flavourful taste and also add these cute umbrella straws and she definitely gives a try to the drink. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too, and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your umbrellas with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

BlogchatterA2ZAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘V’! Can you guess it?

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