Questions asked by kids during trips

Questions asked by kids during Trip

For us, there are Seven Wonders in the World but for the kids, every place is a wonder in their own World. The moment they will see any new thing, they will start questioning you about it till the moment they are not satisfied with your answer. Why? How? What? Where? When? Etc as your child grows, he/she becomes more curious to know about the world. A topic is covered on questions asked by kids during trip.

Sometimes the questions asked by kids during trips have no meaning or have no prescribed answer or are sometimes very funny but still, we have to answer them. At some moment their question might irritate you but you have no other option rather than to answer them.

Not many ask the questions during Trip, their main motto is just to enjoy the trip. As we all know, nowadays the majority of people travel by booking their tickets through the travel agent and loves to travel on a tour. While traveling with the tour with other groups of people and with all arrangements including sightseeing, pick and drop facility, stay and food all included, it becomes much simpler and convenient to enjoy entire tour without any tension.

In such situations when you get all the services without even asking for them, to ask questions during trip minimizes, but in case when you are very much interested to know about the place you are travelling and also related questions, you can definitely ask, not only because you are interested but it is also your right to ask any question you feel to ask during the trip. There are no such limitations or rules for asking questions during Trip, the only thing is your questions must be genuine and should be related to the trip you traveling.

When you are traveling with kids, you will surely be bombarded with lots of questions from them. Today’s generation kids are very smart and are always keen to know about new things and to gain knowledge about it. So, when you are traveling with them you should either keep complete knowledge about the place you are visiting or should take help of someone else’s or of Google to answer their questions. I myself have experienced this, once you finish up giving the answer of one question your child will be ready for the new one.


Frequently asked questions by the kids during the trip

Which place is this..?
Why it is so different than ours?
Why people here are dressing like this?
Why the moon is traveling with us?
Why is water of blue color here?
Why the taste of Seawater salty?
Why don’t we dress like them?
Why do we live in big towers, not in small houses? Etc
Why there are so many stars in the sky?
Can we count the stars in the sky..?
Questions asked by Kids during Trip
Likewise, a lot of questions can be asked or even new one which you can’t even imagine. Some of them can be answered fairly or easily, some will make you laugh, some will make you shudder or even some might leave you completely perplexed but one good thing is you will never get bored.

So, before traveling, you should know all the basic information about the place and should also mentally prepare your kid for the trip.  Ps: This article is written as part of the blogchatter challenge on the theme of #travelwithkids and today’s letter is Q and hence my topic for today blog is questions asked by kids during trips.

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