Things to do in Jamaica



11 Incredible Things to do in Jamaica with the Family 

Things to do in Jamaica
Things to do in Jamaica


Some parents think that Jamaica is not family-friendly due to the negative exposure on the media. Well, Jamaica couldn’t be more family-centered destination. Several Jamaican properties are primarily built to cater families only so imagine kid-friendly activities such as water parks, camping, candy booths and many more without the annoying bar noise or drunk guests.


Some families prefer a personalized house rental in Jamaica where parents can avail babysitting services and leave their kids on supervised activities while they relax by the beach, go on adults-only adventures or just take some alone time. But of course, since you went on a holiday together as a family, you have to share some exciting adventures in the island that are fun for all members of the family.

Check out this list below to find out about the awesome things you can do and see with your family in Jamaica.

Visit Devon House 

This place is one of the most significant national landmarks in Jamaica. This 19th century mansion was previously the home to the island’s first black millionaire named as George Stiebel.  He earned his wealth in Venezuela and decided to spend the rest of life on his homeland so he came back to Jamaica and build this mansion.


Swim with the Dolphins


That surely sounds exciting! This is one of those fun activities that all members of the family can truly enjoy. Bring your entire family to Dolphin Cove and fulfill an amazing opportunity to have close encounters with the dolphins. They are simply adorable and a chance to swim with them is one of the best memories that could last a lifetime. There are also opportunities to encounter friendly sharks and rays after you’ve made friends with the dolphins.

things to do in Jamaica
swim with dolphin  (image source : pixabay)

Take a Cruise

Ever been on a family cruise? You should do it! What is more relaxing than cruising with the family? You can see Jamaica on a different perspective while having a relaxing and exciting cruise along Montego Bay. Island Routes Reggae Catamaran Cruise offers all-inclusive family cruises that includes an exciting snorkeling and giant water slides.

Dunn River Falls

This is one of the most visited attractions in Jamaica and once you get there, you will understand why. Don’t let the crowd discourage you to visit this touristic place, you will surely miss out if you do. I sincerely advise you to spare a lay in and head early to Dunn River Falls to beat the crowd. Smaller kids may skip hiking up the top falls and enjoy the tiny attractions on the lower stage of the falls.

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Bobsled at Mystic Mountain

This is for the thrill-loving families! If you want to pump up some adrenaline into your family, then head over to Ocho Rios and visit Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures. Even just getting to the park itself is already an adventure as you’ll need to ride one the chair lifts that traverses across a rainforest. Try the famous bobsled ride that goes around the Jamaican forest.

7-mile beach

Yes, you read it right! It looks endless. This super long heavenly beach will surely make your jaws drop and your visit to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without visiting this beach in Negril. It is easily the  most beautiful in Jamaica. This pristine white beach has plenty of features that you can easily spend a day here. You can spend some time on the loungers and bask under the sun or take up some water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and tons others.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures

Another great attraction in Jamaica that mostly visited for adrenaline-pumping adventures ranging from ziplining to ATVs to river tubing to hiking. Their highlight activity is the zipline that goes through a rainforest giving a thrilling experience. Please note that kids have to be at least 6 years old to ride the zipline.

The real Jamaica tour

Don’t be one of those families who travel to a destination without getting a clear grasp of its customs, culture and history. Sign up your whole family to a complimentary Jamaica tour and get to know the island paradise. You will have the chance to see the ‘real Jamaica’ on the locals’ perspective. You’ll meet interesting people from the community and learn interesting day-to-day activities of the Jamaican people. Contact the nearest tourist office to know more details of the tour.

things to do in Jamaica
excited kids exploring the cameraSource:

Spend a day at Aquasol Theme Park

Perfectly situated in Montego Bay, families can enjoy a good day out in Aquasol Theme Park. There countless of rides and attractions that caters to every age. Older kids can enjoy the motorized rides while the younger ones can enjoy short slides or enjoy the playground with other kids.

Food trip

Experiencing a destination through food gives you unique, savory insights of its culture and history. Jamaica is home to exquisite cuisines that has been inspired from many generations of merging cultures and interesting history. Jamaican cuisines are beautiful blends of Caribbean spices and its rich lands and waters. You should not miss Jerk Chicken and Ox Tail, both may sound odd but I promise you won’t regret tasting these top two Jamaican classics.

Head over to Discovery Point

Ever wondered where Christopher Columbus first set foot on this Caribbean wonder? Take the whole gang to Discovery Point and relive the moments when the world discoverer first stepped on Jamaican soil. 

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