Our little one deserves a childhood away from Gadgets

Smiling Angel with gadget free flintobox
No screen can give this kind of happiness

Today, gadgets are everywhere and dominate a child’s childhood, which shouldn’t be the case. Our whole idea is to provide children with an alternative to gadgets and screens.

I would like to share one of my personal experiences with you explaining the product and its application. I have a daughter named Angel, she is 4.5 yrs old. Her summer vacation just started, I was wondering what do I do to keep her away from the mobile. She’s got a bad habit of playing on the mobile all the time.

Usefulness of Flintobox 

But to my rescue I found ‘Flintobox‘, as we watched small cute videos of craft, we were excited to make them ourselves.

I started playing with her and giving her small craft ideas and she started learning so well that I got a Flintobox for her and to my surprise, she learned the whole aquatic animal and the habitat that they live in, the sea, the ocean, the water and she started learning.

Angel playing with Flintobox
beautiful submarine by angel

From day one she was super excited, and she actually made her first aquarium by her own hands, and she did it pretty well, and the best thing about that is that she used the leftovers from this aquarium to make another one. Like the plate, and the color left out, and the sand which was left out, and she gifted it to her brother. The very next day she opened another box from the Flintobox, and she made a beautiful submarine which has the photographs of family members.

How she made the submarine.

She loves playing with it and keeps asking ‘Mumma kya dikh raha hai andar‘, she learned that there are 2 reflective mirrors by which we can see the aquatic animals as we go inside the submarine.

My special message to all moms out there

The last thing about the Flintobox is that there’s a game of cards, which has the names of aquatic animals that she learned, she learned that why does the octopus have 8 legs, why do the fish have fins.

Thank You Flintobox

She learns and she explains it to her friends, and they all come together here to play with her and the cards.
I’m so thankful to Flintobox, I believe it’s the best gift for any parent to give to their children. I recommend every mom of my society that instead of wasting time on TV and mobile, use Flintobox and help your children to learn.

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