Smart Camera & Smart lights.


Smart Devices in our Lives

Nothing has made more impact in our lives other than science. In the era of 21st century, the technology is amplifying as quick as a wink. From the invention of the computer to using bitcoin as a digital currency, we have seen it all. It is miraculous to see how technology has supported to boost the productivity level of the different industries as well as our own country. The innovation of every new gadget has entangled life problems by just a simple touch of your finger. The life without technology would be miserable for every other person in this world. Smart devices have become part of the life and also made easy for working people.

Evolution of the technology

A lot of things have been transformed from the past couple of decades. The impact of the automation is beyond the imagination. The expansion of technology from radio to smartphone is tremendous. Earlier, we strolled from one market to another to buy essential stuff, but have you ever thought up the concept of online shopping in the past? The world seems to be much closer as compared in the past. The invention of smartphones, televisions, watches and other smart gadgets have contributed to a quality life. The best part is that no one needs to know the rocket science behind any smart gadget, just take the remote and control it.

Need for Smart Devices in our Lives

Smart devices have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is impossible to imagine a single day without a smartphone. The introduction of new technologies is exponentially increasing in the industry. Every smart device has introduced an array of features and benefits that come along with it. It is so easy to complete your task automatically when you are working on numerous things. Who wouldn’t want to operate their speakers with voice recognition feature? Just a click of a button and everything is sorted. So, if you are looking for #SmartHomeRevolution, then you can surely take advantage of online shopping and #GetFitWithFlipkart. Some of the must have gadgets which have become most important part of life too are Smart WearableSmart HomeSmart Camera & Smart lights. I believe that our lives have become more smarter because of these smarter devices. 

Advantages of Smart Devices

1. Better Interaction and Networking
Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and they can call up any person anywhere in the world without any hassle. Video calling is cherry on top as it proffers improved communication.
2. Greater Accessibility and higher efficiency
Back in the late nineties, can you even dare to imagine to switch off all the lights in the house at one go with just one click? But now it is possible to access all your housing appliances with the smartphone.
3. Perfect for multitasking experience and multiple features
Now anyone can complete their various task with the help of fingertips. Every smart device comes with plentiful features to ease your mundane task. From tracking your footsteps to locating your phone, the smart watch does it all.
4. Surround yourself with the latest entertainment
The wireless speakers prove to be the best source of entertainment. You can also ask questions from smart speakers and they get back to you with a relevant answer promptly.
5. Saves time and extra effort
Smart devices are meant to save your precious time. They give the best possible comfort at your own space without any inconvenience. Do read about a Smart Cooker for your kitchen too.

smart devicesTop 5 products you must buy in 2019

a. Smart Camera

Wireless security smart camera is the foremost option to keep a check at your home. It will ensure the protection of your loved ones as well as your home.

360 HD Home Security Camera

Keep an eye on any suspicious activity by the intruder with the 360 HD Home Security Camera. It has an ultra sensitive anti-theft feature in order to prevent any mishap. Share the live streaming of the home by two way real talk time feature. The night vision highlight will help to capture the activities in dark as well.

b. Smart Watch /Smart Wearables

If you are looking for a watch, which not only displays time but also keeps you updated about the information on your phone, then you should really invest in a smart watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44 mm

Start your fitness journey with the Apple Watch Series 4. It is specially crafted for the fitness freaks or who are on their way to start their workout regime. You can do much more rather just tracking fitness levels. It enables you to listen to music, notifies about important call and message, views message or photo.

c. Smart Speaker
Smart speakers are the future of home automation. They offer much more than just playing favorite tracks from your online playlist or YouTube.

Google Home Mini

Keep a check on weather or play that song that you are humming since morning, google assistant is at your service. Google Home mini helps to manage your day from breakfast to dinner. Dont feel lonely when you have Google home Mini at home. Enjoy like Karan johar in Koffee with karan show.

Google Home (White)

Missing out on any important meetings? Google Assistant has got your back. Google Home have pretty much similar features of Google Home Mini. It is a power packed entertainment device for all your family members.

d. Smart Home Automation
Control your electricity bill and save energy with the smart home automation system.

Philips HUE Bridge

Philips HUE Bridge lets you control your light bulb switches from far away distance by the press of a button. It also increases the brightness of the bulb automatically as the sun rises. Play with the lighting color to pump up the party mood at your place. You can set up your reminders with your voice commands. How cool is that?

These smart devices are becoming a great deal for all the consumers. Not just the launch of latest technology but also the multiple features in single device tempt the people to give it a try. In case, if you want to try out these products, then ditch the old-school method of shopping. Shop anything or everything from online shopping store, Flipkart. Join the #SmartHomeRevolution and time to #GetFitWithFlipkart.